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Location: Slovakia, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Budget Saigon Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

There is no common room, but a small cafe place downstairs. The wifi worked great on the 3rd floor (fan dorm). The breakfast is simple but sufficient - a small baguette and banana :) The bathroom is small but clean! The only problems were small lockers, also you have to bring your own lock (small one)..The guy that works at a reception is awesome, really helpful! We could store our stuff there while we went on a 2 day trip to Mekong delta :)


Singapore, Singapore

We stayed in dorms, the beds were super comfy and the rooms were ACed. There was bread & jam & coffee available for breakfast.Lockers available, deposit needed. They have fridge & small kitchen available.Small living room for hanging out & watching movies available. Unfortunately in our 6-bed room there were mostly older men staying (working in SG) so it lacked young backpackers atmosphere...

Eastern Heritage

Melaka, Malaysia

The dorm room is in the attic and there were only 2 fans in the whole big room- it was very hot,millions of mosquitoes, no mosquito nets, internet didnt work well upstairs. No kitchen, no breakfast, even a way to make tea or coffee.Overall the dorm had a very creepy feel to it as it was huge and there were no ppl than us.The famous pool was there, didnt dip it, looked dirty.No bed bugs,just ton of mosquitoes.No lockers, not even a key room - everything was open..

Hostel New King

New Delhi, India

For India, this is the best value for your money hostel..Hot water all the time, pressure is the best we've experienced in all of India..Great internet connection, can skype home :) Room was spacious, clean bathrooms, no musty smell, clean bed sheets, no cockroaches :) YAY!

Unawatuna Hostel

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

No customer comment

Hill Way Tour Inn

Kandy, Sri Lanka

In order to catch the wifi you have to use the common room. The location is ok, just a short walk down to the lake..The water was extremely cold when we showered (most of the places we stayed in SL had cold shower but this one was freezing). The staff is friendly and helpful.

Negombo Beach Hostel

Negombo, Sri Lanka

Two locations/houses - one on the "main" street and one a couple streets away - we stayed in a house just off the street.The room was clean, kitchen great, simple free breakfast (toast n jam & tea), wifi could have been stronger, hot water - awesome. The only problem was that there is only one key to the house and you have to return in to the owner every time you want to go out. We got locked out once by some girls as they didn't return the key and therefore had to wait 2hrs till they returned:(

Camel Campus

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are visiting Dubai, we wouldnt recommend booking this hostel (two buses or a taxi and a bus each direction cost you extra 2 hours and up to 60 dirhams per day)..Really recommend staying in Dubai. Also the hostel is in an industrial area and our view was a huge field of tires and garbage.Also in Ajman the water tasted salty and thats normal there.There was no wifi as they were repairing it. The staff seemed friendly. Overall, for budget travellers like us it wasnt worth the 11 bucks/night.

INOUT Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

This is a great hostel for those who are looking for space and serene atmosphere...It's a big hostel with even bigger garden as it's located in the middle of a park. Great also for those who want to workout/go for a run or do some yoga :) It's not good for those who want to be close to the center. The free breakfast is awesome...The place has free lockers which is also great. It's run by disabled people so you need to be patient sometimes, but they were really nice and tried to accommodate us.

Logistics Youth Center

Zagreb, Croatia

its quite far from the centre but if you ask nicely, the staff will give you a lift to the nearest tram station...they have a pool outside so its awesome to cool off during hot summer days...

Emre Cave House

Goreme, Turkey

you live in a cave room, there is no windows or air conditioning, so the room is a little musty...there are no keys to the room but it felt pretty safe kitchen facilities but you can eat in the town for pretty cheap.internet connection worked flawlessly, showers were OK - sometimes got a little smelly bc they are joined with toillettes - its all in one little room :)

Best Island Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

two great things about this hostel are the location and the view from the top shared room - its amazing! cleanliness of the beds in the dorm room is questionable, it didnt look they change the sheets every day, plus the blankets were dirty - i witnessed them putting the wet blankets (after it rained) from the rooftop patio inside to dry...also the showers didnt have any hooks or place to put your stuff on..the turkish breakfast in the morning was fabulous!

X Hostel Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

this hostel is in great location, walking distance from is great, but they dont have very big fridge. there are lockers in the room, which is great for storing your valuables..lots of showers, mixed, non mixed, water and pressure :) no laundry facilities - boo

Sky Backpackers

Dublin, Ireland

they have a badass kitchen, but no place to lock your belongings. the location is perfect, walking distance from everything..

Edinburgh Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

on the 2nd floor there was no hot water so we all had to shower on the 4th floor..The staff is super friendly, you have big lockers in your room to keep your valuables safe...The location is awesome! Wifi worked only in the common areas, not in our room :( Kitchen was crowded sometimes but I guess ppl like to cook :)

Hostel 639

London, England

This hostel is a disaster. During our 7 night stay they made us move to different rooms twice (meaning we had to check out at 10 am and our next room wasn't available until 2 pm). The staff aren't the brightest people on earth. The hostel is packed with illegal immigrants that speak different languages and look kind of sketchy. There is no pressure or hot water on the third floor so I'd recommend showering on the 2nd floor. Poor condition of bed mattresses, you have to pay a deposit to rent pots

Banff Y Mountain Lodge

Banff, Canada

No customer comment