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Visiting Budapest

Budapest is a city that still bears the scars of communism but one that is constantly developing into one of the world's greatest capitals. Split in two by the grand River Danube, on one side you have the Buda, the hilly side dominated by the castle and Royal Palace. On the other you have the Pest, a flat side where you will find the city’s financial district, high street shops and its most popular bars. But something you can find anywhere in the city are its public baths...don’t leave without treating yourself to a dip in one.

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Budapest City Reviews

  • 60%


    Guaranteed good times in Budapest

    I fell in love with this city, I stayed way longer than I initially planed too. I really can't say enough, from the incredible churches, the amazing parliament building, and of course the Roman baths. There no shortage of things to see and do during the day. And at night, there are the ruin bars, probably the coolest bars I have ever set foot in, they pretty well guarantee a good night out. I can't say enough about this city.

    Insider Tip:Go to Bors for an amazing sandwich for roughly 2 euros. Go to the island water park and baths, no crowds and great facilities. Do not miss the ruin bars instant and simlpa. Stay at Carpe Nocteum Vitae if your a young traveler solo or in a small group.

  • 90%


    One of the most vibrant European cities I have been to.

    Seriously this city is amazing. So much to do/see during the day and then the nightlife is on another level. Us four guys all agreed on it being the best 'lads' weekend away we've had. Will probably go back (and that's saying something as I am normally against this).

    Insider Tip:If you want one of the best nights out you've had go to Szimpla (ruin bar). Ended up in there every night as all the other places to attempted just didn't compare.

  • 90%


    Budapest a city of culture and parties

    Hungary is definitely changing with the times, and for the most part the city has excellent food in traditional or westernised restaurants. The nightlife is never ending, and the amount to see in the city means even a 3 day stay wont be enough time. I recommend experiencing the thermal baths and either walking around or doing a tour of the main city attractions. If nightlife is your thing, the Ruin bars (basically a nightclub set up in a particular theme) are pretty funky.

    Insider Tip:For a city it is relatively cheap. I suggest doing a river tour at night which can include dinner and music. For around £20 and an hour and a half tour it is not to be missed.

  • 100%



    Went into Budapest not knowing much about the culture or the city. intended on staying for 3 days ended up staying a week. Everything is unbelievably cheap, with great people great food and a great night life.

    Insider Tip:Sparty on a Saturday. DO THIS!

  • 100%


    Budapest is great for any type of holidays!

    If you want to party, relax, shop, go to museums, or just enjoy the skyline of the city, go to Budapest!

    Insider Tip:You have to go to the baths, they are amazing, and a great way to relax after a day visiting the city!

Hungary: Itinerary

Divided into two distinctive districts by the River Danube, Budapest is one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful cities. To the west of the river lies the Buda district, distinguished by its hilly landscape, and to the east lies Pest, a flatter and more commercial district. Explore both sides to find museums, cafés and a vibrant nightlife.

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