Reviews: Anonymous

Dar Ahl Tadla

Fez, Morocco

Everything was great. It is hard to find for the first time, be sure to call the hotel once you arrive, they come and pick you up close to old city and even carry your suitcase. Old town is a labyrinth, you will love it, get lost there. :-) Fez has the best hat shop I have ever seen.

Mombasa Backpackers

Mombasa, Kenya

This place need a new management, it was extremely dirty, no shoes policy can be a start. Everything is very old and the whole place needs a new make-up / maintenance. Everything got dirty after one hour of cleaning. The water was limited and the electricity as well. There are many other nice places in the neighborhood. Try somewhere else.

Atlantic Point Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

This is my second time staying there. Everything works and the place is well run, the location is excellent as well.

Sun Bright Hotel

New York, USA

There is something that makes this hostel different than all the other hostels. While you are staying on the 5th floor. The 6th and 3rd and 4th floors are occupied by homeless people who live in the exactly 3 square meters rooms that you are staying just for a few days. This is a great opportunity for those who want to understand who are our homeless people and how/where they live. Government pays $600 a month for these rooms for the homeless. Stay for a night. Change name to Homeless Hostel.