Brussels - a video postcard

Take a look around Brussels in our video postcard. See its main sights such as the Grand Place, Mannekin Pis and more.

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What's in our video about Brusselsprint

In our video postcard of Brussels we take you around the city for a glimpse at some of the top things to see and do while you're here. These include a number of attractions like:

  • Mannekin Pis: The famous statue of the small boy relieving himself is famous the world over
  • Chocolate: Belgium is famous for its chocolate and all over the city are chocolate shops. Two of the most famous are Godiva and Leonidas
  • Cathedral des Sts Michel & Goudule: Dating back to the 11th century (1047) Brussels' gothic cathedral is one of the city's most beautiful buildings
  • Mont des Arts: Translating to 'Hill of the arts', this hill connects the upper and lower towns
  • Public transport: A great way to get around is on the city's trams
  • Belgian waffles: Belgium is just as famous for waffles as it is chocolate and all over the city are places to treat yourself to some waffles
  • Musee des Instruments de Musique: An interesting museum dedicated to musical instruments
  • Parc de Bruselles: This is Brussels' main park and can be found near Place Royal
  • Grand Place: Brussels' best-known square is one of Europe's most beautiful squares
  • Hotel de Ville: This breathtaking gothic building is found on Grand Place
  • Musee de la Ville de Bruxelles: Another of the notable buildings on Grand Place
  • Place des Martyrs: One of Brussels' more quaint and charming squares
  • Comic strip art: All over Brussels is comic strip art on the wall. Some of are famous chartoon characters like Tin Tin.
  • Comic Strip Center: This museum is dedicated to all things comic book releated
  • Rue Neuve: This is Brussels' main shopping street
  • Rue des Bouchers: A street well-known for restaurants, this one is full of traditional Belgian ones.
  • Chez Leon: Located on Rue des Bouchers, it's the best place in Brussels to try 'moules frites' (mussels and fries)
  • Rue du March aux Fromages: Just off Grand Place, here you will find lots of Greek restaurants selling typical fare such as kebabs.
  • Le Cirio: Make sure to go for a drink (a half-and-half which is a mix of white wine and champagne) here before leaving
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