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Property Description

Situated at the center of Bangkok’s most coveted neighborhood with only 2-min walk from the Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain station, the boutique Speck Bangkok is your urban retreat to sleep, to meet, to eat & more. At Speck, we want every traveler to feel an inspired connection to our capital. Designed with an eye to the local elements, pieces of Bangkok's unique and traditional things are transformed to decorate our little piece of home.​

Ten rooms and an all-terrazzo Co-space are housed within Speck for our guests. We offer free WiFi in all areas, a 24-hr reception desk and a choice of private rooms or dormitory rooms, both of which are air-conditioned. Guests have access to a shared bathroom and toilet.

Nearby attractions include EmQuartier, Emporium, Benchasiri Park and countless number of restaurants, cafes and bars. All of which are located within walking distance from us.

Section (1) General 

These Terms & Conditions shall apply to the hotel agreements between the Guest and the Hotel, as well as to all the services and the use of facilities provided by the Hotel to the Guest.

The Guest refers to a person or an agent that has a Reservation or a Booking accepted by the Hotel. By making a Booking, the Guest agrees to comply with these Terms & Conditions. Furthermore, any individuals who stay in the Hotel under the Booking in the name of the Guest will be enforced for complying the same Terms & Conditions as the Guest. 

The Hotel refers to Speck Bangkok or Speck Hotel, a registered hotel name (there is no hostel by law in Thailand).

A Booking or a Reservation refers to the reserving of accommodation with the details by the Guest that is accepted by the Hotel.

OTAs refers to online tour agencies including online booking websites, but not including the Hotel’s own website.

The Guest’s own terms and conditions may apply only if they have been previously acknowledged and agreed upon by the Hotel.

Section (2) General House Info

Check-in after 3PM   |   Check-out before 12PM

For the Guest checking in a shared dorms, check-in is not allowed between resting hours (12AM-8AM).  

You can arrange for a late check-out with our reception upon arrival or at least 24 hours in advance. ​

See more details in Section (5) 

A refundable security deposit will be collected upon check in to receive an access card to both the hotel and your room. You will receive your deposit back upon checking out, returning the keycards and the rooms in the like condition as when taken. See more details in Section (7)​ ​

Business hours of facilities:
Reception: Opens 24 hours
Co-space: 7AM-MIDNIGHT
Breakfast: 8AM-10AM

Housekeeping : rooms are cleaned daily. Bed linen and towels will be changed every third night of your stay.

Luggage storage : subject to availability of the storage space, the Guest can store luggage before check-in and after check-out for a period of no more than 24 hours, at the Guest's sole risk as to loss or damage from any cause

Parking : no parking is available at Speck 

House Rules and Info:​

Visitors are not allowed in guest rooms. See more details in Section (1)

Do not use the guest rooms for purposes other than intended without authorization.

Minimum age to stay in our dorm rooms is 18.​ Children under the age of 18 are allowed to stay in private rooms only​.

The Guest is required to conduct yourselves in a reasonable and responsible manner at the Hotel. In any case of violation, the Guest will be asked to leave the property immediately without any refund issued. See more details in Section (11).​

Be careful not to leave personal belongings either in the lobby or in the corridors.

Do not light fire in the hotel for any purpose.

Be careful not to move the articles in the Hotel or guest rooms from their fixed places without permission.

Do not change the position of the gadgets and fixtures in the Hotel or guest rooms without permission.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the rooms for hygienic reasons, with the exception of drinking bottled water.

Smoking is not allowed inside the building. Evidence of smoke within the property will incur a 5,000 Baht charge.

Forbidden articles in the hotel : animals and pets​, offensive smelling items (durians, fermented fish, etc.), gasoline, explosives, or any other inflammables, guns, swords, or any kind of weapon, ​excessively bulky objects, any other articles that may pose a threat to the safety of other guests staying in the Hotel, and any other articles that may cause distress or annoyance to other guests.

Pets are not allowed on the premise.

For dorms residents:

Be kind and generous to your roommates

Keep silence in dorms. Do not make a phone call, do your packing or make any loud noise during after 10PM. 

Put your phone in the silent mode. You can use alarm clock but please do not hit snooze.

Please be advised to bring your own padlock to secure your individual locker.

​Section (3) Bookings:

All Bookings at the Hotel are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

The Guest can make bookings via the Hotel’s website, in person at the Hotel’s front desk, and the OTAs or their affiliates that have contractual relationship with the Hotel.

The Guest shall provide identification information including the full name and nationality that matches the information on the Guest’s identification card in case of Thai nationality or passport in case of foreign nationality in order to check in, but it shall be not limited to the address, contact telephone number and email address.

Bookings will be subject to the Guest:

Online bookings with full payment for the whole stay in advance before arrival.

Credit card guaranteed bookings by valid credit card details. The Guest will be asked to complete the payment upon the check in.

Deposit bookings. The Guest pay the deposit in cash or credit card at the Hotel’s front desk, or transfer the money by banks.

To make a valid Booking, payment details are required. It shall be either valid credit card information for a credit card guaranteed Booking or deposit of specified payment amount for a pre-paid Booking. Submitting invalid credit card information or delaying deposit payment may result the Hotel declines the request for a Booking.

A Booking is only accepted from an adult (18 years old or over) by the Hotel. Any fraud Booking made by a person under the age of 18 will be declined immediately by the Hotel once it is found out.

Minors (under the age of 18) are not permitted to stay at the Hotel unless accompanied by their parents or guardians. 

If the Guest makes a Booking online for multiple beds or rooms, it does not guarantee that the beds or rooms would be booked together unless the Hotel confirms it in writing. The Hotel will try the best to book your beds in the same room or book your rooms next to each other, but it certainly depends on the room availability upon your arrival day. If the Guest strongly wishes to stay together, the Hotel suggests to take over a whole dorm.

In any Booking, the Guest is not entitled to any specified room number or bed number, unless the Hotel acknowledges and confirms it in writing.

Section (4) Rates, Cancellation, Amendment and No Shows:

The Booking Fees including the Room Rates are quoted by the Hotel to the Guest upon the Guest’s request for a Booking. The Guest is obligated to make the payment according to the Booking Fees quoted on the Booking. In the event that the Guest made a credit card guaranteed reservation or has paid a deposit, the Guest shall complete the full payment when check in.

All bookings are quoted in Thai Baht, per room, per night for 1 bed (dormitory room) or 1 room (private room) and exclude 7% VAT and 10% service charge. In the event the tax rate changes, this will be automatically reflected in the price charged. There is no additional charge for children under 11.9 years old if sharing an existing bed, specifically in private rooms only.

Standard cancellation policy applies a 7-day cancellation policy to the Bookings. The Guest is obliged to pay the following penalty charges:

Cancellation received by 6 p.m. hotel local time,  7 days prior to the arrival date: free of charge.

Amendment received by 6 p.m. hotel local time, 7 days prior to the arrival date: free of charge.

Amendment to change the guest’s information such as name, nationality, etc.: free of charge.

Cancellation less than 7 days prior to arrival date and no-shows: a charge equivalent to the rate for the first night of the stay will be due.

Amendment to postpone the arrival date less than 7 days prior to the original arrival date: a charge equivalent to the rate for the first night of the stay will be due over the entire Booking.

No-show: a 100% charge over the entire Booking will be due. The Booking will be cancelled without noticing.

This cancellation policy does not apply to Non-refundable Bookings.

For Non-refundable Bookings, if the Guest cancels the Booking or in case of a No-Show, the full amount of the booking fee will be charged. The Check-in and Check-out dates cannot be modified. The Guest information such as the name, phone number, and etc. can be modified without any charge if the Hotel agrees.

If the Guest made the Booking through OTAs, the Guest should cancel or amend the Booking with OTAs. The Hotel will not accept any cancellation or amendment request unless there is a cancellation or amendment document from the behalf of the OTAs.

If the Guest made the Booking through the Hotel’s website or directly in person, the Guest can send a cancellation or amendment request via email or contact the Hotel directly to inquire for a cancellation or amendment

In the cases of refund, the Guest will receive the refund in the way it was charged. The amount will be varied subject to the situation.

The Hotel is not liable to any refund in cases of the Guest not complying with the Hotel rules, as described here. 

Reservations are personal and can in no case be transferred to a third party, whether free, at a cost, or for commercial purposes.

Changes or Cancellation by the Hotel

Very occasionally we may need to cancel your Booking.  In such circumstances you will be given a full refund but we shall have no further liability to you arising out of such cancellation.  We will, however, use reasonable endeavours to try and re-locate any confirmed Booking cancelled by us to an alternative location similar in standard to the Hotel.

​​Section (5) Check-in and Check-out Requirements:

Check-in is from 3PM on the day of arrival and check-out is at 12PM (noon) on the day of departure. The Guest must inform the Hotel before in case of any exceptional situation.

The Guest is obliged to leave the room at the time agreed on upon checking in. When breaching the agreement, the guest is liable to a fine of 3,000 baht per day. ​

For the Guest checking in a shared dorms, check-in is not allowed between resting hours (12AM-8AM).  

Early check-in requests are subject to room availability when the Guest arrives. It cannot be confirmed in advance.

You can arrange for a late check-out with our reception upon arrival or at least 24 hours in advance. 

Late check-out: Until 15:00 - 30% of normal rate / Until 18:00 - 50% of the normal rate / A full rate will be charged for guests checking-out after 18:00.

Section (6) Registration and Payment:

The Guest shall register the following particulars at the front desk of the Hotel during check-in

Name, age, gender, address of residence and occupation​

Nationality, passport number, visa (if any), port and data of entry

Data and estimated time of departure

Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hotel 

Valid identification is a requirement at check-in. We accept a Passport for foreigners, or Photo ID for Thais.

Full payment is required prior to check-in or at check-in.

We accept VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards in the presence of the card holder. We also accept cash - Thai Baht only. Extra charges may apply depending on the form of payment.

For advance purchase rates the card you booked with must be presented on arrival.

If the Guest uses a credit card from other people to make a Booking, the Guest must provide a copy of the card, a photocopy of the card holder’s ID card/passport, and a permission letter including the details of your ID card/passport number and the signature from the card holder. If the Guest is unable to provide these documents, the Guest would be asked to pay in cash or use the Guest’s own card. 

If the Guest asks to change the payment method from one to another, the Guest shall inquire at the front desk in the same day after the previous payment has been made. This inquiry from the Guest shall be not later than 11 PM.

Section (7) Security Deposit:​​

A refundable security deposit will be collected upon check in to receive an access card to both the hotel and your room. You will receive your deposit back upon checking out, returning the keycards and the rooms in the like condition as when taken.

Dormitory room guests : 1,000 baht per bed​

Private room guests : 1,000 baht per room

Keycards have to be returned during check-out. The guest is responsible for the lost with a 300 baht/keycard penalty.

Section (8) Dormitory Rooms:

Minimum age to stay in our dorm rooms is 18. The Guest with younger children is welcome to stay in one of our private rooms. There is no upper age limit

The Guest cannot check-in dorms between resting hours (Midnight-8AM).  

Only females can stay in our the only 'No Boy 6' female dormitory. Males and trans-genders shall stay in mixed dorms only.  

Keep silence in dorms. Do not make a phone call, do your packing or make any loud noise during after 10PM. 

The Hotel reserves right to refuse guest(s) who may suffer from illness(es) that may cause discomfort of any kind to the other guests inside the dorms.

Section (9) Resting Hour:

Resting hour is from Midnight to 8AM (00:00-08:00)

Please respect other guests by keeping down all kinds of noise (TV, loud talking, phone use, music, electronic media, etc.) during resting hours, especially in the dorms.

In the event of excessive noise nuisance, the Hotel maintains the right to evict its guests without a refund.

Section (10) Visitor:​

Visitors are not allowed in the rooms. Meeting with your visitors is allowed only in common areas during non-resting hours only (8AM to 12AM).  During resting hours, all the rooms are accessible only to current registered guests.

The amount of people staying in the room must not exceed the amount of people registered at the reception. We charge at least a fine of 3,000 baht per day for violation. 

Common areas are for the use and enjoyment of all hotel guests and limited number of their visitors; parties, noisy gatherings, unsocial behavior and loud music are all strictly prohibited.

The Guest are accountable for their visitors’ behavior and compliance to the Hotel rules. No visitors or friends are allowed in the Hotel premises during Resting Hours.

​Section (11) Health and safety: ​

Smoke-Free Policy: the Hotel maintains a smoke-free environment throughout the premise. Cigarette, e-cigarette or vape is not allowed in the room and communal areas. Evidence of smoke within the property will incur a 5,000 Baht charge.

The Guest is required to conduct yourselves in a reasonable and responsible manner at the Hotel. The Guest will be asked to leave the property immediately without any refund issued, if the Guest is:

being rude and noise that badly disturbs other people

being drunk and violent

being disrespectful for others’ culture or religion

stealing valuables from others

using other’s identity or invalid identification document such as fake ID card, foreign passport with an expired Thai visa

playing dangerous substances or risking lives of your own and other’s

using drugs and involving prostitution

using the guest rooms for purposes other than intended without authorization.

being ignorant with the policy and regulations at the Hotel

Possession and/or consumption of any prohibited drugs are strictly prohibited in or within the hotel premise.

Gambling and prostitution are strictly prohibited on the premise.

Unjustified use of light or the fire extinguisher or fire alarm will result in a penalty of at least 5,000 Baht.

Forbidden articles on the premise :

Animals and pets​

Offensive smelling items (durians, fermented fish, etc.)

Gasoline, explosives, or any other inflammables

Guns, swords, or any kind of weapon

Drugs, contraband, poisons

Excessively bulky objects

Any other articles that may pose a threat to the safety of other guests staying in the Hotel

Any items or articles that may cause distress or annoyance to other guests

Section (12) Property damage:

The Guest is required to treat the hotel furniture with due care and in particular to prevent any serious dirt or damage. 

The Guest will be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the Guest or the partners of the Guest at the Hotel.

The Guest is obliged and liable to pay full immediate compensation for 

Any and all damages you may inflict upon any part of the hotel as a result of deliberate, criminal or reckless behavior, such as breakages, leaving the room in an especially dirty condition or accidental damage. The amount shall be established by determining the replacement value or the repair cost or the cleaning cost of each object so it can be returned to the exact state it was in before the incident occurred.​

Any loss of inventory items (e.g. linen, chairs) and furniture from your rooms. Report any damages, malfunction and/or any other issues to the reception as soon as you notice. 

Contamination for which you bear responsibility.

Any loss suffered by the hotel for any acts, omissions or negligence caused by the Guest.

Please see the inventory price list (replacement value) here

Section (13) Limitation of Liability:

The Hotel will ensure to provide the accommodation or other service booked by the Guest according to these terms and conditions in a reasonable and skillful manner.

It is the sole responsibility of the Guest to ensure that their belongings are properly kept and safe as the Hotel shall not be liable for any lost, theft or damage of a guest's luggage and personal belongings while on our premises beyond the limits of the law of Thailand. Please use the lockers provided to each guestroom unit with your own padlock. 

The Hotel is not responsible for injuries or accidents caused by the Guest yourself. The Guest shall confirm having insurance that protects against possible accidents during your stay in the Hotel.

Section (14) Unclaimed Articles:

Except when there is a forwarding address or else specific instructions for their disposal have been received, unclaimed articles and laundry will be kept for a maximum of 7 days. 

Section (15) Use of Personal Information:

All personal information stored and used by us is done so in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which are available on request or on

Section (16) Force Majeure:​

The Company accepts no liability and will not pay any compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of force majeure or any circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, flood, earthquake, extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, other acts of God, acts of terrorism, fire or failure of electric power, gas, water, or other utility service, plant machinery, computers, vehicles or any collapse of building structures.

Section (17) Miscellaneous:

Commercial photography : taking photographs and videos for commercial or public purposes is not allowed without our consent. To request for a commercial photoshoot, please contact our reception.  


Any disputes between the Hotel and the Guest shall be resolved in the summary or district court having jurisdiction over the Hotel location and in accordance with the Thai laws.

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Latest Reviews

Feb 02, 2024
Overall really great place, located in the heart of the Sukhumvit lane from where the Metro (BTS), really good restaurants and take out, shopping malls, massage parlour are all close. Inside the room though, you will never feel the outside noise coming in.
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Male, 25-30
Oct 14, 2023
Clean, clean, clean. Lots of space inside for chilling. 5 min walk fro skytrain. Decor was pleasing too!
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Male, 31-40
Aug 21, 2023
Even it was specified that payment with card was possible, the person I. The reception was not only incapalbke of using it but also wanted us to fix their problem by withdrawing money, (making us pay the bank fee). The neighborhood is not that interesting if you are looking for a chill experience, quite far away from everything in the city. The place was clean and really well designed.
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Male, 31-40


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