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Visiting Budapest

Budapest is a city that still bears the scars of communism but one that is constantly developing into one of the world's greatest capitals. Split in two by the grand River Danube, on one side you have the Buda, the hilly side dominated by the castle and Royal Palace. On the other you have the Pest, a flat side where you will find the city’s financial district, high street shops and its most popular bars. But something you can find anywhere in the city are its public baths...don’t leave without treating yourself to a dip in one.

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Budapest City Reviews

  • 100%


    You have to be here!

    Budapest is a city perfect city for those who are looking for a mix of all, awesome architecture, history food and culture combines with a brilliant night life. It does not burn a hole in your pocket yet it doesn't compromise on quality of life, food or anything other. There is something for everyone.

    Insider Tip:take a bus tour, its the cheapest and covers all the major attractions. No trip is complete if you don't visit a thermal baths here. The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Budapest, its the best and not very expensive either and don't forget to attend a SPARTY! They are awesome. Try the Ruin Pubs and do some crazyy shots. Convert your currency from Western Union only, airport convertors do not take a commission but exchange rate sucks. Make a day trip to Bratislava and Vienna too if you can!

  • 60%


    love budapest, love wombats

    this place is clean, this place is huge, and well we are talking about Wombat so you know this place is great. Restaurant is awesome, the people are awrsome and the location is great.

    Insider Tip:ask for directions to Papa Fritzi, a MUST place you need to eat at. Local, inexpensive food. Oh and take a free walking tour.

  • 80%


    A beautiful city with not so expensive, but tasty food.

    Budapest is rich in History and it is really beautiful, you can learn their history by joining the free walking tour, its really worth it. The food and beers can be really cheap here.

    Insider Tip:Get a all you can ride pass to go around the city, is very worth it. Please go to this restaurant called "Belvarosi Disznotoros", highly recommended, good food and good portion with very reasonable price, but please bear in mind that they have no chair and you have to eat while standing. And if you go to the general free walking tour, the tour guide might go to a restaurant nearby Matthias Church, this is also a value for money with good food place, its self serviced, like a canteen.

  • 100%


    A Wonderful , Vibrant ,Fascinating City !

    We have visited Budapest three times this year , & every time it seems to open up to us in really interesting ways. We love the spa bath culture - the medicinal baths are wonderful ; beautiful , historically fascinating buildings & so relaxing to spend time in ! The ruin pubs - especially Szimpla Kert El Lato are wonderful ( check out hot wine & elderberry Beer )are brilliant . The city is fast becoming a place to find expertly brewed craft beer - check out Csakajósör Kft.(Only Good Beer )

    Insider Tip:The Swing out Hostel is lovely & Marcel is such a lovely host .

  • 60%


    Beautiful city, unfriendly people

    It is really a beautiful city, but I think some people are a bit racist to me, especially in some restaurants, the waiters were so rude to me. Ruined my vacation

Hungary: Itinerary

Divided into two distinctive districts by the River Danube, Budapest is one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful cities. To the west of the river lies the Buda district, distinguished by its hilly landscape, and to the east lies Pest, a flatter and more commercial district. Explore both sides to find museums, cafés and a vibrant nightlife.

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