Reviews: Anonymous

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hostel is great if you need a bed for the night and don't want to pay a lot. It's a pity that the sitting area stinks of pot smoke - personally I don't smoke so I had to sit in the kitchen table area which is windowless. Make sure you lock up your stuff in the nice big lockers they've got, security is not tight and some travelers who came in the room then left may have been rummaging in my back pack (it was unzipped). Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Reception lockout is not so nice.

Tracks Bed & Breakfast

Kuching, Malaysia

The location and staff are fine...but Tracks is located above a loud bar, so if you're in the 1st floor hostel, you won't get any rest esp at weekends. Dorm room is small = no where for luggage and no lockers! Mattress was thin enough to feel the slats under you and my bed creaked and moaned at every move like it was about to break. Lumpiest pillow ever. There was one shared grotty bathroom on the first floor which hasn't been cleaned for ages. A bit shoddy all around for the price.

NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

Stayed here during the Sangkran water festival and we were strategically located with a Huge bucket of water! Lots of fun. Amazing how clean the place stayed with all this going on, the clay and water and everything. The rooftop balcony is wee but they have a washer and drier up there! Very clean! Like this place!