LGBTQIA+ friendly hostels that travellers love

Travelling in hostels is more than exploring new places and having somewhere to stay. Hostels bring travellers together from different locations, cultures and backgrounds, to create unforgettable experiences and share a sense of belonging.

We believe that hostels are some of the most inclusive environments for travellers and local communities around the world, encouraging people to be their true selves and make friends with others doing the same. For LGBTQIA+ travellers, this can be empowering, but we also know it can be daunting, and that unfortunately not everywhere in the world is inclusive

For this year’s Pride, we’re shining a light on some of the many hostels around the world that are not only welcoming to all travellers, but support their local LGBTQIA+ communities too!  


  1. Modal Hostel, Greenville, USA 
  2. O de Casa Hostel, Sao Paulo, Brazil  
  3. Bastardo Hostel, Madrid, Spain 
  4. Ember Hostel, Denver, USA 
  5. Ostello Bello Napoli, Milan, Italy 
  6. Hostel Le Banc, Istanbul, Turkey 
  7. The Beehive, Rome, Italy


7 of the most LGBTQIA+ friendly hostels from around the world


lgbtqia+ friendly hostels - Modal Hostel

Despite its location in a traditionally conservative state, Modal has become a hub for LGBTQIA+ travellers and locals alike. Celebrating diversity in its team and community, it’s now the place to be for LGBTQIA+ events in the local area, hosting Pride events, drag nights and pop-up art exhibitions. This uber modern hostel not only boasts friendly staff but also serves delicious coffee and craft beer. Their passion for creating a fun and inclusive environment hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Modal crowned as our Extraordinary Inclusive HOSCAR winner in 2021

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2. O de Casa Hostel, Sao Paulo, Brazil

lgbtqia+ friendly hostels - O de Casa Hostel

This hostel is a regular HOSCAR award winner and for good reason! In the heart of one of Brazil’s most gay-friendly cities with one of the best Pride festivals, O de Casa is a fun and social space where travellers and locals hang out side by side. With a diverse and friendly workforce, the hostel invites travellers of all shapes and sizes to join them for a Caipirinha at their on-site bar or to relax on their rooftop with views of the city. 

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3. Bastardo Hostel, Madrid, Spain

lgbtqia+ friendly hostels - Bastardo Hostel

Madrid is known for hosting the biggest Pride festival in Europe, and Bastardo Hostel sits right in the middle of the gay district, Chueca. This place is perfect for travellers who want to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant arts scene. Becoming a meeting point for travellers and locals to learn, experience and experiment, Bastardo celebrates those who dare to think and live differently. From hosting drag DJs and club nights, to avant-garde film screenings and poetry shows, there’s never a dull moment.  

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4. Ember Hostel, Denver, USA

lgbtqia+ friendly hostels - Ember Hostel

Renowned for its proximity to the mountains, craft beer and being one of the most LGBTQIA+ friendly cities in the US, travellers visit Denver to experience its infamous gay nightlife and events like PrideFest, Aids Walk and Gay Rodeo. Ember is right in the thick of it, housed in a historic mansion, this hostel is anything but! Ember prioritises inclusivity by hiring a diverse team, enforcing anti-discrimination policies, and providing resources for LGBTIA+ travellers. And to top that all off, they welcome guests join them for a smore by the firepit and a chill in the hot tub. 

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5. Ostello Bello Napoli, Naples, Italy

lgbtqia+ friendly hostels - Ostello Bello Napoli

Naples is a vibrant, lively and inclusive city which is becoming a hot spot for LGBTQIA+ travellers. Voted the best new hostel in our 2023 HOSCARs, Ostello Bello Napoli is a meeting place for people from around the world to explore the beauty of Naples, experience Napoli hospitality and form new friendships. Whether you’re a traveller or local, this hostel is packed with cultural events, from comedy, and live music, to book presentations, all free of charge! 

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6. Hostel Le Banc, Istanbul, Turkey

lgbtqia+ friendly hostels - Hostel Le Banc


Sitting in the heart of Istanbul’s gay district Taksim, with LGBTQIA+ friendly bars, restaurants and clubs within reach, Hostel Le Banc embodies inclusive for all travellers! The hostel prides itself on being LGBTQIA+ friendly, sharing it with guests and organising Pride events. With staff this sociable, visitors soon become part of the family, joining them for hostel nights out, pizza making and dinners on the terrace overlooking the city.  

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7. The Beehive, Rome, Italy

lqbtqia+ friendly hostels - The Beehive

Travellers from all over the world flock to Rome to take part in their Pride celebrations. The Beehive is a cosy, family-owned hostel for those who prefer to make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere, rather than a party. The hostel owners are passionate about social and environmental issues and create a homely atmosphere for people of all walks of life. Meet like-minded travellers at one of their Aperitivo evenings (free pizza if you buy a drink), cooking classes or quiz nights.  

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Hostels embracing diversity and love  

There you have it, folks! Whether you’re travelling solo, with friends or as a couple, these LGBTQIA+ friendly hostels not only welcome every kind of traveller, but fully accept and champion diversity and love for their guests and local communities.

About The Author

Michaella Fenton

Michaella is a freelance Content and Social Media Consultant specialising in helping travel, lifestyle and sustainability brands build communities through quality content. When she's not backpacking to new places, she's living the beach life Cornwall, hiking around the UK and skiing in the alps.

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