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Top Rio de Janeiro Tips - Your Insider Tips for Rio de Janeiro

Top Rio de Janeiro Tips - Your Insider Tips for Rio de Janeiro

Home to beautiful beaches such as the world-famous Copacabana, iconic sights like the Corcovado or Christ the Redeemer Statue and an incredibly energetic party scene, it’s no surprise that Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most popular city. We asked you for your top tips for visiting Rio and here’s what you told us...

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St Paddy's Day around the World

Celebrating St Patrick's Day around the World

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular annual festivals in the world. While the biggest celebrations happen in Dublin, plenty of other destinations around the globe are going green this St. Paddy’s Day.

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Voluntourism Destinations: Trips for the Socially Responsible Traveller

'Voluntourism' is rapidly spreading beyond and becoming one of the most popular types of 'vacations'. Increasingly, individuals are yearning for an experience that appeases both their desire for adventure as well as their social conscience.

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Boats beers and beautiful Bruges

Boats, beers and beautiful Bruges

It won't take long to discover why Bruges' is Belgium's most visited cit. It is remarkably clean, it has two of the country's most beautiful squares and, by taking a short canal trip, you can see the entire city in a day.

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Chic Hostels

Credit crunch sees hostels turn from bleak to chic

No longer are hostels the drab, sparsely furnished dormitories of yester year. Hostels have finally come of age. The general public are now catching on that hostels have turned from bleak to chic.

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Meet the team - Kilian Maxwell

Meet the team - Kilian Maxwell

Hostelworld.com's staff member Killian Maxwell shares his favourite travel memories and over the last few years.

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How backpacking has changed

How backpacking has changed

Things have changed over the last ten years in terms of backpacking. Over the last decade online reviews have been preferred to those in guidebooks, the term 'flashpacker' has been coined, and you can book online to give yourself piece of mind. Read on to find out Hostelworld.com's top ten ways backpacking has changed over the decade...

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50 things to do for free in Asia

50 things to do for free in Asia

Are you planning a visit to Asia? Want to know where to see the best sunsets? Or where to find some great markets? Then check out our 50 free things to do in Asia.

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