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Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 24

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

This is a really good hostel, it was all set up for halloween when i visited and there was a lively bar, good breakfast for a few extra euros and a brilliant atmosphere. The rooms were clean and there was wifi all around. It is a great party hostel and really good for your typical hosteling experience, but also very clean and comfortable, with a chill-out room.

Hotel Europa Life

Frankfurt, Germany

This was a lovely place to stay, we stayed here for the Frankfurt marathon and it was ideal, had an early breakfast and amazing location for this. It was also very helpful and clean and more like a posh hotel in terms of the rooms-good value for money. Would stay here again. One thing though-not much privacy in a twin room bathroom!

Riad Baraka

Chefchaouen, Morocco

This hostel was divine. The room we had was lovely and felt more like a hotel, it was decorated beautifully. Absolutely loved it. Very peaceful sleep and clean. Although you have to pay for breakfast it is probably good to go out to the main square to eat instead as thats lovely. The people running it are nice enough, previous reviews say 'unwelcoming' but i don't think that is the intention. The place really is gorgeous in a great location in the medina, terrace lovely!!!

Cordoba Bed and Be

Cordoba, Spain

A wonderful hostel in a lovely location. Felt welcome from the start. It is in a block of flats so bit strange but once you get to the floor with the hostel it is lovely and clean with a cute living room and wifi. Breakfast in the flat kitchenette and is good. There is a bike tour in the evening but as it was raining when I visited it became a walking tour taking in some Cordoba tapas specialities, lovely hostel owner-very friendly!

El Granado

Granada, Spain

What a charming hostel. Absolutely lovely, you really felt welcomed and at home and the bathrooms were clean and more like a hotel than a hostel. From the outside it may not look like much, just another house on the street but don't be fooled, inside it is spacious with breakfast included, large lockers to store possessions and optional activities to do in and around Granada-the hike was awesome. Would definitely recommend. Location is good.

Grand Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

This was a glorious hostel and perfect for a city break or romantic getaway to a snowy Berlin at Christmas. I could not fault it....we ended up referring to it as 'the hotel' because it was that lovely. Helpful friendly staff and a very pleasant stay indeed. The welcome drinks started everything off to a great start and won't be forgotten.

The Green Door Hostel

Newgrange, Ireland

Okay, this hostel really isn't all that nice but seeing as its the only hostel in Drogheda and close to the Newgrange ancient sites then it was the only option. Don't stay here longer than you need to. It is run down, smells musty, has no atmosphere whatsoever. Stay here if your on a budget, but not more than one night. If you are tall, I'd advise to beware-all the doors are low-I still have a bruise the one time I forgot to duck!

Owner Comment (Hide)
I am sorry this customer was dissatified with what we provide . We are located in a "listed building" (built in 1750) so the 0ne door and two arches that are below 5 foot in height we can not and are by law not allowed to change . The other 17 doorways in the building are 6ft 6ins or more high . "No atmosphere" again I am sorry that the customer arrived on a Saturday night ( when all the other guests and most of the staff had gone out to enjoy the night life of Drogheda ) and that this customer chose to stay in the Hostel watching TV on thier own . "Musty smell" I get more compliants about the smell of bleach !


This was a nice hostel, in a great location and I have no complaints at all. It has loads of free activities and great atmosphere. I think it is the perfect hostel for large groups who want a great time in Dublin, both exploring the city and sampling the nightlife. The location near Trinity College is fab. However if you are a single traveller like me it lacked the cosy feel and I didn't really get to know anyone-it is quite a big hostel. Nothing bad to say though.

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I really loved my stay at Global Village. The atmosphere was great and the staff were really nice and friendly. I easily felt at home here-what more could you want when you are travelling?


The hostel was good as there was someone there to check-me in even though I arrived late after a night flight. I got a whole dorm to myself so this was nice and I felt safe. However the safe didn't work and it was tiny, certainly not big enough for a laptop so I took the key around the city with me to be safer. There was a poor range of food and drinks on offer but you could easily get something in the city centre which was a short walk away. Overall I good base for seeigng the city.

Melaleuca On Mitchell

Darwin, Australia

The paying for the cultlery rental was a bit ridiculous and keep having to back and forth in so many keyed doors was silly seeing as non-guests just sneak in with the guests anyway. The keys are hard to work anyway when they do. I dropped off some stuff for 2 days in the storage place and one of the bags was moved as it looked 'less secure' and then no-one knew where it was so I was thinking it was stolen. Poor communication.

Lub d Bangkok Silom

Bangkok, Thailand

A lovely sanctuary of other backpackers in Bangkok. A bit away from main areas of backpackrs but thats quite good. Very clean lovely bathrooms and a nice ambience.