5 of the Best Jobs to Make Money While Travelling

5 of the Best Jobs to Make Money While Travelling

You’ve just returned from a two-week vacation, your suitcase isn’t even unpacked yet, but you’re already dreaming of your next trip. Sound familiar?

Then you’ve probably got a bad case of the travel bug. If you’re the type of person who finds it impossible to satiate your wanderlust with just four weeks of holidays every year, you might want to think about switching to a job that allows you to make money while travelling. That way you can mix work and travel, maybe even forever.

Writing blog posts from the beach is a great way to make money while travelling

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a millionaire in order to enjoy travel as part of your everyday life.

Here are 5 jobs for people who love to travel:

1. Writing

Writers have travelled for as long as the profession has existed. If you have a talent for the written word, there are many ways you can make money from writing. Travel blogging (or any type of blogging) allows you to turn your passion into a career, by writing about your experience, growing an audience and advertising on your blog or getting sponsored by a company.

You can also become a freelance writer and get paid to write for other bloggers or online publications. This is a great way to improve your portfolio, especially when starting out. If you’ve got the gift of the gab and have sales skills, copywriting could be a great option for you. However, if you don’t feel confident, you can always take a course to refine your writing and communications skills before you start.

To stay social whilst you’re on the road, hostels are great place to base yourself and co-working spaces have popped up all over the world. It’s totally possible to have freedom, travel and be the master of your own destiny but enjoy a community feel too. All you need is a laptop and a WiFi connection, and you’re good to go.

2. Allied Health Professional

Did you know that an Allied Health qualification is one of the best to have for travel lovers? There is a growing demand for experienced health care workers all around the world. Australia, for example, is experiencing a real shortage for Allied Health Professionals within the aged care and disability sectors in particular.

The main criteria you must fulfill are being fluent in English, having an Allied Health qualification and at least one year’s work experience. Not only is the job highly rewarding with a great sense of purpose, you have the ability to work worldwide in a range of different opportunities.

3. English Teacher

An oldie, but a goodie. English teachers are in higher demand than ever before. Often seen as a “backpacker job”, teaching English as a foreign language can actually be very challenging, rewarding and lucrative.

Although qualifications aren’t always needed, it is best to get a TEFL or TESOL certificate. A course can be carried out online or in a classroom setting and usually takes around 4 weeks. Professional training means you will have more confidence to teach a class full of kids or adults, and have an edge over competitors who don’t have a certificate.

Some of the most popular places to teach English are Thailand, Korea, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and China. Wages range drastically from country to country, with many schools offering a free airfare or holiday bonuses for teachers that stay for a whole school year.

4. Beauty Therapists

Beauty is universal, meaning that everybody wants to look and feel good. Qualified beauty therapist can find employment all around the world (with the correct work permits, of course). Locations with a high expat population are particularly desirable.Customers there appreciate being treated by someone who speaks their own language and understands their requests and are, therefore, willing to pay a premium for it.

Cruise ships, hotels and spas also often need qualified beauticians and hair stylists.

5. Virtual Assistant

The VA sector is currently booming as more and more entrepreneurs and companies outsource their assistants. But, what are VAs and what do they do? Essentially, VAs are personal assistants that help entrepreneurs run their day-to-day business. Tasks can include anything and everything from email admin, to social media management, website maintenance and design, editing, writing, and market research. The job is very diverse and you must be good at organization, planning and research.

Fluent English speakers are usually much sought after and can be very well paid, especially if you have prior experience in an (executive) administration role. Most VAs are freelancers and many work from home.

Therefore, it is easy to take the job on the road; you only need a laptop and a reliable internet and/or phone connection to get started. Would you like to travel more and are you in search of a career which allows you to do so? Or do you already have a job that allows you to? Please share in the comments.

Jennifer Lachs is a writer for Open Colleges, one of Australia’s leading online education providers. She is a globetrotting writer, blogger and former scientist. Originally from Munich, Germany, she has lived and worked in 5 countries across the world. After finishing her PhD in chemistry in 2013 she went on a round-the-world trip that took her to over 15 countries, including Australia, where she lived for a year. She writes about her travels and her quest to become a digital nomad on her blog Square Hippie.

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  1. Great list of jobs that are great for travel. 1 that always gets overlooked is a merchant mariner. I am a merchant mariner and get to travel all over the world for work. Not only do you travel during your job, if you love traveling you typically work a 3-4 months on and have 3-4 months OFF to do what ever you’d like with the money you just made while sailing the 7 seas.

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