Mendoza - a video postcard

Get a taste of Mendoza with our video postcard. See attractions such as the Parque General San Martin

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What's in our video about Mendozaprint

In our video postcard of Mendoza you can get a taste of the city so you can see what to expect when you're there. These include a number of attractions like:

  • Tree-lined streets: Walking around Mendoza is a pleasure thanks to the tree-lined streets.
  • Parque General San Martin: The city's famous park boasts wakling paths, tennis courts, lakes and....
  • Fountain of the Continents: By far one of the most beautiful features of the park.
  • A city of squares: Mendoza is full of sqaures such as Plaza Independencia, Plaza Chile and Plaza San Martin.
  • Museo Del Area Fundacional: One of the city's top museums.
  • Avenue Sarmiento: Pedestrianised street full of shops and restaurants.
  • FAmous for its vineyards: Mendoza and the surrounding area is known for its wine and vineyards.
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