Reviews: agraciotti

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 34

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

much better than I was expecting. It has one of the best infrastructures I've seen in a hostel, lost of facilities, snack-breakfast bar and common areas. Staff very professional and helpful. Bathroom surprisingly well-equipped, amazingly clean and simple but good dorms (even though the bed is really noisy by any movement on it). I would definitely come back and recommend.

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

In a few words: this is simply one of the best hostels I've ever been (and I have been to a lot). It has everything you look for on a good hostel: clean, safe, great location, comfortable rooms, a terrific lobby, simpathetic - and I have to say, very pretty haha- staff, and best of all, only adult guests. Totally recommended.

Fusions Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Had I great time there. Helpful and simpathetic staff, great location and always very clean. The stairs and many floors can be kinda cruel if you have big luggage with you, and the social area on the rooftop could be a little bigger and more appealing, but its not a big deal. I would definetly come back and recommend.

CabanaCopa Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

good hostel. It is located up in a slope....but close to the beach. Dorms are VERY good (with big lockers, hangers besides the beds and very confortable beds). Nice social area with pool and bar, but didnt see much fun. Staff are always too serious but very kind. The main problem I had was with the bathrooms: two days in a row the toilet was baked-up, flooding the floor. They always took a looong time to clean it up. But, overall, I liked it. I would recommend it.

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Hello & thanks for staying with us! We are glad you enjoyed your stay. We are sorry for the problem with the bathroom, but although we cleaned it constantly it was flooding really fast... But we fixed it in 2 days. Hope to see you again! Best regards & safe travels! CabanaCopa Staff

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

It is not a bad hostel, but I got a little disappointed. My room was in the last floor (4 floors up, with a very difficult and dangerous stairs). The whole hostel is very small in general, with tight rooms. I feel like there was no space for people to really interact and feel comfortable (the kitchen is the only room for that, but it's really messy). There were only two computers. The bathroom was very dirty the first day, with a lot of toilet paper on the floor. security was ok tough