9 Signs That You Definitely Have The Wanderlust Gene

Always daydreaming of faraway lands, airport information boards and being wonderfully lost in a town you’ve never been to before? Well, we have news for you: you’ve probably caught the travel bug, and there is no cure! Thankfully, wanderlust syndrome is a glorious thing. In case you’re not sure yet, here are the top 9 signs that you most definitely have the wanderlust gene…

1. You can leave the baggage behind

Physical baggage that is! Your planning, experience and desire to roam free have all taught you how to be a frugal and efficient packer. You don’t need 3 suitcases and 2 carry-ons to have an amazing time. All you need are a few essentials, your passport and your innate sense of adventure. Although hostel and flight confirmations certainly wouldn’t hurt 😉

2. You’re not bound conventional time

wanderlust gene - Island Cover
You see the value in all trips, no matter how long or short. You can have just as much fun, and can cement just as many life-changing memories into your heart while exploring Barcelona over a weekend as you can spending 6 months hopping from island to island in Indonesia. No matter how far away or how local your wandering may be, you always make the most of it.

3. You’re good at stretching your money…

Why blow all of your hard earned cash at a local club or an over-priced amusement park when you could spend the same amount gallivanting across one of Europe’s most incredible cities, like Lisbon or Amsterdam?! If you have the wanderlust gene, you’ve probably trained yourself to withstand the temptation to buy some fleeting material things, in order to save up for some future memories instead.

4. …But you also know how to live in the moment

wanderlust gene: overcoming depression
Yes of course saving is important, but mostly because it will allow you to have an incredible adventure later on. When you’re on the other side of the world you won’t find yourself exploding from financial stress. Your preparation and discipline allow you to seize the day once you’re actually out travelling!

5. Curiosity is your middle name

Whether at home or abroad, curiosity goes hand in hand with the wanderlust gene. The same old routine is never enough to quench the thirst for adventure. New foods, new places, new memories and often new people are always on the horizon for the restless soul.

6. You’re okay with not having a plan

You like to lose yourself in the moment, and are always ready to discover something new and extraordinary. Of course you do your research and prep work, but when it comes down to it, sometimes you’re totally fine just winging it. Sometimes the best adventures are the ones that take you by surprise.

7. Language is not a barrier

People with the wanderlust gene seem to be utterly fascinated with embracing the foreign world around them. You’re probably the sort of person who celebrates our differences and can’t wait to try and immerse yourself in a non-English setting. Language differences are merely challenges to be overcome, not obstructions.

8. Your phone is like a Nat Geo photo gallery

If you have more photos of foreign lands than you do of your own country on your phone, you’re probably a fellow travel junkie. Who needs hundreds of selfies and snaps of the sandwich you’re eating at the local cafe, when you could swap them for priceless memories captured for a lifetime of storytelling. Plus, you’ll be inspiring others around you to get out and see this beautiful planet!

9. You are your own person

Some wanderers love travelling with others, and some prefer the solo route. Some can’t wait to jump into the hostel social scene and meet nomads from every corner of globe, and some prefer the private room vibe. No matter what, if you’re infected with the wanderlust bug you’ve probably spent some time finding out who you are, and becoming independent. Interactions and relationships with other people are wonderful, but you don’t rely on them to function happily. You are your own person, the master of your own ship.
Did we miss anything? Do you agree or disagree? Do you have the wanderlust gene? Tell us in the comments below!
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Thanks to Yvonne, Natalia, Emily for the photo help!

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