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Drifter Jack's Hostel

Austin, USA

I didn't stay for long but I loved the free breakfast and the comforter was very warm. I didn't like the connecting bathroom between a male room and a female room, but there is a way to ensure no one accidently walks in on you. It's a hostel that takes on the college atmosphere from UT.

Surf City Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

This hostel is located near the beach, which is a plus!. Parking is difficult here. I'm not one for clubs, bars, and loud music. There were too many drunk guest in this hostel. That's not my cup of tea. Won't stay here again.


The hostel overall is located next to a beach which is AWESOME. But the community environment is very hippyish, and I wasn't ready for that. Also I prefer hostel with an age limit. Something doesn't sit right with me in having teeangers/young adults and grown/elderly men and women (who are strangers) sharing a space. I know backpackers these days can be any age, but the atmosphere changes when you realize people your parents age and older are sharing a room with you!

Oak Hostel

Tokyo, Japan

I had a hard time finding this hotel. The atmosphere and facilities are poor. You don't see anyone unless they're checking in. To make the kitchen more functional it needs to be opened up, perhaps into one of the rooms on the first floor (it's way too small). The rooms are a decent size but the bathrooms are very small. I also had a horrible time sleeping because of someone snoring. On the other side, it's in a great location close to the metro and shops. I wouldn't stay here again.


This hostel is in a great location and easily accessible to the metro. The staff was friendly and very very helpful. One girl on two occasions helped me find store locations and printed out directions for me. They have guide books for you to use to explore tokyo. The only downside is the security during office hours and the atmosphere can be a bit more livelier. The entrance door opens using a sensor. Literally anyone can just walk in during regular hours. Also, they have a great kitchen.

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Thank you for your stay. We are happy if you liked our hostel. About the entrance, we close the main entrance from 10pm. Then only our guest can get into the hostel use the PIN code for security. Your comment will help us to improve our service. Thank you very much! We are looking forward to seeing you!

HI - Honolulu - Waikiki

Honolulu, USA

This hostel is perfectly close to Waikiki Beach, all while being close to bus stops other beaches and TONS of shopping! This hostel also does a great job of letting you know about upcoming and daily events. They offer a ton of activities and tours (some more expensive then others) for guests. I would stay here again.


I thought this hostel was in a great location. My only problem were the bathrooms being shared with men and women, with the execption of the all girls bed in the basement. On the hand there are nice size bedrooms and storage for your belongings.