Reviews: Anonymous

Lafa Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

Excellent location in the city center, the dorms are roomy, the staff was helpful BUT a ratio of 40 guests to 1 bathroom 1 shower room trumps all the good things. I've stayed at over 50 hostels and I have never seen such an atrocious ratio, it's UNACCEPTABLE! They tried to clean regularly but it's not a question of cleanliness, it's a matter of AVAILABILITY - queues a minimum of 5 persons every morning just to take a leak! Unacceptable. Tam

Yerevan Hostel

Yerevan, Armenia

Everything was really excellent, I'm not embellishing just to be nice, I had a wonderful stay at Yerevan Hostel, one of the best hostel I have stayed at, and I have stayed at a fair few! Tam


The location is not optimal but, seeing how taxis are so cheap in Peru, its not really a problem, just a mere inconvenience. Señor Quique and Señora Frida are salt of the earth people who go out of their to make your stay in Puno as nice and enjoyable as can be.


Cusco, Peru

Perfect location one block off the main square (Plaza de Armas), excellent amenities (hot showers, clean bathrooms, and lots of them), the best bed you'll ever sleep in at a hostel - what's not to like?

Ekeko Hostel

Lima, Peru

I don't love Lima but I do love Ekeko Hostel. Charles and especially the owner Christian are extraordinarily nice and helpful people. Christian is a crazy and funny so-and-so haha He goes out of his way to help you - I ordered a taxi at 4am and he was there to make sure the taxi showed up! I'll stay at Ekeko again in a heartbeat.

The Royal Bayswater Hostel

London, England

I stayed there for 2 nights in June '11. Excellent location and price, I don't think you can beat the price as far as London goes. The 20-bed room was crowded as expected but it was clean enough, 2 bathrooms inside. Locker doors were bent out of shape so were useless, no big deal for me, however. The staff was hit and miss -- huge staff on hand, there were a couple of friendly and helpful guys, the girls were pretty rude. All in all, I'd stay there again, due mainly to price and location.