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Things To Do In Verona – Month By Month

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Written by David Mason | @masononsocial | 4th Jan 2024

TLDR: This guide is your essential companion for discovering Verona, a city celebrated for its romantic legacy, architectural marvels, and engaging cultural life, month by month.


  • A must-see in Verona is the ancient Arena, a colossal Roman amphitheatre that’s the heart of the city’s opera culture and a symbol of enduring architectural prowess. Read more like this below.
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About Verona

Verona, often hailed as the city of love due to its association with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and evocative landscapes in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. Known for its well-preserved ancient Roman arena, enchanting medieval structures, and romantic ambiance, Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage site that captivates visitors with its timeless charm.

The city’s heart is its historic center, where the Verona Arena stands grandly, hosting prestigious operas and concerts, offering visitors a glimpse of its gladiatorial past. Nearby, the story of Romeo and Juliet comes to life at Juliet’s House, complete with the famous balcony. Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Bra are bustling hubs of activity, surrounded by impressive buildings and lively cafés.

Verona’s culinary scene reflects the rich agricultural heritage of the Veneto region, known for its wines like Valpolicella and Amarone and delicious dishes such as risotto all’Amarone. Traditional osterias and modern restaurants serve local specialties, providing a taste of authentic Italian dining.

Culturally, Verona is a hotspot with its annual Verona Opera Festival in the Arena, alongside numerous art galleries, museums, and theaters showcasing a blend of historical and modern works. The city’s picturesque Adige River, Ponte Pietra, and the panoramic views from the Torre dei Lamberti offer scenic strolls and moments of reflection.

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With a climate characterized by hot summers and cool winters, Verona offers varied experiences throughout the year, from vibrant summer festivals to cozy winter markets. Its compelling history, artistic legacy, and romantic allure attract travelers seeking a blend of Italian culture, history, and scenic beauty. Each year, Verona’s ancient streets, hidden courtyards, and lively piazzas provide a backdrop for a truly enchanting Italian adventure. Whether you’re attending a starlit opera, exploring ancient ruins, or enjoying a glass of local wine, Verona promises a journey filled with romance, art, and the spirit of la dolce vita.

Travel Tips for Solo Travellers in Verona

Accommodation Tips

  • Solo Friendly: Verona offers a range of charming accommodations, from boutique hotels in the historic centre to cozy guesthouses near the Roman Arena. Look for places in districts such as Borgo Trento or Borgo Venezia for a mix of local culture and easy access to the city’s main attractions. These areas are great for solo travellers seeking a blend of tranquility and community.

Eating Out

  • Dining Solo: Verona’s culinary scene is a delight, featuring traditional dishes like risotto all’Amarone or gnocchi. Venture into the osterias and trattorias around Piazza Bra or along the Adige River for an authentic dining experience. Solo diners are welcomed with a friendly atmosphere, perfect for sampling Verona’s gastronomic delights.

Safety in Verona

  • Staying Safe: Verona is generally safe for tourists; however, it’s wise to stay vigilant in crowded spots, particularly at night. Stick to well-lit areas, and keep an eye on personal belongings when enjoying the city’s cafes and marketplaces.

Language and Culture

  • Language Basics: While many in Verona speak English, especially in tourist areas, learning a few Italian phrases will enrich your experience and endear you to local residents. A simple “Buongiorno” (Good morning) or “Grazie” (Thank you) can make a big difference.

Getting Around

  • Transportation: Verona is well-served by public transport, with an efficient bus network covering the city. For an intimate look at the city’s streets, consider renting a bicycle or simply enjoy walking through its UNESCO-listed historical centre.

Solo Hotspots

  • Meeting Fellow Travellers: The areas around Piazza delle Erbe and Castelvecchio are vibrant with cafes and bars where both locals and tourists congregate, especially in the evenings. Enjoying an aperitivo here is a great way to meet people and soak in the city’s atmosphere.


  • Cost-Saving Tips: Delight in the city’s beauty by visiting free attractions like the public squares, bridges, and gardens. Local markets offer delicious, affordable food, and walking around the city is not only economical but also the best way to appreciate its Renaissance architecture and hidden alleys. Public transport and bicycle rentals are budget-friendly options for longer distances.

What’s On In Verona Month By Month

Verona unfolds a calendar brimming with events, each adding a distinct hue to the city’s historic charm and romantic ambience. As you navigate through the cobbled paths, from the majestic Arena to the intimate courtyards of Juliet’s house, allow this guide to navigate you through Verona’s most esteemed festivities. Engage with the amorous allure of Verona in Love, be captivated by the lyrical beauty of the Opera Festival, or immerse yourself in the historical allure of the Medieval Market. Month by month, Verona weaves its narrative, inviting solo explorers to experience the rich tapestry of culture, art, and emotion embedded in this timeless city.

January: Verona in Love Festival

A celebration of romance in the city of Romeo and Juliet, featuring heart-shaped lanterns, romantic music, and special events around the city. It’s a perfect way to experience the romance of the city, with a variety of love-themed events and settings.

  • Location: Various venues across Verona
  • Cost/Budget: Free to attend most events, with some special performances or dinners priced accordingly.

February: Carnevale Veronese

The Carnevale Veronese is Verona’s take on the traditional Italian carnival. Expect colorful parades, masquerade balls, and various festivities throughout the city, celebrating with costumes, music, and street performances.

  • Location: Streets of Verona, particularly Piazza Brà
  • Cost/Budget: Mostly free, costs for costumes and carnival treats.

March: Verona Opera Workshop

An event celebrating opera with performances, masterclasses, and exhibitions dedicated to Verona’s rich operatic history. The combination of breathtaking opera performances with the ancient Roman Arena’s atmosphere as a backdrop makes this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Location: Various theaters and public spaces in Verona
  • Cost/Budget: Varies by event, with many performances free or ticketed at affordable prices.

April: Vinitaly

One of the largest wine exhibitions in the world, featuring tastings, workshops, and meetings with producers from all over Italy and the globe. Vinitaly offers an extensive look into the world of wine, from the latest trends to age-old traditions, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in viticulture.

  • Location: Veronafiere Exhibition Centre
  • Cost/Budget: Ticketed entry, with prices depending on the pass type.

May: Verona’s Medieval Market

A historical reenactment market where craftsmen and performers recreate the medieval atmosphere of the city.

  • Location: Piazza dei Signori
  • Cost/Budget: Free to browse, costs vary for purchases.

June: Verona Jazz Festival

A series of concerts featuring international jazz artists performing in various venues around the city, including the Roman Theatre. This event will be loved by jazz enthusiasts and music lovers looking to enjoy contemporary and classic jazz in a historic setting.

  • Location: Various locations including Teatro Romano
  • Cost/Budget: Ticket prices vary per concert.

July: Estate Teatrale Veronese

A summer theatre festival hosting a variety of performances, from classical theatre to modern dance and experimental shows in different venues, including the Roman Theatre.

  • Location: Various historical venues in Verona
  • Cost/Budget: Varies, with many performances offering affordable ticket options.

August: Ferragosto Fireworks

Traditional celebrations for the Ferragosto holiday, including special masses, processions, and, often, a fireworks display. Ferragosto is a quintessential Italian summer celebration, and experiencing it in Verona provides a mix of cultural immersion and festive fun.

  • Location: Best viewed from Castel San Pietro or along the Adige River
  • Cost/Budget: Free to watch.

September: Tocatì, International Street Games Festival

Streets of Verona turn into playgrounds with traditional games from Italy and around the world. The festival includes workshops, performances, and game-playing. It’s a unique and interactive way to explore cultural heritage and engage with locals and international visitors alike through play.

  • Location: Streets and squares of Verona
  • Cost/Budget: Free to participate and watch.

October: Verona Marathon

An exhibition and market of fine arts, including paintings, sculptures, and photography from Italian and international artists. It offers the chance to explore a wide range of art styles and meet the artists in the historic and artistic atmosphere of Verona.

  • Location: Throughout Verona, starting and ending in the city center
  • Cost/Budget: Entry fee for participants, free for spectators.

November: Verona Wine Top

One of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to the equestrian world, featuring competitions, shows, and an extensive exhibition area. It’s an opportunity to get close to the equestrian world, witness impressive shows, and learn more about horses and riding.

  • Location: Palazzo della Gran Guardia
  • Cost/Budget: Ticketed tasting sessions.

December: Festa di Santa Lucia

The Feast of Saint Lucy, a cherished celebration in Verona, featuring religious processions, a dedicated market, and various cultural events. Traditionally, children receive gifts from Saint Lucy, and various sweets and treats are enjoyed, particularly the “occhi di Santa Lucia” cookies.

  • Location: Around the Church of Santa Lucia and various parts of Verona
  • Cost/Budget: Mostly free to attend; costs for gifts and food.

Heading Back

And that’s a wrap on our guide to Verona’s yearly lineup of cool events and cultural treats. Each one’s handpicked for you solo wanderers looking to make some lasting memories. Picture yourself getting caught up in the drama at the Verona Opera Festival, or walking the romantic streets during Valentine’s. But remember, Verona’s more than just star-crossed lovers; it’s a city where every corner has a story, bursting with life from its delicious Veneto dishes to lively markets and reenactments. Month by month, Verona invites you to step into its rich narrative, turning every stroll into a chapter of your own adventure.

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