Where you should travel according to your star sign

Think star signs are a load of BS? That’s because you’ve been reading the wrong horoscopes! Prepare to be amazed as our resident Mystic Meg reveals your travel destiny…

ARIES: New Zealand

Energetic and adventurous, you’d rather be skydiving than sunbathing. Your ideal trip involves extreme sports – and a GoPro so you can relive the madness. That full moon in Sagittarius can only mean one thing, Ram: you should go to New Zealand at once! Here you will find the adventure you’ve been craving – from the bungee jumping off the Auckland Bridge to skydiving over Abel Tasman National Park.
Travel horoscope Aries New Zealand
Your hostel match: Bamber House

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in the leafy suburb of Mount Eden, Auckland. Expect beautiful parks, plenty of outdoorsy activities and panoramic views of the city nearby.


You’re a creature of comfort who is equally happy in a small village or a big city, provided you have amazing food and something beautiful to look at. That’s why Italy was written in the stars for you, Bull. Take a gondola ride through the picturesque canals of Venice, admire the Colosseum over a bowl of pasta in Rome or head to the Amalfi Coast for jaw-droppingly beautiful clifftop villages. And visit your star sign’s mascot at Milan’s stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, where you’ll find a mosaic depicting a bull – according to local tradition, if you spin round three times with your heel on the bull’s testicle your good travel fortune will be guaranteed.
Travel horoscope Taurus Italy
Your hostel match: Ostello Bello is a quirky and beautiful hostel just 50 meters from Milan Central Station – perfect for lazy Taurines!


You’re easily bored and hate the word “routine”, which is why New York is your spiritual home. The city that never sleeps is full of interesting people and hidden gems, and the fast pace of life here means you’ll fit right in. With Mars in your fourth house, expect the unexpected! From street art to secret bars, yoga in the park to food from every corner of the globe, there’s never a dull moment in the Big Apple.
Travel horoscope Gemini USA
Your hostel match: The Local – it’s like staying with your coolest friend who knows NYC like the back of their hand and loves visitors. With films nights, stand-up comedy, live music, beer tasting and much more, you’re guaranteed an action-packed stay. Or simply hang out on the roof terrace and watch the sunset with your new hostel friends.

CANCER: Germany

Travellers of this star sign love history and culture – which is why Germany is the perfect destination for you, mein Freund! Berlin is the obvious choice – the city has its own museum ISLAND – but don’t underestimate what Munich has to offer your curious soul: make sure you visit the amazingly kitsch clock at Neue Rathaus, where ornate little figures re-enact scenes from the city’s past. The annual Oktoberfest is a party with a dose of history and tradition where you’re guaranteed to meet, sing and dance with other travellers and locals – perfect for sociable and fun-loving Cancerians!
Travel horoscope cancer Germany
Your hostel match: Head to Wombats City Hostel Munich for fun social vibes – grab an ice cold German beer and head to the airy giant conservatory to make some new friends.


Leos appreciate the finer things in life, but how can you get luxury and five-star comfort on a backpacker’s budget? The stars are all pointing towards a trip to London! It may be one of the most decadent cities in the world, but it’s also the home of the freebie. Seriously, the museums are AMAZING and nearly all of them are completely free (try V&A, Wellcome Collection and the Natural History Museum for starters). There’s also hundreds of free live music events – from jazz to rock to classical – stand-up comedy, theatre, karaoke, real-life criminal trials, out-of-this-world views of the city… the possibilities are endless.
travel horoscope Leo UK
Your hostel match: Safestay Holland Park is a Grade I listed mansion formerly home to a Duke located slap bang in the middle of London’s poshest park – most of the city’s parks have pigeons, Holland Park has peacocks!

VIRGO: Switzerland

Virgos may not be the most adventurous sign, but your love of planning and attention to detail helps you get the most out of your travels. Switzerland is your spiritual home because it’s a country that understands your obsession with order and cleanliness. Its unspoilt beauty will soothe your naturally anxious temperament, helping you live in the moment and appreciate the world around you.
travel horoscope Virgo Switzerland
Your hostel match: Backpackers’ Villa Sonnenhof is set amongst some of the most gorgeous countryside in the whole world – surrounded by Swiss Alps and nestled between two pristine lakes.

LIBRA: France

Librans are sensitive, sentimental travellers who are prone to falling head over heels in love with a place. Home to Paris, the city of love, France is the perfect match for you and also appeals to your taste for elegance. You like to have an emotional connection to your destination, and Paris is a city will always have a special place in your heart. It’s also a city full of mystery and surprise, so although you’ll almost certainly keep going back for more, you’ll discover something new on each visit.
travel horoscope Libra France
Your hostel match: Founded by three young travellers, the quirky Les Piaules is an absolute stunner of a hostel, set in an imposing art deco building. The jaw-dropping views of Paris from the terrace are guaranteed to set every romantic Libran’s heart racing!

SCORPIO: Thailand

Scorpios are a feisty bunch who seem to feel everything more intensely that others – especially when travelling! You crave mystery, passion and adventure, so get yourself to Thailand aka paradise on earth where you can explore dreamy beaches by day and insane full moon parties by night. And you’ll never be far from the sea – perfect for travellers of the water element.
travel horoscope scorpio thailand
Your hostel match: This country has some of the coolest hostels in the whole wide world (seriously, we’re talking 9.9 customer ratings!), so we’re going to be cheeky and pick five –Once Again Hostel, Oxotel Hostel, Lamurr Sukhumvit 41, Coincidence Hub and Hostel Chiang Mai and The Yard Hostel Bangkok.


Sagittarians have an unwaveringly sunny outlook on life, so why not head to a country that shares your optimism? Spain is a country where the sun always shines and the people are easy-going and welcoming. Sagittarians don’t like to stay in one place for too long, so why not plan a road trip round the country, taking in miles of beautiful coastline and two of the coolest cities in the world: Barcelona and Madrid have everything you need to make your traveller heart sing.
travel horoscope sagittarius spain
Your hostel match: The quirky and familial Pars Tailor’s Hostel is the perfect place to meet other friendly souls in Barcelona; in Madrid, check out the design-led and super social Room 007 Ventura Hostel; and then head on to the Oasis Backpackers Palace Sevilla where you can enjoy homemade paella at the rooftop pool.

CAPRICORN: Argentina

Some may call you stingy, Ram, but we know you just like to get the most out of your travel funds. You’re an overachiever, and you like to feel you’ve seen and done as much as you possibly can on your trip – no lying on the beach for you all day. So listen up Ram, why not book a trip to Argentina, a country that has so much to offer without breaking the bank. The rich culture and history will keep you busy, and the Argentine capital Buenos Aires is one of the most frenetic cities in the world.
travel horoscope Capricorn Argentina
Your hostel match: The Art Factory in Buenos Aires is a lively hostel covered from floor to ceiling in weird and wonderful local art, so there’ll never be a dull moment.

AQUARIUS: South Africa

Passionate, inquisitive, intellectual and creative – travellers of this sign are hard to please and hate to follow the crowd. They seek unique experiences off the beaten track, which is why South Africa is perfect for the Aquarian temperament, thanks to its exotic flair and creative soul. Cape Town is where the best bits of the country combine, with a trendsetting art scene, thought-provoking museums (check out District Six Museum), hipster coffee shops, exotic wildlife and hiking trails aplenty.
Travel star sign Aquarius South Africa
Your hostel match: The design-led Mojo is the perfect place to get your Cape Town mojo on – located in the hip suburb of Sea Point, you’re 50 metres from the beach with plenty of quirky cafes and shops on your doorstep. Enjoy artisan coffee every morning on the enormous roof terrace – complete with sea and mountain views!

PISCES: Philippines

With its stunning waterfalls and beaches, the Philippines is paradise on earth for you, Fish! For Pisceans, travel is all about the people you meet on your adventure, so the carefree island vibes are perfect for making friends and creating lasting memories together.
Travel horoscope Pisces Philippines
Your hostel match: NBD but Nordzee Hostel has its own private beach – so it’s the most chilled place imaginable to meet other travellers over a fruity cocktail or two – especially at dusk, when everyone gathers at the picturesque wooden hut jutting out into the sea to catch the dramatic Filipino sunset. With mind-blowing breakfasts and friendly pigs roaming the beach, you’ll never want to leave this tropical paradise.
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