Community Champion – HOSCARs Finalists 2023

Looking back on the last few years, we’ve learned that community is everything. And when it comes to creating temporary communities and a sense of belonging for backpackers, hostels are the real MVPs. Some hostels make a point of championing their local communities as well as those in their bunks. These 5 hostels have been nominated for a HOSCARs Community Champion award. So, which one of these community-minded hostels takes the crown?


ClinkNOORD, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

At Clink, the vibe is all about community. Guests, team members, musicians, artists, ex-pats, and locals are all part of the mix, making for a truly eclectic and inclusive environment. To give back to the city that welcomes them with open arms, they team up with some awesome organisations. They’ve got the Amsterdam International Community on board for social events and travelling fun, and they even work with Dutch Drag Royalty, Miss Patty Pam Pam, to host Pride Bingo and fundraise for the Amsterdam charity Mensen Maken Amsterdam. Want more? They donate lost and found items to local charities like The De Lokatie, promote local culture through partnerships with TIP Amsterdam Noord, Tours That Matter, and Badass Tours, and host conversations that matter in their social spaces. From hosting the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam to the Reinvent Tourism Festival, they’re all about making a positive impact on the city they call home.

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Urban Oasis Hostel, Lecce – Italy

The Urban Oasis Hostel in Lecce, Italy, is a fruit lover’s paradise with a private garden of about 500 square meters, which is home to 15 fruit trees! From mandarins to plums, oranges to persimmons, the trees are cared for using eco-friendly methods and organic farming techniques, without a single pesticide in sight. In 2021, the hostel teamed up with the Emmanuel Community volunteers to donate all the fruit produced by their trees to the “Emporio della Solidarietá” in Lecce, a project dedicated to helping families in need. In 2022, they donated about 800kg of fruit to the community! This year, the Urban Oasis team wants guests to get in on the action and join the harvest. With more than 1000 families in conditions of proven poverty registered in the city of Lecce, every piece of fruit makes a difference.

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Lagarto na Banana, Pipa – Brazil

Lagarto na Banana is the ultimate hotspot in Northeast Brazil, where guests, volunteers, and friends unite to form a tight-knit community. They stay connected through their online hub, “Lagartos no Mundo” (Lagartos around the world), which joins a multinational crew from all corners of the world. These folks also make it a point to make weekly visits to a spot run by the amazing Mrs Marisé in Sibauma, a quaint little city that was once a quilombo. Here you’ll find Afro-Brazilian communities, which were built up by escaped slave settlers, who keep their rich culture and history alive to this day. Mrs Marisé is doing amazing work to help children in need, including those from families with a history of violence or addiction. With sports, art, and a lot of love, she brings new hope to these kids and the volunteers and guests at Lagarto na Banana who help out. It’s a beautiful thing!

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O de Casa Hostel Bar, Sao Paulo – Brazil


Ô de Casa Hostel is the ultimate hub for globetrotters looking to connect, explore and promote a better world. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Vila Madalena, they’re all about championing the local community and encouraging guests to join in curated activities that support small businesses and community development. With a weekly agenda packed with shows, exhibitions and experiences, their guests can enjoy the best of what São Paulo has to offer. From daily outings to local vendors, to tasting the famous “pastel de feira”, expect unforgettable moments of interaction between travellers and neighbours. By bringing the community together, guests at Ô de Casa get to share unforgettable experiences and leave with a true taste of the city’s vibrant culture.

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Green Haven Hostel, Ubatuba – Brazil

Looking for a break from the daily grind? Look no further than Green Haven Hostel! With its cosy atmosphere, exclusive parties, and a wide range of exciting activities like boat trips, trails, waterfalls, extreme sports, and surfing on one of Ubatuba’s 102 beaches, guests are sure to find happiness here. Once a month, the hostel partners with Worldpackers to organize a beach clean-up event that brings together hostel volunteers, guests, and members of the local community. These free events provide a fun way to make a difference. Additionally, Green Haven Hostel celebrates World Cleaning Day for Rivers and Seas each year by encouraging guests to collect as much garbage as possible.

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