Newsflash: Hostels Have Private Rooms And They Are GORGEOUS

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Listen up wanderlusters, we’ve got a little something to show you! You think you know hostels? Have you heard about their incredible private rooms? We’re about to blow your travelling minds with the most luxurious, boutique and downright beautiful places to lay your head whilst roaming the planet.
Before we share the hostel magic, you may be asking ‘why would I choose a hostel private room?’ Well, as you’re asking, they’re affordable, totally unique, overflowing with personality and hostels attract the best people – FACT! Here’s our pick of the best private hostel rooms so beautiful you’ll cry real tears of joy.


This city is trending! We think the riverside bars, sundrenched plazas and alfresco action have something to do with it. We tried to pick one hostel, but we couldn’t. So, representing Lisbon, we have the best private rooms in three insanely beautiful hostels.
Living Lounge Hostel is a work of art! Seriously. Local artists were brought in to work their magic and give each and every room a unique arty identity. Grab your friends and hit the clubs in Bairro Alto – THE PLACE to be seen in Portugal’s capital.

Next up, we have Stay Inn Lisbon Hostel. It may be in one of the liveliest neighbourhoods, (Bairro Alto) but there’s no mistaking that this is an intimate chill hostel. If you’re planning to do a little romancing and impress a certain someone, then this is your hostel. If you’re looking for a fancy AF neighbourhood check Lisbon Poets Hostel, in Chiado. This hostel will speak to your cultural soul, and it’s oh so close to the galleries, restaurants and cafes. Free breakfast you say? Yep, every single day!

The hostel that really takes the cake is Lisbon Calling, with Part of a 250 year old building the rooms are boudoir chic with chesterfield armchairs and sexy fringe in their private and deluxe rooms. Oh and housekeeping, hair dryers and a steam room are all part of this delicious hostel parcel. They even leave a basket of freshly baked bread outside your door every morning! #smooth


You want beach vibes, mountains, clubs in castles, huge surreal sculptures, tapas terraces, sangria sessions… then Barcelona is for you! This is the city that just keeps on giving.
We’re tempted to keep this one a secret but apparently that’s not cool! Casa Gracia is as fancy as they come with private rooms and balconies overlooking the most exclusive street in the city. Every single room has its own en-suite bathroom… Uh huh, have you booked yet?

Introducing Toc Hostel. ‘Hold the bags, I’m just going to check in to our Superior Suite with private roof terrace’ – WHAT! ‘Do you feel like sipping some sangria by the rooftop pool?’ Pinch me! This is a hostel!


So… Amsterdam. It’s not all coffee shops and red lights but you’re worldly people so you know that, right?!
Now Cocomama is a hostel that’ll delight your Instagramming fingers! Think high ceilings, chandeliers and a stunner of a garden for those warm summer nights. Step back in time (because you can do that right?) and you’ll find yourself in Amsterdam’s most famous brothel. If you want some chill time get yourself cozy in Cocomama’s movie corner.


Is there a more romantic city than Paris? If there is, the challenge is on, name it please! The Parisians are notoriously chic, but that’s ok you can be too. The world-famous shopping has to be experienced and you’ll want to look your best for that Eiffel tower selfie now won’t you!
Les Piaules hostel finds itself in the cool up-and-coming area of Belleville in Paris’ east. There’s private rooms with a big bed, own bathroom and natural light. There’s also a bar with a retro photo booth and a rooftop where they have yoga classes and throw BBQs!

?  The Travelling Light

Generator Paris has premium private rooms with exclusive terraces! That’s right; think caviar and champers and a little me and you time overlooking THE most romantic city in the world. Fo’real!


This Hungarian city has plenty to do, but what turned our heads? Why the thermal baths of course, where you can get your skinny dip action on! Seriously though, Budapest has around 80 geothermal springs and its thermal water cave system is the biggest in the world. This is a city that’s stunning by day and by night.
Lavender Circus Hostel will charm the pants off you, guaranteed! These private rooms are straight from a fairy-tale, so fill your city break with a bit of wizardry and check in here. This hostel will have you drooling with its famous Hungarian dinner parties.


How about a contemporary wooden sculpture that floats on the Danube? At ArkaBarka Hostel, you can book a private for  just for £26 with a a magnificent panoramic view of the river, and the historical Zemun and the Kalemegdan fortress is just around the corner! The hostel was recently renovated so everything is sparkling new – bonus 😀


You ain’t EVER seen a hostel like Die Wohngemeinschaft! Situated in Belgisches Viertel, this hidden gem matches the city’s creative vibe with their their amazing themed rooms, from Bollywood cinema to sleeping in the galaxy. There’s an in-house theatre, showcasing music, readings, plays and films, and they even have bikes and longboards available for those wanting to explore the city on wheels! 


You may be here for the ballet, the theatre, or to get down and dirty in the complex communist history. Or the vodka… ARE YOU here for the vodka? Whatever you’re here for is totally chill with us, just let us share Sputnik Hostel. If it’s a stylish hangout with the sleekest private rooms you’re after, than this is the hostel for you.

Cape Town

Because nothing says LOVE more than a heroic city mountain climb. Don’t do it to impress, do it because it has the most jaw-droppingly awesome view imaginable. Or take the rotating cable car up Table Mountain – AMAZING! Anyway we’re not here to talk mountains, it’s hostel private rooms we’re wooing you with.
The Backpack Cape Town has fresh and funky privates, FREE continental breakfast, a café/bar and a pool. Actual heaven!


Mr Sandman, bring us a dream ASAP!  Have you ever seen a hostel bed look this good?! Onas Hostel & Suites is in the heart of Córdoba and totally off the WOW scale. You can book beds here from just £12 which might explain their 100% value for money score. Plus, they’ve got a pool, grill restaurant and indoor forest (but with air con) and a garden inspired by Tribes and Mother Earth ??


You’ve made it to the land down under on that long ass flight! You’re going to need somewhere pretty special to rest, as there’s so much to explore. Melbs is famous for its streetart, so if that’s your thing go check it out. There is so much more, but it’s one of those cities that helps if you have a little local knowledge… that’s where the friendly crew at The Nunnery Hostel have got you sorted.
This hostel has a choice of private rooms, including a luxurious five bed pad… drool!


If anyone’s ever told you that walking around Rome is like stepping back in time, they’d be right! Picture a lazy morning stroll along the cobbled streets, snapchatting your way around the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and then a lazy late lunch with the best pizza on earth.
There’s no need to blow the budget on an average, but pricey hotel. Instead, book yourself a luxury boutique private room with ensuite… This is The Blue Hostel!


You may be thinking London, cha-cha-ching! You’re right, this city ain’t cheap, but it can be explored on a budget, we promise. There’s the obvious selfie-taking mega tour which can be done totally gratis, featuring: The London Eye, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, Notting Hill and Trafalgar Square. But, there is so much more to do here!
If you want to impress without splashing too much cash and mix with the hipster crowd then Shoreditch’s Dictionary Hostel is the one. You’ll be kipping in a converted Victorian-era warehouse, say what! Only minutes away from: Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane and Colombia Road. Grow your beard baby, because you’ve landed in hipster heaven.


If Prague isn’t on your list, it should be! It’s a city break favourite so perhaps you’ve already experienced the famous hospitality and Bohemian vibe. The Old Town will stir a little something inside of you with its Gothic buildings, Jewish Cemetery and dizzy-making spires.
Fancy staying in a 19th Century Art Nouveau hostel? The Czech Inn is strolling distance away from bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes in the ultimate Prague neighbourhood – Vinohrady. Feeling lazy? Hang in this sociable hostel’s brick basement bar. Those private rooms though!

By Johanna Whitaker
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