Czech out the party! The 11 best party hostels in Prague for every wild traveller

How to find the best party hostels in Prague

Ever wondered what it’s like to visit a city that’s half medieval wonderland and half city-wide nightclub? Prague is one of the weirdest and most wonderful backpacking destinations out there, where having a beer at 10am is totally fine. It’s rich in history and full of stunning landmarks to explore, but this city really throws everything it has at you once the sun goes down. Massive nightclubs, live jazz bars and Irish pubs cover every corner, and alcohol is outrageously cheap. You know that notorious green liquid known as Absinthe? Prague is its hometown…so yeah, you’re in for a wild one.

The best party hostels in Prague are the perfect starting point for your legendary night out, with many offering pub crawls and drink deals to prepare you for Prague’s nightlife wilderness. They cater to all kinds of partiers, with vibes ranging from chilled-out pre drinks to drunken walking tours. Most of the best party hostels in Prague are in the trendy neighbourhood of Vinohrady, or right in the centre of the Old Town. The city is very walkable and it’s also easy to get around on the city’s trams, so you’ll never miss out on the best clubs and bars!

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Best cheap party hostels in Prague

We get it, you don’t want all your money to go to a hostel, when you could spend that extra change on another drink or club entry. Lucky for you, the best party hostels in Prague are affordable and guaranteed to give you the start of a killer night out.

Hostel ELF

best party hostels in prague, outdoor terrace at Hostel ELF

Just want to enjoy a beer or ten with your fellow partiers while soaking up some cool vibes? Hostel ELF will give you just that. Their outdoor courtyard has graffiti-covered walls decked in greenery, the perfect setting for chill travellers to sit back and mingle with some beers in tow. It’s an ideal space to socialise and play some drinking games before heading out to explore Prague’s legendary nightlife. They host fun activities like boozy party Jenga and truth or dare, and the regular happy hours at their bar will help you save some change. In the morning, they’ve got your back with free breakfast till 11am on Saturday, so you can get those much-needed zzzz’s.

Hostel highlights:

  • Happy hours
  • Free (and extended) breakfast
  • Outdoor terrace
  • 20 minutes’ walk to Prague Old Town
  • Bar and café

🏠 Address: Husitska 11, 130 00 Prague 3

🏘 Neighbourhood: Žižkov

🚍 Nearest stations: Florenc and Prague Main Station

Book your stay at Hostel ELF now!

Czech Inn

best party hostels in prague, bar at Czech Inn

Need some me time in between the hardcore partying? Czech Inn is your go-to hostel in Prague, where you can enjoy Prague’s nightlife while enjoying the relaxed culture of the hostel. It’s nestled in the uber-cool neighbourhood of Vinohrady, where you won’t struggle to find a hipster beer garden. Their bar is a great spot for pre-drinks as they have daily happy hours, regular beer tastings, pub quizzes and karaoke nights. When you’ve worn off your hangover and are ready to see some sights, take off on one of their free walking tours. The neighbourhood is surrounded by cool bars and clubs, but if you wanna hit the famous joints, it’s only a 10-minute tram ride into the centre of town. Party on!

Hostel highlights:

  • Bar and café
  • Nightly events
  • Quick public transport to city centre
  • Nearby bars, clubs and beer gardens
  • Free walking tour

🏠 Address: Francouzska 76

🏘 Neighbourhood: Vinohrady

🚍 Nearest station: Náměstí Míru

Book your stay at Czech Inn now!

Brix Hostel

best party hostels in prague, people playing ping pong at Brix Hostel

The staff at Brix Hostel pride themselves on creating the ultimate Prague experience, which goes well beyond just providing a bed to sleep on (or drunkenly pass out on). It’s one of the best party hostels in Prague, where travellers can mingle to the max at the hostel bar, by the comfy lounge or out on the lively outdoor terrace. The travellers that come to Prague to party will be happy to know that Brix preps you for Prague’s wild nightlife with great drink deals and happy hours daily. They also offer activities like pub crawls and sightseeing tours, so you’ve got both your day and night sorted. When all the partying is done, there are comfy dorm beds and spacious private rooms awaiting you!

Hostel highlights:

  • Regular activities like pub crawls
  • On-site bar with drink deals
  • Free breakfast
  • Free towels

🏠 Address: Roháčova 132/15

🏘 Neighbourhood: Žižkov

🚍 Nearest stations: Flora and Praha Masarykovo nadrazi

Book your stay at Brix Hostel now!

Hostel One Home

best party hostels in prague, communal meal at Hostel One Home

Do you like your days for exploring and your nights for partying? Then you will love Hostel One Home, who live by this motto! It’s activities galore here, with drinking while walking tours, pub crawls and riverside parties as fun boozy options. From the hostel it’s super easy to get into town, with the Astronomical Clock only an 11-minute walk away and a 20-minute walk to the famous Charles Bridge where nightclubs are all around. It’s called home for a reason – heaps of past guests have loved the incredibly welcoming atmosphere and social scene. Best of all, you’re only a short walk to some of the biggest clubs in town!

Hostel highlights:

  • Riverside parties
  • Walking tours
  • Nightclub
  • Free dinners

🏠 Address: Hybernska 22, Prague 1

🏘 Neighbourhood: Central/Old Town

🚍 Nearest station: Praha Masarykovo nadrazi

Book your stay at Hostel One Home now!

Best party hostels in Prague for solo travellers

Prague is one of the best places in the world to party as a solo traveller, thanks to its wild clubs and bars and incredibly social hostels. Hostel activities like bar crawls, pub quizzes and boozy games are perfect for all you party animals and social butterflies.

Hostel One Prague

best party hostels in prague, sofas in Hostel One Prague

Whatever type of night you have planned, Hostel One Prague has you covered. It’s not only one of the best party hostels in Prague, but it also scored a 2020 HOSCAR for being the best hostel in the world for solo female travellers! For some buzzing pre-drinks head downstairs to their on-site bar The Rave Cave, then it’s off to nightclub hop with your new hostel mates. If you need a night-off from your bender, you can hang out in the common room and watch a movie or even start a jam session. Or, if you just want to enjoy a good convo and a drink over free dinner that option is there too! The hostel is in the edgy neighbourhood of Žižkov, where you’ll find heaps of bars like Tiki Taky and Bukowski’s Bar right on your doorstep.

Hostel highlights:

  • Bar
  • Terrace
  • Free dinners
  • Lively neighbourhood
  • Nightly activities

🏠 Address: Cimburkova, 8

🏘 Neighbourhood: Žižkov

🚍 Nearest station: Praha Masarykovo nadrazi

Book your stay at Hostel One Prague now!

Ahoy! Hostel

best party hostels in prague, tables and chairs at Ahoy! Hostel

If all you want to do is explore the Old Town’s biggest and best clubs and bars, then Ahoy! Hostel is a solid pick. This is one of the best party hostels in Prague for solo travellers, as you’re smack-bang in the centre of the city – it’s only an 8-minute walk to the notorious 5 story nightclub Karlovy Lazne and a 12-minute walk to Charles Bridge and its many nightlife spots. If you’re stuck on how to spend the night, join the hostel crew on a bar crawl, beer garden tour or on a wild riverside party. The hostel is inside a stunning 17th century building with lots of chillout zones and very spacious dorms. When that hangover has worn off, join one of their daytime activities like a guided tour of Prague Castle, or tuck into a communal family dinner.

Hostel highlights:

  • Free walking tour
  • Super close to popular nightclubs and bars
  • Daily activities
  • Pub crawl

🏠 Address: Na Perstyne 10

🏘 Neighbourhood: Old Town

🚍 Nearest station: Mustek

Book your stay at Ahoy! Hostel now!

The Madhouse Prague

best party hostels in prague, big group of backpackers drinking at The Madhouse Prague

This legendary Prague party hostel lives up to its reputation and only the wildest backpackers congregate here for an unforgettable stay in Prague. Self-described as a ‘big house shared with 40 of your newest best friends,’ the staff here really go the extra mile to show their guests the wild side of Prague – tag along with them on trips to beer gardens and pub crawls to see for yourself! If you need a rest after your inevitable multi-day bender, spend a night in and mingle over family dinners, movie nights and beer pong (hair of the dog always helps 😉). It’s in a top-notch location, right in the Old Town with 24-hour pizza, burrito and kebab joints nearby. Hallelujah!

Hostel highlights:

  • Nightly events
  • Social atmosphere
  • Walking distance to popular bars and clubs
  • Family dinners

🏠 Address: Spalena 39

🏘 Neighbourhood: Old Town

🚍 Nearest station: Narodni trida

Book your stay at The Madhouse Prague now!

Best of the rest party hostels in Prague

Prague is nightlife heaven, so it’s no surprise that there are heaps of hostels that want you to party hard. Here are a few more…

Hostel Downtown

best party hostels in prague, lounge area with table football at Hostel Downtown

If you’re planning on hitting every bar and club in Prague and need a good place to base yourself, why not stay at Hostel Downtown? Centrally located in the Old Town, it’s only a few minutes walking to the best bars in the city, with the cool Karlovy Lazne club only 8 minutes away. There are also plenty of chances to socialise with your dorm mates, as the hostel runs activities like pub crawls and drunk walking tours, which are every bit as hilarious as they sound. When you need that well-deserved rest, the hostel’s colourful design and spacious, comfy dorms will send you to sleep happy.

Hostel highlights:

  • Nightly events
  • Free ‘drunk walking tour’
  • Walking distance to popular bars and clubs
  • Free towels

🏠 Address: Národní 19

🏘 Neighbourhood: Old Town/New Town

🚍 Nearest stations: Národní třída

Book your stay at Hostel Downtown now!

Post Hostel Prague

best party hostels in prague, people doing shots at Post Hostel Prague

Mail yourself right now to this funky postcard themed, party hostel in Prague. Here you’ll never run out of things to do, whether it’s tagging along on a pub crawl, socialising with other guests over drinks, or playing foosball with the cheeky resident cat. Even the staff are always up for a night out, or even just a round of shots in the common room! Check out the cool Vinohrady neighbourhood or jump on the tram to the Old Town. When you’ve made some unforgettable drunken memories, send a postcard from the hostel back home. Make sure it’s something your mum would want to read though – she doesn’t want to hear that you spent the night drunk at a karaoke bar…

Hostel highlights:

  • Nightly events
  • Drinking games
  • Close to public transport
  • Postal service

🏠 Address: Moravská 1530/9

🏘 Neighbourhood: Vinohrady

🚍 Nearest stations: Náměstí Míru (metro) and Šumavská (tram)

Book your stay at Post Hostel Prague now!

Ahoy! NewTown

best party hostels in prague, dorm room at Ahoy! NewTown

Ahoy! NewTown is the perfect party hostel in Prague for a relaxed party vibe. You’ll find this colourful charmer in the New Town neighbourhood minutes from awesome bars and clubs. The hostel runs events like tours of Prague’s beer gardens and the stunning riverside. They have a café and bar for when the post-drinking munchies hit, or you can start the night drinking there while dancing to one of their regular live DJ sets! When it’s finally time for a good morning’s sleep, each dorm has colourful wall art that will make you feel cosy and calm (and will hopefully help the head stop spinning).

Hostel highlights:

  • Nightly events
  • Free Sunday dinners
  • Free city tour
  • Café and bar

🏠 Address: Reznicka 17

🏘 Neighbourhood: New Town

🚍 Nearest station: Národní třída

Book your stay at Ahoy! NewTown now!


best party hostels in prague, bar at MeetMe23

MeetMe? Yes please! This party hostel is uber-stylish and feels like you’re walking through an alternative hipster museum. Contemporary and colourful statues, patterns and objects cover the walls of this place, turning your typical hostel stay upside down. The pre-game is sorted with a funky on-site bar and restaurant, and if the vibe is just too good, stick around and party it up at the on-site nightclub. The hostel is just on the outskirts of the Old Town and is right next to Prague’s Main Station. They even have their own app, and if you play their game, you could win a free drink from the bar!

Hostel highlights:

  • Nightclub
  • Café, bar and restaurant
  • Free towels
  • Close to public transport

🏠 Address: Washingtonova 23, Praha 1

🏘 Neighbourhood: Prague 1

🚍 Nearest station: Prague Main Station

Book your stay at MeetMe23 now!


Are you brave enough to tackle the best party hostels in Prague, or have you stayed at any on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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