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4 Friends Hostel

Krakow, Poland

I had a nice and pleasant stay in this place, the staff was kind and helpful, and breakfast was good. Perfect if you want to be away from (sometimes) noisy and too-much-party-and-too-many-tourists city centre. However, is well located (20 minutes approx. from city centre and main train station, close to most of things to do and visit in Kraków) and nearby are restaurants, shops, bakeries, and even stalls to buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

Hostel Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon

Hostel' staff Pascal and Sami (hopefully this is the correct spelling) made the stay very nice, answering every single question. Their knowledge and tips were superb, the best possible source of information. I really enjoyed the location, the people in the nearby shops were extremely nice and helpful, plus the neighbourhood is very interesting with hidden gems. And, the cat at the hostel was very cute. I'll come back to this place if I return to Beirut, undoubtedly.Thanks for everything!

Fat Margaret's

Tallinn, Estonia

Even though it's open only 2 hours in the morning, the sauna is great, as well as the ping-pong table and the free wifi. All the members of the staff were helpful and kind. I enjoyed the location and despite everyone would like more things, I have no bad words regarding this place. Thanks for everything during my stay!

360 Hostel Malasaña

Madrid, Spain

Despite the possible "inconvenience" of the place (some people will find some parts of the place a bit old, or not enough place in the rooms), I admit that I had a good time, staff was very kind and helpful with me, and the place seems to be very active with travellers. Located in a well-known area, with lockers for guests and great staff, free breakfast, free internet, and more facilities, this hostel offers travellers (backpackers mainly) almost everything needed for a great stay.


The place is clean and my bed was comfortable, however people woke me up the two nights I stayed there for problems with the bed numbers and so on. Not so early hours for breakfast could be good (to wake up early to get breakfast during holidays seems contradictory), not enough food and mugs for breakfast, to forbid all the food and drink within the hostel (there is no kitchen or similar, but there is a pub where to buy food, that´s what they want) is almost childish, ... It can be better.


Despite there was a loud karaoke in the pub, I could sleep since I was very tired, but this place isn´t the best to stay if you are not looking for party everyday. For 3 days max is fine. Besides that, the place is ok, the bed was comfortable, well located, and seemed clean to me. There are details which can make the place better, like the fact that the key given when checking in doesn´t work (normal issue, apparently), too many deposits, a bath mat for the shower will be very convenient, etc.

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Hello, We're sorry to hear that your stay was not as pleasant as you'd have liked. We do have loud music in the bar at the weekends, and recommend that guests wishing to avoid this book rooms on the higher floors. We understand the inconvenience of having to reset the card keys, and are happy to do so as often as necessary while we explore a more long-term solution. We do advise guests to keep their card keys away from phones and credit cards as this can reset them. Regards Ash

Queen Elizabeth Chelsea

London, England

I can say two things about the hostel: 1- you pay for what you get (some hostels seem to look like low cost airlines, and please, don't take this as a bad review, but it's my impression based on my experience, and not just talking about this hostel); 2- on my first night I had an issue which was fixed very quickly and in a professional way by the girl working in the morning (the two staff people I had contact with were very helpful). My opinion is good, but some people will think the opposite.

4 Friends Hostel

Krakow, Poland

The staff was amazingly helpful and the place was really good. It's not in the city center, but that's exactly was I was looking for. In any case, it's round 20 minutes by bus from city center. The place offers everything I can think about, no one complaint. And even if so, I repeat, the staff was so perfect that it'll cover it. I'll be back when in Kraków.

Penthouse Hostel

Yerevan, Armenia

Excellent location, the best staff, very complete facilities (I am sure some people will ask for more breakfast, but for me it´s ok), extraordinary information and help provided, very clean place and good chance to talk to other travellers, as well as to stay in your own in a quiet mood. All the staff answered my millions of questions (especially Artur and Ani, sorry that I didn´t get the rest of names) even though some of them very stupid :) Undoubtely, the best place to stay in Erevan-Yerevan!

Green Stairs

Tbilisi, Georgia

Even though it´s no the city centre, the hostel is located in a very nice area, close to eveything you might need. The owner Vazha is excellent, and provides answers for every question you might have. Hospitality beyond limits, it doesn´t matter that it´s not a 5 star hotel, but the service is better then that. Good accommodation, in a nice area, with the best owner. Most of the success of my holidays was to have chosen this place, and especially Vazha and his help. Millions of thanks!!

Nato & Lado Guesthouse

Sighnaghi, Georgia

Unfortunately we didn´t have the time to go to the vineyards with Nato and Lado, otherwise the experience should have been even better. They are excellent hosters, they even can pick you up when you arrive to Signagi. The hostel has nice rooms, food is great, the welcome is amazing, and the help provided by Nato and Lado was superb (they even helped us with transport during a complicated day due to elections and so on). 100% recommendable place. We´ll come back for sure, thanks for everything!!!

Guesthouse Pavi

Reykjavik, Iceland

We arrived and I discovered that the guesthouse had some undergoing renovation works, so we were transferred to another guesthouse belonging to the same owner, but everything was very nice, and the service provided was excellent at every time. Our stay in Reykjavik was superb, and mostly was due to the service provided by the guesthouse owner and staff. thanks a million for everything!!!

Arsenal Tavern Backpackers

London, England

The place is fine if you intend to stay one or two nights, more time is complicated as this is only for backpackers. No complaints during my stay.


Fantastic staff, very cool place, full of information, every single traveller can get whatever needs. Keep it up!!

Hotel in Hernals

Vienna, Austria

Nice place, well connected (not in the city center, but with trams and subway closeby, ok), the room was clean and nothing to complain.

Abu Saeed Hostel

Nazareth, Israel

We were only for few hours, but despite that, everything was great, the place is fantastic, very curious.

Hotel Berger

Tiberias, Israel

Staff was fantastic, very helpful and with loads of information, They answered every single question we had and they helped us qith everything. Breakfast was very complete, and the views from the balconies were very good. Close to the city centre and very well connected by bus. Fantastic choice.

Akkogate Guest Hostel

Akko, Israel

The owner Walid and his family fixed all our problems and answered our questions, plus entertained us with his stories. The place is the city center, in the main shopping and commercial street. Good choice if you visit the city.

Port Inn

Haifa, Israel

Everyone in reception was very kind and helpful, giving us extra tips because it was Sabbath. Nice place, nice backyard, good and very clean building. Even though we were only for one night, everything was fine.

Sky - Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

The staff was 200% kind and helpful, having an answer for our questions before we could even ask them. Location is great, the street where is located is probably one of the best in Tel Aviv, close to the beaches, and plenty of services. The building might seem old for some people, but everything was fine, and we are very happy we're there. Thanks a lot!!