Unicorn Party

O de Casa Hostel Bar

Sao Paulo, Brazil | 18-08-2019
Join the party in Ô de Casa Hostel, São Paulo

Do you want to see a unicorn? Of course you do! Join us in São Paulo and you’ll be surrounded by the mythical and magical beasts. That’s right, we’re hosting a fabulous Unicorn Party in beautiful Brazil. Trot over to Ô de Casa Hostel for a night you’ll never forget. There will be lots of sun, Samba and... horns!

Hostel Perks

  • On-site bar & restaurant
  • Free events
  • Hammocks
  • Free Wi-Fi

Party Perks

  • Unicorn party theme
  • One hour of free drinks
  • Fun, themed party props
  • Hostelworld merchandise and giveaways
  • Competitions, dance-offs and much more!