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About Milos Island

For travellers who can't get enough of feeling sand between their toes, the 70 beaches of Greece's Milos island are sure to send tingles down your spine. They're some of the most varied beaches you can picture, from golden sands to moon-like rock formations, and shady caves to secluded bays. Despite its undeniable beauty, it's on the road less travelled and is a more laid-back and peaceful spot than some other Greek islands. The nightlife can be more or less lively depending on the village, but the seafood is always top quality.

You're never far from the beach in a Milos Island hostel. You can stay in a place with fresh modern decor, or for quirky social media snaps, choose a hostel with a room decked out floor to ceiling in pink. Most Milos Island hostels have balconies where you can breathe in the salty sea air. To meet new people, pick a hostel on Milos island with a garden bar or outdoor terrace and start swapping travel tips. Air con will keep you cool at night and free linen makes for light packing.

Milos island has several villages. The capital, Plaka, has picturesque whitewashed houses, prettily paved streets too narrow for cars, and cheerful tables and chairs in the café-lined alleys and squares. Adámantas is a lively harbour town with surreal-looking rock formation beaches and the island's best nightlife scene. To get stuck into the island's history, pay a visit to Phylakopi, which dates as far back as 3000 BC.

The beaches of Milos island are among its main attractions, and some have to be seen to be believed. Sarakíniko's white rocky landscape is more lunar than earthly, and its clear waters are equally otherworldly. The underwater caves of secluded Kléftiko beach can only be reached by boat, while golden sands tucked into a yawning limestone cliffside make Alogomántra worthy of a trip. You can visit the island's 1st-to-5th-century catacombs to explore a different side to the island's culture.

To reach Milos, you can take a ferry from Athens, which takes about 6.5 hours, or from the nearby Cyclades if you're doing a bit of island-hopping. Depending on the season, there may only be one a day, so check your times. Milos Island National Airport receives domestic flights and you can get a taxi to your hostel from there. Rent a buggy or quad bike to get between villages and beaches easily, or jump on a bus. There are also some places you can only access by boat.


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