13 Advantages of organised group travel

Have you been dreaming of adventure travel, but haven’t got around to planning a trip? Behind every amazing trip is someone organising it. Unless you’re an obsessive planner, travel logistics can take the fizz out of your Mojito. All that hostel booking, itinerary planning, and general no-good worrying can take the joy out of packing your backpack and seeing the world. But how can we see more of the world with less of the hassle? Enter Group Travel.

It’s simple. Find a solo travel tour that speaks to you; jump on a plane; meet the coolest group of international thrill-seekers; have a few (or few hundred) unforgettable experiences; make lifelong friends; cry when you have to board the plane home. Psssst – Roamies tours are the perfect choice for adventure travel (and hostel) lovers. Still not sold? Here are another 13 reasons to pick group travel for your next adventure.


1. No need to plan

Two girls getting a thai massage in Bangkok

Some people are born into the world with a notepad and pen, just waiting to manage their lives down to the millisecond. If you’re anything like the rest of us mortals, you’re just not that organised! Group travel is superbly planned. There’s an expert group of behind the scenes culture-buffs to make sure your trip delivers the experience of a lifetime and stays on schedule. No more late-night flight booking, or frantically checking foreign bus timetables. It’s all been sorted. Now, breathe a sigh of relief.


2. Meet like-minded people and become besties

Two girls hugging on a hot air balloon

Who could have known there are other people out there as travel-obsessed as you are? We could! Organised group travel appeals to like-minded people. Duh! Depending on the trip you’ve chosen, you can sure bet your prospective travel pals will have at least something in common. The best bit? You’ll have the chance to make best buddies with people from completely different backgrounds, countries and cultures. You can’t say that every day! Want to hike to Machu Pichu? Prepare to meet some pretty keen hikers. On a microbrewery tour of Hanoi? There’ll be no shortage of craft-beer connoisseurs here. Solo travel tours open up a whole world of adventure travel and attract the most adventurous solo travellers.


3. Get maximum exposure

Female Traveller Paying Local Vendor

Leading on from the previous point. Travelling with a group of multinationals exposes you to a whole range of different people and perspectives. There’s no better opportunity to expand your view of the world by learning everything you can about your new travel besties. On the flip side, each solo travel tour will offer a unique culture shock surprise. You can learn a lot from speaking to locals and seeing how they live their lives. Spoiler alert – it’s probably very different from yours. Travel is a privilege. It allows us to connect with people we would never have the chance to meet otherwise. Grasp this opportunity with both hands, and drink up the cultural cocktail you’ve been given. Your life will be better for it.


4. Get even further off the beaten track

Any well-organised group tour will know the area like the back of their hand. This means knowing the perfect spots to blow your socks off. Travelling with no previous knowledge can often lead to a trip full of tourist traps. Want to go even further off the beaten track? Book with an experienced solo travel tour company that will lead you from stomping grounds to secret trails, and everywhere in between.


5. Terrific tour guides

Three travellers and their tour guide walking in Cusco, Peru

An organised group tour is nothing without a tour guide. A trip maker or breaker, often the former, they’re there to keep you on track and having LOTS of fun. The very best group tour guides are experts in the area they’re showing you, and often locals themselves. They’re knowledgeable, passionate and extremely likeable. It’ll be hard to say goodbye!


6. Cheap as chips

Friends drinking beer and eating in a bar in Germany

Organised group travel usually offer more bang-for-your-buck than travelling alone. Sure, you might pay more upfront. But down the line, you’re saving hundreds of euros/baht/pesos on accommodation, travel and food and drink (booze included!). Also, group travel tours usually get special deals and discounts with hostels and local hangouts, so you get special treatment for less cash. Result!


7. Get out of your comfort zone

Two females painting eachothers faces with mud in a mud bath

Sometimes, we just need a little nudge to get us out of our comfort zones. Adventure travel tours are jam-packed with fun (and sometimes crazy) activities that’ll keep you on your toes. One day you’ll be bungee-jumping off a cliff; the next, rivalling Ramsey in a local cooking class! You may well end up trying something you might not normally do if it’s included in the itinerary. And guess what? You’ll probably love it.


8. Stay super safe

A tour guide talking to a group of travellers in a temple in Chiang Mai

Are you scared to travel alone? We get it. Venturing through a foreign country all by yourself can strike fear in even the bravest of hearts. If you’re not at that stage (yet), checking into a group travel tour might be the perfect alternative. There’s safety in numbers, and having a community of travellers close by can be invaluable. You won’t end up getting lost in a foreign city or wandering into the wrong part of town. Your tour guide will have a whole list of emergency contacts for practically any situation. If anything ever goes wrong, you can be sure your solo travel group will have your back.


9. Feel flexible

Woman on the beach in Tulum

Okay, I know what some of you solo travellers are thinking: ‘Organised group tours offer no freedom, I’ll have no time to do my own thing.’ WRONG. A well-organised tour will give you a whole lot of downtime, not to mention all the activities are completely optional. Want a day to recharge in the hostel?  That’s fine! Too hungover for a 4-hour trek? Have a lie-in! It’s your trip to build as you please. Only the very best adventure travel, no clipped wings out here.


10. Reduce your environmental impact

Woman on a boat through the mangroves

Travelling in a group is usually more environmentally friendly than travelling by yourself. Think about it, hiring one group vehicle is far more ecological than each of you getting a taxi. Group travel tours will also take advantage of local public transport, which will reduce your carbon footprint massively. Jumping on a plane is never great for our environment, so taking any steps to reduce carbon emissions while we’re travelling is vital for responsible travel.


11. Pick a group trip that suits you

Three travellers walking through Angkor Wat at sunrise

Because arranged group travel is now so popular, there are A LOT of experiences to choose from. Seriously. This means it’s almost impossible to not like at least one tour on offer. Whatever your niche, there’s something out there for you. Whether you’re a history buff or a thrill-seeker (or both!) – there’s a perfect group tour waiting just for you. Just have a look!


12. No loneliness here!

Friends watching the sunset on sand dunes

While it’s true that solo travel has its plus points and that most travel surrounds you with new friendly faces, loneliness is always something a solo traveller has to contend with. Travelling in a group eliminates this possibility. Having people around you to pick you up when times are tough can be invaluable for any sort of traveller. If you’re less independent or prone to loneliness, group travel is definitely the way to go.


13. Enjoy a shared experience

A girl and boy eating scorpions off a stick in Bangkok

When you’re travelling with a group, there’s always someone else around to share the fun! The best part of travelling can be shared with friends: laughing, telling stories and making a tonne of memories. Friends can also help you out as you go. Want someone to take your next insta-pic? They’ll take 20. Need a pal to stop you from getting lost in a new city? Your map-savvy mate is right on hand. Sharing experiences means enjoying them 100% more. We promise.


So there we go. We think group travel is pretty darn cool. Despite all the ups and downs, group travel binds and brings people together in amazing ways.  Check out our Roamies tours to find an experience that suits you. Then, take that leap into the unknown. Your group will be there to catch you.

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About the author

Maya is our London-born Junior Copywriter with a love for all things extreme. When she’s not climbing rocks, she’s diving under them; always on the lookout for something new to get her blood pumping. She has a long-standing love affair obsession with Japan, despite the fact she’s yet to go there.

About The Author

Maya Hawes

Maya is our London-born Junior Copywriter with a love for all things extreme. When she’s not climbing rocks, she’s diving under them; always on the lookout for something new to get her blood pumping. She has a long-standing obsession with Japan, despite the fact she’s yet to go there.