On a tram in Christchurch

A good way to see Christchurch is on one of its famous trams

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What's in our video about Christchurchprint

In this video Colm rides a tram in Christchurch, the gateway to New Zealand's south island. He comments that it reminds him of Bruges in Belgium and tells you that:
  • The city's focal point is Cathedral Square, and this is where you can (surprisingly enough) find teh city's cathedral
  • The city's art gallery is on Worcester Terrace and is well worth visiting. Is full of modern art.
  • The Botanic Gardens should also be visited. One of the nicest green areas in New Zealand.
  • Even though it's quite a quiet town there is lots going on at night, and the main area for bars is 'The Strip', on Oxford Terrace. There are lots of bars on Mathew Street also.
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