Round the World Competition 2007

In August 2008, to celebrate the launch of our first city guide video, we ran a competition offering you, our customers, the chance to win a 'Round-the-World' trip worth US$3,000. Over the following four months we received good videos, bad videos, and downright odd videos.

Judged by Hostelworld Editor Colm Hanratty with the help of fellow Hostelworlder Eoin White, they filtered out the good from the bad to thirty videos. Then they looked at all these once more to see what video truly captured everything about backpacking. It was an extremely tough decision, but in the end there could be only winner - a video entitled 'My Amigos' by Australian Grace Conlan.

The Winner: 'My Amigos'

by Grace Conlon

The 9 Runners Up

Chasing Sunsets

by afowlestone

A taste of Europe

by Lars Erlend Tubaas Ømo

Iquitos Jungle trek

by BrownandLeeCinema

Recycling, Dumpster Diving and a Quarter-Life Crisis

by Jarrod Pickford

From www.yourlifecrisis.com. from Jarrod Pickford on Vimeo.

Ete Sen (Ghana Part One)

by Rachel Hastings

Travels in India

by DonJohn14

The Ultimate Traveller

by Dominic Shillingford

A Piece of Cairo

by Peter Reid

From Amsterdam to Oktoberfest

by Gregory Tucker

The best (and oddest!) of the rest...

Jyväyläo Paris in Under 4 Minutes

by redredredlove

The Greatest Travel Video Ever Made

by nickfromsydney

Two idiots opening their F1 Singapore tickets

by aeryxz

Taken prisoner on the Amazon River

by rickfarrell

The Antarctic Dream

by rickfarrell


by shaboubou

Living. . .Vancouver Episode 1

by RedUmbrellaStudios

Living. . .Vancouver Episode 1 from RedUmbrellaStudios on Vimeo.

China Travel Video

by ThozzaTV

snow fight in kiruna!!!

by limmingjia

send me to places, I wanna see places.

by happyjoel

China 2008

by elinorcelt

Europe 2008

by elinorcelt

Children.s Bamboo Band, Solomon Islands

by usuallyscubadoc

Mumbai to Jaipur

by Dom0ne

Deliriocaneva Oktoberfest

by cybermerlo

By: Colm Hanratty

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