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About Incheon

Incheon is a busy city on South Korea's west coast which still has a distinctly local vibe. There are plenty of sights to fill an itinerary for a couple of days, like a vibrant Chinatown to wander around in search of satisfying noodle dishes. In the Songdo International Business District, you can get a glimpse of South Korea's high-tech and hyper-modern side. Want to escape the bustle? Follow the locals and head for the beach or one of the lush, serene islands just off the coast.

Stay at an Incheon hostel in the city centre or at a hostel near Incheon airport for an easy stopover. Plenty of hostels here have common areas or games rooms where you can meet other travellers, while others have private rooms if you'd prefer a little extra privacy. Many hostels in Incheon have handy extras like air con, Wi-Fi and a free breakfast. Look out for places serving meals in the evenings if you want to sample some home-style Korean cooking. 

The neighbourhood around Incheon City Hall, in the middle of this metropolis, has a bustling feel and is the place to be for nightlife, especially near the Arts Centre. The high-tech Songdo district is an intriguing spot: this 1,500-acre planned urban quarter is built on land reclaimed from the Yellow Sea. It's home to tech companies as well as Incheon's university. Balance out this futuristic area by visiting Incheon's old-world Chinatown, where you can try delicious jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) or join the locals browsing the market for everything from spices to shoes.

Swing by Songdo to café-hop (there are hundreds in this district) or stroll around a 100-acre seaside park inspired by Manhattan's Central Park. Samgukji Mural Street in Chinatown is worth a stop for its colourful artwork, and you could also climb up the historical stone stairway to Jayu Park for views over the port. Get a glimpse of rural life in Korea by exploring the small villages, golden beaches and lush interior of Muuido Island, just off the coast. 

Incheon International Airport is the largest in South Korea. From the airport, you can catch the high-speed AREX train into Gyeyang (20 minutes) and then change for the Incheon metro. There's also a bus that takes about 50 minutes. Incheon has plenty of buses and an extensive metro network that you can ride all the way to the capital, Seoul in just over an hour. 

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