Beware of clichés: the Tour de France according to Google suggestions

Leaving on a trip requires preparation. Finding that long-lost passport, making a list of all the things you mustn’t forget but won’t, managing to find socks that don’t match… In short, it’s a real headache! But before all that, you need to choose the right destination by doing your little research on the different countries and all their little bargains. And that, of course, is via Google! The whole world spends its life Googling just about everything and anything. So we wondered what questions they might be asking about the French and certain regions in particular. So here’s a short list of all the qualities and faults that Google users think the French have. Beware, we’re warning you about the clichés that surround the French!

1. Clichés about the French: love of others

clichés sur les français - amour

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We don’t know why, but the two strangest French habits in the eyes of foreigners are smoking and, above all, kissing. But what the rest of the world doesn’t know is that you can say hello with a cigarette in your mouth, on an exercise bike with a CGT banner in your scarf, and that’s class!

2. Clichés about the French: gluttony

clichés sur les français - gourmandise

France is the cradle of gastronomy. But there are still some specific characteristics that astonish the whole world. The Google rankings bear witness to this, with snails, frogs and stinky cheeses, to name but a few… To each his own, no judgement. By the way, fried frogs’ legs are an ideal snack for Wednesday events!

3. Clichés about Parisians: politeness

clichés sur les parisiens

The French don’t have the best reputation for politeness, but Parisians are even worse. Don’t panic, the same rule applies to people in capitals all over the world (New York, London, Tokyo, etc.). And that’s probably why they’re on the move just about everywhere. And, we promise, it’s not as bad as you think, the twig and the beam, all that, all that..

4. Clichés about Bretons: a taste for celebration

clichés sur les bretons

The diversity of our regions is what makes our country so rich. Even if research on Bretons is slightly more enthusiastic than that on Parisians, everyone has their faults. And alcoholism is still their speciality. To tell the truth, we’re surprised not to have seen ‘font des crêpes’ appear in the first suggestion, because that’s probably how they’ll end up becoming masters of the world. *Mmmmhhh pancake…*

5. Clichés about Corsicans: shyness

clichés sur les corses

You have to admit that whatever question you ask Google about the Corsicans, the first suggestion deals with the question of independence and the fact that they don’t like people very much, without any particular discrimination, just ALL people. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not hatred, just exaggerated shyness. We can assure you that they don’t bite and that they’ll be more than happy to sing traditional songs for you, while holding their ears so that they don’t fall into your glass, until the sun comes up!

6. Clichés about the Marseillais: the particularity of the South

clichés sur les marseillais

It’s COMPLETELY DISCONCERTAING to see that the ENTIRE cybercommunity is CONCERNED about this TOTALEMEING OUTSIDE THE COMMUING acceing typical of the Marseillais. It’s not their fault that we don’t compreing RIENG DE RIENG to what they say. Right, cousing?

7. Clichés about the Ch’tis: customs… Peculiar

clichés sur les ch'tis

Well, in their defence, the Ch’tits haven’t been spoiled by fate: forever immortalised in the collective unconscious by a reality TV show that didn’t really show them in their best light, today they enjoy a reputation that’s perhaps more deplorable than that of the Parisians, that’s saying something! But they’re stronger than these silly clichés: as a family, we stick together… And when in doubt, we give each other a piece of Maroilles.

We had warned you about the big clichés about the French, but perhaps not about the bad faith. It may not seem like it, but the French, in all their diversity, are an extraordinary and very welcoming people. And if you want to make up your own mind about the worst clichés on this list, we simply recommend that you go and see for yourself by visiting France!

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