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About Nis

As one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, Niš takes you through a timeline of history. Romans, Ottomans and Germans have stamped their mark on this Serbian city leaving behind fascinating ruins and important reminders of the past. Alongside its rustic old town and crumbling landmarks, there’s a modern buzz to the city with packed-out bars, artsy hangouts and fashionable shopping districts. This area is also surrounded by mountains and rocky gorges, giving you the chance to get out of the city for hiking and climbing adventures. 

Most Niš hostels put you within the city centre, close to its shops and restaurants. Find beds in shared dorms, including single-sex dorms, as well as in private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. You can expect a Niš hostel to have rooms with lockers for your valuables, as well as convenient features like free Wi-Fi and towels. Some have big garden spaces with live music and a bar, while others have shared kitchens with unlimited tea and coffee.

The downtown area in Niš is home to the city’s nightlife, shopping areas and restaurants selling Serbian dishes such as the delicious cheese-filled pastry known as burek. It’s also where you’ll find the city's main square, Trg Kralja Milana, along with market stalls. Over the river, you can discover historic sites like Niš Fortress. Outside the city centre is Niška Banja, a spa area with Roman history. This region is characterised by natural forested landscapes and the slopes of Mount Koritnjak. 

Dive into the city’s eclectic heritage with a visit to some of its sights, including the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Roman ruins of Mediana, and Ćele Kula – an Ottoman stone tower embedded with skulls. Another important part of Niš history is the thought-provoking Red Cross Nazi Concentration Camp, which was used in the Second World War. After some contemplation time, venture to the hills around Niška Banja for an adventure. Here you can have a go at paragliding, or instead you could head to Jelasnica Gorge to hike or free climb its craggy peaks. 

From Belgrade, Serbia's capital city, the bus journey is about 3 hours. You can also get the Niš-Ekspres service from Sofia and Skopje. There’s a train line which connects these cities too. Flying in? Niš Constantine The Great Airport is 4km from central Niš and has flights from cities across Europe. Niš itself is easy to walk around, but buses are available to take you to Ćele Kula and Mediana. 


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