The Best Places to Travel 2016

The Best Places to Travel 2016

There is a huge world out there, with almost too many countries, cities and islands to know where to head next! But, isn’t that so exciting?! If you could go anywhere in the whole wide world, where would you go? That’s the question we asked a selection of travel bloggers and they’ve come back with their selection of the best places to travel for 2016.


Best places to travel in 2016: Venezuela

Change is coming to South America. Slowly but surely, Venezuela is creeping onto the backpacker radar. With steaming jungles and tumbling falls to endless savannahs and the world’s cheapest beers (just 3 cents a pop), Venezuela has a hell of a lot to offer the adventurous backpacker. Merida, the student capital of this fascinating country, is one of the best places to base yourself. Bordered by snow-capped peaks and famed for its adventurous activities – from paragliding and rock climbing to white water rafting and multi-day wildlife safaris – Merida should be on every budding explorers bucket list. Merida’s pulsating, tantalising nightlife will satisfy even the most die-hard party enthusiast. With cheap cocktails, cheaper beers and fun-loving locals, this is a city which rarely stops partying. Venezuela is now set to become THE next big thing on the backpacker circuit, get in quick and visit now whilst it is still a well-kept secret.

Will Hatton (UK) BrokeBackpacker


The New Year is coming and so are new travels! Are you already thinking where you are going next in 2016? My honest answer would be… Everywhere! The important thing is to take your backpack and leave! J Anyway I will suggest you three destinations which really impressed me and I suggest you to make top priorities next year: In Spring explore the Castel in Prague, its gardens, Charles Bridge. Use the rail cable to go to Petřín, enjoy the first sunbeams in Letná while you sip a beer in its alehouse. Everything will shine and you will be able to touch the spring atmosphere. Prague will gradually show its real nature to you, curious traveller!


When summer comes take a flight to Brussels and then a train to Antwerp. The city, with its mediaeval outlines and modern features, will appear to you in its full beauty! Take a bike and ride across one of the many routes! I personally suggest the “Duvel Route” to go to the Duvel Moortgat brewery and to the Molenberg distillery.


When the temperatures drops it’s the perfect time to book your flight to Amsterdam! The Hollande Capital is unique during Christmas period with its lights, markets and canals (UNESCO Human Heritage) and the Amsterdam Light Festival! When outside is too cold… take a break at the Pancake Bakery with their goodies: you totally won’t regret it!


Sara Boccolini Viaggio Animamente


With this year going to end, I made the usual wish: I would love next year to be full of new travels and adventures, and not about money, as it doesn’t make you happy (so it’s said!). The three destinations to visits in 2016 have to mix my passion for travelling and landscapes. If you agree, I suggest you take a look at St. George’s: the famous Bermuda’s Capital sitting in a live dreaming archipelago.


If you fancy the mountains and colder weather, I would go east to discover Brasov in Romania. Between its peaks and castles surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the Earl Vlad!


Last but not least, I suggest Monopoli (south of Italy) where you can mix sunny days at the beach with excursions in the countryside and the local amazing cites such as Alberobello.


Gian Luca (Italy) Viaggia E Scopri


St Petersburg

Russia’s window to Europe shines by the Neva riviera with its palaces, parks, museums all along a labyrinth of canals such as “Venice of the North”. Let yourself be amazed by the incredible domes of the Church of the Spilled Blood and wander among the tombs of the legendary Tchaikovsky and Dostoevsk. These are some must do in order to fall in love with the eternal city of the czars as I did.

Patricia Rojas (Spain), La Cosmopolilla



The smoke of incense takes over Ubud, the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali. Cycling between green rice fields, getting lost in the heart of the Sacred Monkey Forest, climbing a volcano or seizing the hours of sun on a paradise beach will make you want to stay  in Bali, the island of the Gods, forever.

Patricia Rojas (Spain), La Cosmopolilla


Puerto de Iguazu

Did you know that the Iguazu Falls between Brazil and Argentina are one of the seven natural wonders of the world? Once you stand in front of them it´s very difficult to remain indifferent, not to feel tiny. The force of nature here becomes brutal and wonderful. Something to feel, just experiment … at least once in life.

Patricia Rojas (Spain), La Cosmopolilla



Quito is an amazing city and not only because it is over 2800 meters above sea level, but because for the past two years it has been the favourite destination for travellers visiting South America. It is also a land of volcanos, and you can’t miss the views from the Pichincha cable car and see the city at 4000 meters. Quito is also known as half of the world as it has drawn this imaginary line that divides the earth into two hemispheres, definitely a must for travellers. Quito has also the best preserved old city in the whole the continent and we can say that wandering through its streets is a treat. Travellers can’t miss a visit to the church of the Society of Jesus known as “the treasure of Quito”.  Other must trips are visits to the towns of Quichua artisans in Otavalo, which has been declared “cultural capital of Ecuador”, as well as Peguche and Cotacachi on the outskirts of the city. For these and other reasons, Quito has earned its own right of being one of our recommended destinations for next year.

Iosu López & Alberto Menéndez (Spain), Mochileros TV



The country of coffee is trendy. Modern, lively and colourful, Medellin represents a step up for the country to position itself as the favourite stop in Colombia during 2016. Located in the department of Antioquia, Medellin celebrates during the first days of August the famous flower show, “La Feria de la Flores”. During this event the silleteros loaded behind great compositions of flowers that people will watch and enjoy at the big parade. In this moment people shout: “When a silletero pass by, the whole Antioquia gets up! (Our hair stands on end)” An important location during these days is the Plaza Botero, where 23 works of renowned sculptor Fernando are exposed, and the Lleras Park in the area of ​​El Poblado, where the main focus of the festival is. District 13 is another example of innovation in Medallo (popularly known as Medellin), thanks to the construction of the escalator that along with the urban art has revitalized the area. The proximity of the Eje Cafetero, is another incentive to not miss Medellin during next year.

Iosu López & Alberto Menéndez (Spain), Mochileros TV



Recife, in the state of Pernambuco, is a city that has no reason to envy to the rest of the country. Having their own carnivals in Olinda (a small town on the outskirts of the city), it celebrates the Bonecos Gigantes parade with dolls of about 4 meters high. The dolls represent some of the best known characters on the international scene. Also in Recife you can enjoy the popular Frevo, a spectacular traditional dance of the region – you will need a small umbrella in order to dance it.

If you are looking for history, don´t hesitate to get to Recife Antigo, the old town, where you will be amazed by its colourful streets, buildings and museums such as the “Embaixadas dos bonecos xigantes”. If you’re seeking culture, Francisco Brennand, is one of the most important contemporary artists of the time and the outskirts of the city has recreated a world in its image – the Office Brennand. Finally if you are looking for beaches, in Pernambuco are some of the best, the Carneiros and Porto Galinhas are amazing places that will help you pick up some tan and promise not to leave you indifferent. One piece of advice to help people to get out there and see the world: Traveling is an enriching experience that helps you grow as a person and also teaches life lessons that are not in the books. You never leave lose if you invest in travel. Don’t let them tell you otherwise, live your journey and take the plunge.

Iosu López & Alberto Menéndez, Mochileros TV



The little village of Canggu in Bali is my top destination for 2016. It’s not just one village, it’s more like a coastline with different small villages on the West Coast of Bali. If you’re a surfer or Yogi you’ll be in heaven! In the north of Seminyak the streets are less busy, there aren’t many hotels and the atmosphere is relaxed and super cosy. Many expats are living there and you get to know each other quite soon. A fantastic surf spot for pros is the famous eco beach and I’d suggest Berawa Beach for beginners.

Anja (Germany)



Istanbul is definitely one of the coolest cities for a city trip in 2016. The city is full of charm and character. You’ll discover new things on every single corner. I really love the traditional fish market in Beyoglu, where you can get the best fish sandwich in Istanbul for just a few Euros. You’ll also find cute cafés in Üsküdar next to the water with an amazing view to the Maiden’s Tower. Relax after in Gülhane Park, where there are lots of cheeky, green parrots, so it’s worth looking up to them!

Melanie (Germany)



My top tip for 2016 is Athens. It’s an old city with lots of history and culture. At the same time the city is young, hip and wild. It’s a city full of diversity with an incredible amount of things to discover. Don’t just visit the main attractions like the Acropolis, the museums and the Arch of Hadrian, explore the alternative Athens too. In the neighbourhoods of Exarhcia or Psiri you’ll find a totally different world to the touristy area Plaka in the centre of Athens. It’s also an affordable city with great offers, worthwhile accommodation and full of culture, celebrations and parties. Definitely a top destination for 2016!

Sarah (Switzerland)



My recommendation for 2016 is Chile and its fascinating cities. It’s the perfect destination for backpackers who love nature. Chile is one of the most multifaceted countries in South America. With the Atacama desert in the North and their flamingos in the Salar de Atacama and the bizarre sunrises behind fairy-tale volcanos on the horizon. The perfect destination for real adventurer in the South: Pantagonia. The colourful surfer city Valparaiso is one of the best cities to see amazing street art across the entire continent and the capital Santiago de Chile has with Bellavista one of the most hip neighbourhoods in the southern hemisphere. Chile is worth every trip!

Clemens –  (Germany)  

Thanks to Roman BoedRuss Bowling, Bert Kaufmann, Andrew Malone, Dennis Jarvis, Gaetano Sabato, and Leonora Enking for their awesome Flickr Pics.

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