How to save money in Santiago

Find out ways to save money when eating out in Santiago, how to visit a top art gallery for free and much more.

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What's in our video about Santiagoprint

Watch our video from Santiago in Chile which has five very useful tips on how to save money there:

1. Visit 'La Moneda'- Santiago's presidential palace
In most cities around the world you can't simply stroll through buildings like this, but in Santiago you can walk through its presidential palace for no fee. Just make sure to bring some identification with you.
2. Save money when eating out
All over Santiago restaurants advertise special deals, sometimes called 'Menu Dia' or 'Platos Economicos'. In European cities, restaurants that promote them are deemed tourist traps. But in Santigao, locals take advantage of deals as well as tourists.
3. Visit a top art gallery for free
If you plan on visiting Accademia de Bellas Artes, one of the city's top art galleries, plan to visit on a Sunday when it's free.
4. Go on your own wine tour
Instead of going on an organised wine tour, visit the Concha y Toro winery independently. On a visit you get to explore the vineyards, see the cellars where the wine is stored, and of course taste some too. And the winery is just a short taxi ride from Plaza de Punete Alto metro station, the last stop at the southern end of the L4 line.
5. Climb Cerro San Cristobal
One of the top attractions in Santiago is Cerro San Cristobal, a hill boasting great views of the Chilean capital, and for a small price you can get to the top on the funicular. But if you're feeling energetic or you want to save a few pesos, you can hike up.
And finally...
Another great way to save money in Santiago is by staying in hostels, not hotels, such as Bellavista Hostel in the cool Bellavista neighbourhood which offers free WiFi, free breakfast and more.
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