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Aline Hostel

Chefchaouen, Morocco

A great Moroccan hostel experience overall. Clean, comfortable beds and blankets, above-average facilities (decently-equipped kitchen, three bathrooms with western-style toilets, good water pressure/heat). The host was friendly and accommodating, though he did not allow alcohol in the hostel (understandably) or for my engaged friends to share a room together (a bit harder to understand).


Granada, Spain

Juan offers fantastic hostel accommodations for a very affordable price. The shower was one of the best I've seen in a hostel, the premises secure and clean. Free coffee and toast in the morning. Juan was great for recommending attractions and making sure we got to Alhambra when we wanted to go.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

My experience here may not be the usual, perhaps just circumstance and bad luck. The day I arrived, the boiler went out for the hostel, so the showers ran nothing but a weak stream of ice-cold water. The rooms as well were freezing cold, with no option for heat besides foul-smelling, slightly damp, rough blankets. There were no lockers in my room, and no option for safe storage in the hostel to my knowledge. I'd imagine it would be a nicer place to stay in the summer - much warmer

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Sorry, dear, about the boiler. Bad luck ! We have a free safe storage at the disposal of our guests.

Equity Point Centric

Barcelona, Spain

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I had a great time staying at St. Christopher's. The security was nice (but bring a padlock!), the staff were exceedingly friendly and helpful, and the experience overall is excellent. However, the place lacks any sort of cookery beyond a microwave! I suppose they want you to just eat the restaurant's food, but that gets very expensive. Also, forget about buying drinks there- go to the off-license across the street and bring them back to the basement. Still, best hostel I've been to in London.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Castle Rock Hostel was a great time and a great experience. Fret not; you do get what you pay for. The location simply couldn't be better for sightseeing. My only qualm would be the non-free breakfast. Come on guys, 50p for a bap? That aside, the staff did a wonderful job, and the hostel was more than secure (key to the door, key to the locker, key to the safe inside said locker. . .). Your money is well-spent here.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Great hostel. Fresh linen, comfortable beds, good (for glasgow) view, excellent staff, great bar in-house, great complementary breakfast. . . Only downside would be the security in my room. Sure, the lockers were great, but all the locks were broken off the bathroom/shower doors! One was literally held shut with masking tape. Other than that, top notch hostel. I'd recommend it if you don't mind uncomfortable walk-ins.