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  1. Clubs in Miami - are they really that hard to get into?

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 2 Comments

    Clubs in Miami - are they really that hard to get into?


    A couple of years ago I remember hearing from friends that getting into dance clubs in the extremely hip Miami, a city famed for its beautiful people, was notoriously difficult. The burly doormen of these chic and trendy clubs, most of which are found in South Beach, would look you up and down before deciding whether or not you fitted in with the type of person they wanted frequenting their club.

    Luckily enough, last September I got to see Miami for myself. Before sampling the nightlife it was required that I check out the golden beaches, get photos of the Art Deco hotels on South Beach’s Ocean Drive, see the houses of the rich and famous on the Venetian Islands, and explore neighbourhoods like Little Havana. But then of course, I had to see where the party was. It’s a tough life folks but, hey, somebody’s got to do it.

    I was staying in one of the city’s most popular hostels, Miami Beach International Travellers House. This hostel prides itself on being a party hostel, where every night is party night. The way the hostel works is that, if you sign up to their ‘tours’ at night, a ‘guide’ will take you to the club and pretty much guarantee entry. I thought this was a pretty good arrangement after hearing getting into the clubs was so tough.

    So Wednesday night in Miami arrived, and the tour in the hostel was going to Mansion, one of the city’s most famous clubs. I signed up as I thought it was a guaranteed way to gain entry. But in the queue at Mansion, I got speaking to two guys from Newry in Northern Ireland, very close to where I live. They informed me that they had been in the same club the previous Saturday and sauntered in without any issue.

    Then the following Sunday on the way to a club called Nikki Beach, myself and the guys I was with were stopped on the street by a hawker called Bruno. Usually I don’t stop for these, but he informed us that if we dropped his name at the club we'd get in quicker. Sceptical as hell, we decided to do just that and lo and behold, we shot straight in.

    Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t sign up for tours like the ones Miami Beach International Travellers House run. If anything, I think you should – it’s a guaranteed good night and a doubly guaranteed way to meet people. But what I am saying is this…if you’re thinking of going to a club in Miami with only the people you’re travelling with and are wary of being turned away at the door, wear the right clothes and play it cool and shouldn’t encounter any problems.

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    Ange said on 10/02/2011 at 2:25am

    I stayed at that hostel recently and went along on an organised night where we paid $10.00 to get into Nikki Beach after the hostel claimed it was about $50- to get in. On ce we arrived and went inside without any hassle at all, i spoke to some of the locals whom all said they didnt pay for entry at all; which led me to believe it was another way for the hostel to make money. However, the hostel is great so i cannot fault them at all, it was kind of annoying though that it was hyped up as much as it was.

    Chelsea said on 08/02/2011 at 9:05pm

    I live in Tampa, Florida, but I go down to Miami pretty often to party with my friends who live down there. I think you're spot on. Usually we try to find a "Bruno" to give us quicker entry and reduced cover charges. Dressing nicely can make or break you in Miami, so make sure you dress up and you should have no problem :) As a side note, I personally like Tampa's scene better. There are just as many places, but it's more laid back. There are fancy places as well, but Ybor City hosts a lot of hip hop, Coyote Ugly, and live music bars... and while they encourage you to dress nicely, it's not as stuck up as Miami.

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