Why Bite-Sized Backpacking Is The Best New Travel Hack

The popularity of bite-sized backpacking (or “snap-packing”) has exploded in recent years! More and more people are swapping their traditional resort holidays for short, adventurous stints away throughout the year, opting to see more of the world, one chunk at a time. After doing some research (because #science), we found that the number of UK adults going snap-packing increased by 50% in 2015 compared with the year before. That’s a whopping 4.2 million people compared with the previous 2.8 million!
Few things in life can compare to a whirlwind trip in a brand new city, and here’s why…

Social travel is on the rise

We’ve pretty much all done those run of the mill trips to sunny location X or theme park resort Y. But increasingly, people are choosing fascinating cities, new foods and wanderlust-quenching hostels instead. The hostel experience

Sshh!... This is a secret

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especially brings people from all backgrounds and places together, with the shared goal of making the most out of a mini-adventure in a dreamy location.

You’ll save your holiday days

Okay this one might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people are only just starting to catch on! Often snap-packers don’t even use any of their precious time off, choosing instead to head out on a micro adventures straight after work on a Friday, returning just in time for that glorious Monday morning commute. These weekend warriors are rapidly growing in number, and are affectionately known as “Five to Niners.” It’s incredible how easy nowadays, with all the affordable short-notice flights and hostel beds available!

Your bank account will approve

We all know that feeling of recovering from a frantic weekend of expensive take-away food, hefty alcohol bills and tiring social engagements. Well thanks to discount airlines and hostels, you can literally skip all that and go off gallivanting around this phenomenal planet in little bite-sized chunks at the drop of a hat! Imagine spending a portion of your monthly pub budget on a trip to Barcelona or a weekend in Amsterdam instead?! It really is that easy. If you think backpacking adventures only come in the form of mammoth multi-month treks, think again! 😉

You get to see more of the world

When you think about it, it’s crazy that bite-sized backpacking wasn’t a thing until relatively recently! While of course there’s nothing wrong with exploring one location thoroughly and squeezing every last drop of the experience, snap-packing allows travellers to experience a wide variety of cultures, adventures, people, food, architecture and inspiration. Some people love their 3 weeks in Santorini. Others love sampling custard tarts in Lisbon over one weekend, followed by diving headfirst into London’s Hampstead Heath pond the next. Bucket lists were made to be conquered!

A bit more science

We found that in the UK, 8 million adults are planning a snap-packing experience this year – that’s almost double the amount that did in 2015! Almost a third of people who have done it, did so as solo travellers, and many have done it with the primary focus of meeting new people!
Sadly, we can’t all just quit are jobs to go travelling. But nowadays, with a little creativity, planning and bite-sized backpacking, we can explore just as much of this remarkable world.
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