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  1. Finding a job on the Greek Islands – how to work and play there this summer

    posted by Guest blogger - Turner Barr | 0 Comments

    Finding a job on the Greek Islands – how to work and play there this summer


    Check out our latest guest post from Turner Barr of one the web's up and coming travel blogs Aroundtheworldin80jobs.com, a blog that focuses on 'the hunt for travel jobs abroad'. Turner is on a quest to work on 80 separate jobs around the world. So far he's been a tequila harvester, a Roman pizza maker and Christmas tree salesman associate. To follow Turner on his quest follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook.

    So you want to get wet and wild and experience the Greek Islands, huh? Well – how about instead of a weeklong party fest you prolong that week of drunken carnage into an entire summer of orgasmic bliss and mistakes. I am talking about snagging one of the many jobs that the Greek Islands offers to would-be sinners for the summer.

    So what kind of 'fun-in-the-sun' kind of jobs are available this summer in the Greek Islands, you might ask? Let’s check it.

    Where to go?

    Everywhere. There are many islands to choose from for your Greek Island summer job. Party Meccas in the Cyclades group in the Aeagan Sea like Ios and Mykonos come to mind. These are islands characterized by their hilly, craggy cliffs lined with the classic white facades with Greece's celebrated blues domes. Another is Corfu - the largest in the Ionian group in the Ionian Sea, which boasts more greenery and a nature feel.

    What's the party job working lifestyle like?

    Well, your average day greatly depends on where you land and what summer profession you decide to take on in the isles. There are always jobs working at the legendary Pink Palace Corfu - a sexified backpacker resort, but the majority of employment action happens on the other side of the sea. Let’s look at Ios as an example...

    Fun in the sun on Ios

    Ios is the stomping ground of many an Aussie lad for a reason. Cheap drinks and bar jobs abound make Ios the cheapest of the party options. Here, your typical day may include, but is not limited to: going to the beach, swimming, baking in the sun, meeting other folks hungover in the sun, meeting people at any number of the bars and restaurants scattered along the beach - particularly the renowned Far Out Beach bar with its large pools and lounge area. It may also include adventure water sports, volleyball, barbecuing on a balcony, enjoying an endless sunset, beginning your pre-party shortly thereafter at Far Out, carrying the party into downtown Ios at one of the dozens of bars all night long, see the sunrise, make a big mistake or five, rinse repeat.

    "Wow, that sounds great, but how do I pay for this poor life-choice?"

    Get a job, dude (or mate, or another dim-witted derivative)

    This non-stop party machine needs busy bees to keep those cogs moving. And what better bees than the backpackers they serve? Jobs range from working in water sports to working at the hotels along the islands to getting more intimate with the aforementioned party culture with one of the many bars jobs. Most of the job shifts are from 10pm until 4am, with a pay of about €25-€30 per shift. Which of course means you will not be ballin’, but life is full of experiences and working the Greek Islands is one of those. Here are a few job examples:

    Bartender - No surprise here. Someone must feed the ravenous alcoholics and the barman is the man for the job. It is arguably the best job, as usual, as you get to participate in the party whilst on the job. Your typical bartender earns a mere €40-€50 a night.

    'Door Whore' - Not to be confused with a bouncer, your job here, typically a guy, is to get passerbys interested in your bar. Some play it aggressive, some lay back and just mingle. Either way, you will meet a lot of people. Typical pay here is €25 per shift.

    'Floor Whore' - Ah the beloved 'floor whore'. For some a perfect travel job, for others, it is the bottom of the bin of human misery filled with deceit and, well, whorey-ness. Typically a job for the ladies, the ‘floor whore’ drinks all night, dances all night, and entices other party-goers (see: drunk horny men) to also do the same. At best it is a fun way to chat up, drink with and meet new folks while on the clock. At worst it is a saliva-swapping creep fest. Either way, you are done by 3 or 4am and have earned your keep for the night: €25 plus drinks per shift.

    Ok, I'm disgusted...sign me up.

    Now that you have been shown what to expect from your summer - the studying of Greek history in the islands, now you probably want to know how to secure gainful employment. And for that you will have to by my ebook for $9.95.

    Ha. Joking, what do you think I am – some shameless travel blogger?

    Jobs come and go in Ios. Things are pretty transient as to be expected from irresponsible 20-somethings with alcohol and parent issues, but the season runs from May to September. So if you want to secure a better job, or want to drink for the duration like a sailor (wink: Australians), arrive earlier, and inquire around.

    What about housing, yo?

    Some of the companies provide shared apartments for their party slaves, others you will sort yourself, when you first arrive, the hot spots for short-term housing are Francesco’s for downtown Ios and Far Out for the beach. You can then sort yourself out until you land your dream summer job and a place.

    What's next?

    Take action. Buy your ticket. And prepare for a life experience you will not want to share the details of with your partner later.

    Oh, and one more thing - once you've had the summer adventure of your life you can send me an email of gratitude for giving you a heads up to me at AroundTheWorldIn80Jobs.com and ask what’s another great travel job opportunity.

    Party on responsibly, Wayne.

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