28 Up-And-Coming Travel Instagrammers You Need To Follow

We all know the feeling – scrolling through a travel Instagram account just green with envy and blue with wanderlust. Nothing beats that feeling of immersing yourself in stunning travel pics, so we’ve sought out 28 of the BEST up and coming travel Instagram accounts that you need to follow now – like – RIGHT NOW.

These Instagrammers all have around 50k or fewer followers, with pictures that are just WOW. So whether you’re looking for beaches and crystal clear waters, or rugged countryside and camping, we apologise in advance for the wanderlust that will invariably occur… Take a look at our fave 28 up-and-coming travel Instagrammers you need to follow.

1. girlgoneabroad

Travel Instagram - girlgoneabroad

Lauren focuses on solo female travel – she has been EVERYWHERE and has the pics to prove it!

Followers: 8.5k

Favourite travel memory: I was recently solo travelling in Peru, and took a day trip from Cusco to Rainbow Mountain. I was so nervous for the high altitude hike, finishing off at an elevation of just over 17,000 feet, but I managed to make it on foot instead of taking the horses they offer along the way. It was challenging, rewarding, and the views of Rainbow Mountain itself were absolutely stunning.

Favourite destination:

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I can’t pick just one country, but I absolutely loved Southeast Asia. Thailand has a special place in my heart, having lived there for 2 years, and countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia are just incredible (and cheap!).

2. lovelyforliving

Travel Instagram - lovelyforliving

Yvonne, 28, from Germany, just returned from a round the world trip – her New Zealand pics are particularly awe-inspiring!

Followers: 3k

Favourite travel memory: Realising that overcoming your own fears is the best moment ever. Jumping in the sea to swim with a whale shark, jumping out of a plane or hiking in the mountains for three days – priceless.

Favourite destination: Since I did an exchange year, which made the country part of me, it will always be New Zealand. Open minded, friendly people, breath-taking countryside and countless memories.

3. jetsetchristina

Travel Instagram - jetsetchristina

Luxury travel blogger Christina has been to 55 countries. Think tanned skin, beaches, and crystal clear water – you’ll want to book a trip to paradise ASAP.

Followers: 31k

Favourite travel memory: If I could combine a few of my favourite travel memories into one perfect day, it would be waking up to a seaside breakfast on the cliffs of Bali, snorkelling in Brazil, walking with lions in Mauritius, hiking Cinque Terre in Italy, soaking up the sun in Saint Tropez, sipping on painkillers at Soggy Dollar bar in the BVI, having dinner in the Eiffel Tower, and dancing all night in the Gili Islands.

Favourite destination: Cape Town and Italy. Cape Town, South Africa blew me away. It has everything. A vibrant African, British and Dutch influenced culture, majestic landscapes at the edge of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, wildlife like no other place in the world, unbelievable beaches (some with penguins roaming around), and an incredible wine country. Italy is pure magic. It’s no question why it’s the world’s most popular tourist destination. Italy is so perfect that it doesn’t even feel real. Walking in Venice feels like you’re walking in a dream. Boating in Lake Como feels like you’ve swapped lives with George Clooney. Jumping off the rocks of the Amalfi Coast feels like you’re diving head first into the best day of your life. Listening to accordions play “that’s amore” feels like you’re starring in an old Hollywood romance. Walking the streets of the Vatican feels like you’re living in a Renaissance painting. And drinking wine in Tuscany feels a little like falling in love.

4. heartmybackpack

Travel Instagram - heartmybackpack

Silvia chose Norway as her country after travelling the world and focuses on solo female travel, with beautifully themed feed from snowy mountains to colourful cities to beaches.

Followers: 52.3k

Favourite travel memory: I loved hitchhiking along the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. The landscape is stunning, and the people there were just so kind. One of the days my friends and I caught a ride with a truck driver who drove us for about 10 hours, stopping in each village we drove through to pick up local delicacies like pears and bags of boiled meat for us to try.

Favourite destination: It’s so hard to choose! I’ve fallen in love with most every country I’ve travelled through, but I guess Norway will always hold the top spot in my heart, as this is the place I’ve chosen to call my home. But I also really love Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, and Siberia.

5. saltyluxe

Travel Instagram - saltyluxe

Sarah focuses on adventure and solo female travel – think soft filters, palm trees, and oodles of wanderlust.

Followers: 37.6k

Favourite travel memory: Cruising the Californian coast in our vintage Kombi Van. We were on the road for 6 weeks, met the most amazing people & experienced scenery that blew us away like Joshua tree National Park, Big Sur, Yosemite & the surf coast of San Diego! We still laugh about our time spent in our trusty van, sleeping out the front of peoples mansions in Malibu, mechanical breakdowns in the desert & no showers for a week. This to me is real travel, rich in memories & good vibes to cherish forever!

Favourite destination: Belize (no doubt in my mind the best place I’ve ever been!) I could talk about this endlessly!

6. thisbatteredsuitcase

Travel Instagram - thisbatteredsuitcase

Canadian Brenna has been to 93 countries – she focuses on solo female travel with bright bold colours and an endless diversity of locations – you’ll never get bored scrolling through her feed.

Followers: 15.3k

Favourite travel memory: I’ve been very fortunate to have made some incredible memories over 11 years of travelling, but one of my favourites is also one of my most recent. Although I travel solo most of the time, I recently travelled around East Africa with my mother for six weeks. Visiting that part of the world had been my number one travel dream since I was a little girl, and we were lucky enough to see lions, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, leopards, and more. I’ll never forget how to felt to be surrounded by a hundred elephants as they grazed in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, especially with my mum by my side. It was one of the most special moments of my life so far.

Favourite destination: Picking one favourite destination is always going to be a difficult task, but the fact that I keep wanting to go back to Italy must mean something. I’ve been about a dozen times now and I never seem to run out of places I want to go, things I want to do, and food I want to eat! I love how geographically diverse the country is – from mountains to cities to the sea – as well as how deep-rooted the history and culture are. Not only that, I’ve always had an amazing time with the people I meet while there. And really, any country where it’s acceptable (or maybe expected) for me to eat pasta and drink wine all day is always going to come out on top.

7. earthexpedition

 Travel Instagram - earthexpedition

Owen is an adventure and nature junkie – his account is rife with mountains and hiking and will make you want to get out into the wild.

Followers: 10.2k

Favourite travel memory: Spending the afternoon climbing the glacier above Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, and listening to avalanches in the area.

Favourite destination: Sailing the Cayes of Belize, catching fresh lobster, and camping on a tiny private island.

8. wearekingingit

Travel Instagram - wearekingingit

Craig & Aimee are an adorable vlogger couple who play with unusual perspectives and shots…Insta heaven!

Followers: 7.5k

Favourite travel memory: Swimming with whale sharks on the Philippines – it was breath taking, it was scary and it was the most exciting time of our travels to date.

Favourite destination: Definitely Iceland, you can’t compare it to anywhere on earth, it has waterfalls, geysers, mountains lakes and whales!

9. explorista

Travel Instagram - explorista

Milou says she is “scared of everything but doesn’t let it stop her”. She showcases gorgeous city shots that make travel seem a possibility closer to home.

Followers: 5.9k

Favourite travel memory: One of my favourite travel memories was when I surprised my parents by popping up in California. They had been in the US on a road trip for two weeks, and were going to California to meet family who lives there. What they didn’t know is that I booked a flight, got on a train, traveled for over 24 hours, and was waiting behind the wall in the kitchen to surprise them when they showed up. I still smile when I think about the look on my dads face when I tapped on his shoulder and he turned around.

Favourite destination: London! I was lucky enough to live there for seven months and I just keep going back. I’ll take any excuse! It’s the place in the world where I feel most at home. London has anything you could ever want, whether you are in the mood for a party, some great food or a visit to some world class museums… it’s all there. And the vibe is just so vibrant and accepting that it was very easy for me to blend right in. I’m really hoping I’ll have another stint there in the future.

10. the_globbers

Travel Instagram - the_globbers

Gay travel couple Luca and Ale’s feed is filled with gorgeous filters in some of the world’s most stunning places, all shot with a fantastic camera.

Followers: 30.1k

Favourite travel memory: Climbing the Poem Mountain to see Halong Bay from the top. One of the most exciting adventures we took during our 7 month journey around SEA.

Favourite destination: Bali. Something about this destination gives us a feeling of great peace, freedom and serenity that is very hard to find here in Western countries. That’s why we choose Bali as our home now.

11. florabaker

Travel Instagram - florabaker

British writer and traveller Flora explores solo female and off-the-beaten track travel, including visiting Syria.

Followers: 11.4k

Favourite travel memory: It’s hard to pinpoint, as it changes with each destination! But a recent fave was when I was walking through Longyearbyen (in Svalbard, Arctic Norway) last summer. It was past midnight but the sun was still shining bright: I was walking down the centre of the empty main road, keeping a vague eye out for rogue polar bears, and suddenly couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be in such an inaccessible and surreal place. That feeling of happiness and ‘right’ness is definitely a memory to hold onto.

Favourite destination: Has to be Colombia. It’s such a beautiful and diverse country, but the best part for me is how generous and friendly the people are – after my first visit I made such immediate close friendships with Colombians that I ended up returning at least three times over the course of the next year!

12. koleha
Travel Instagram - koleha

Koby is a photographer, so as expected, her shots are AMAZING. We won’t lie, the envy is strong on this one!

Followers: 53.7k

Favourite travel memory: Looking forward to free bowls of guacamole, salsa & corn chips every time you sit down to eat in Mexico! Is it just me or is food one of the best parts of travelling?!

Favourite destination: Cuba was a highlight, such a challenge & cultural experience especially having had no Spanish lessons! Having a lot of the tourist attractions and scenes all to yourself, with such a beautiful variety of countryside, beach & city! Plus who doesn’t love a pink convertible?!

13. pausethemoment

Travel Instagram - pausethemoment

Ryan showcases beautiful bright beach pics, perfect for a rainy afternoon when you wish you were somewhere balmy.

Followers: 27k

Favourite travel memory: Each year I join a Greek Island voyage with a company called Sun Fun You and we cruise around the lesser known Greek Islands in the east on a custom built Turkish gulet. It has been the highlight of my year since 2015.

Favourite destination: Mexico (I call it my home base and I simply can’t get enough of it).

14. offthepath

Travel Instagram - offthepath

We are IN LOVE – adventure traveller Sebastian showcases STUNNING nature and cities with his girlfriend that makes for addictive scrolling.

Followers: 32.5k

Favourite travel memory: 2 day canoeing trip down Athabasca River in Alberta and camping on a deserted island while hearing bears and wolves in the distance. Such a crazy adventure!

Favourite destination: South Africa – so much to see, affordable and beautiful.

15. tourist2townie

Travel Instagram - tourist2townie

Gareth likes to travel slowly and deeply to understand the people & cultures of a country – it definitely reflects in his stunning snaps.

Followers: 26.5k

Favourite travel memory: I lived in Brazil for a year around 2014, and my primary goal was to somehow, some way find a job at the World Cup. Long story short, I managed to join an Australian tour company, shooting daily videos over the course of 21 days during the tournament and was able to attend five World Cup matches. It was a dream come true.

Favourite destination: While it is fresh in my mind, my most recent “Travel Deeper” adventure in Japan was as eye-opening as it was life-changing. Culture, food, intrigue – Japan is an explorer’s paradise.

16. everysteph

Travel Instagram - everysteph

Italian Stefania likes green, responsible and fashionable travel and finds beauty in every place, be it a tiny street or a coffee shop.

Followers: 21.2k

Favourite travel memory: Aaah so hard to choose! My recent favourite one is when I took a mountain flight in Nepal and flew over Mt. Everest. I felt goosebumps and I felt so small in front of the magnificence of the nature.

Favourite destination: Thailand – people are so friendly, the non-touristy islands still idyllic, and I feel just at home there!

17. adventuresofsophh

Travel Instagram - adventuresofsophh

Sophie has one of the fewest followings in our list but is one of our faves. You can’t help but ‘like’ all her shots – every pic is simply gorgeous and makes you think ‘I HAVE to be there’.

Followers: 2.2k

Favourite travel memory: Would take me back to the first solo trip I did to Thailand back in 2014 when I was 19. I had just arrived in Bangkok after a long flight full of turbulence and was planning on catching a train straight to Chiang Mai. After getting to the Bangkok train station at 11pm, I was told that there were no tickets left for the next train, leaving me stuck by myself, completely clueless in the middle of the night in a foreign place. I made the decision to catch a taxi into Bangkok city, where I spent the next hour walking around the streets with my backpack trying to find a spare bed. At 1am, I found a hostel, where I spent that night in complete awe of what had just happened. Although it was one of the scariest memories I’ve had travelling, it was the moment that I realised just how capable I am of achieving things on my own, and that feeling is something that cannot be beaten.

Favourite destination: Slovenia captured all of my senses and definitely filled a gap in my heart. From the exquisite scenery to the friendly faces, there wasn’t a time spent in Slovenia where I was looking for more or was unsatisfied with my decisions. I also loved that there was a lack of tourists, especially when compared to the surrounding Mediterranean countries.

18. oneworldjustgo

Travel Instagram - oneworldjustgo

WOW is all we can say – Tanya makes travelling look as glamorous and beautiful as it can be – the ultimate indulgent Instagram.

Followers: 36.2k

Favourite travel memory: Walking around Grand Canyon at sunrise and being the only ones there.

Favourite destination: Italy!

19. aga_amatteroftaste

Travel Instagram - aga_amatteroftaste

Aga veers away from traditional insta shots of herself, and instead focuses on food, animals, and unique perspectives – perfect if you’re tired of classic beach shots.

Followers: 5k

Favourite travel memory: Being invited by Sri Lankan fishermen (we were on a beach walk & it was very spontaneous) to help them pull a giant fish net from the ocean. It’s a tremendously hard job that lasts about an hour and takes a village (literally!). Learning that they do it 3 times a day was very humbling.

Favourite destination: Hands down Japan – I love everything about it, from the people and food to the culture, rural areas and big cities.

20. christianlongnecker

Travel Instagram - christianlongnecker

Christian’s shots are seriously epic – adventurous, breathtaking and picturesque all at once.

Followers: 15.9k

Favourite travel memory: Went on a 18 day road trip going from NY to La. Best memory of that trip was the unreal and surreal feeling bombing this hill at monument valley on my Penny skateboard during one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. It was me and three other people and we luckily had the entire place to ourselves.

Favourite destination: All time top favourite is Kauai Hawaii – one of the prettiest landscapes I’ve ever seen, in my opinion better than Bali, Aus, Europe, and North America. Absolutely stunning on the NaPali Coast!

21. alongdustyroads

Travel Instagram - alongdustyroads

Brits Andrew and Emily are a travel couple whose pics explore the culture of each country and new ways of seeing things, with great diversity to satisfy every traveller.

Followers: 24.1k

Favourite travel memory: We travelled Latin America for two years and, from that trip alone, we have travel memories to last a lifetime! The fun part is trying to create a new favourite memory on all the adventures which are yet to happen.

Favourite destination: Mexico vs. Colombia. If food is to be the tie-breaker, then Mexico wins.

22. wewanderasia

Travel Instagram - wewanderasia

Hugo & Noemie, from Canada and the Netherlands, showcase perfect pics that reflect the true beauty in this world, using different angles and objects to really tell a story.

Followers: 21.2k

Favourite travel memory: We haven’t got one certain favourite travel memory as we’ve seen so many amazing things, for us the feeling of being together on a scooter somewhere on the edge of the world is truly our favourite memory – again and again – as it makes us feel more free than anything else in this world

Favourite travel destination: Sri Lanka

23. sophiepiearcey

Travel Instagram - sophiepiearcey

UK-born Sophie currently resides in NZ and you literally won’t be able to stop liking every single one of her pics – her love for NZ is apparent, and the pics she has to show for it are something else.

Followers: 2.3k

Favourite travel memory: Hiking Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka for sunrise.

Favourite destination: Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand.

24. lisawikander

Travel Instagram - lisawikander

Swedish Lisa’s vibrant, Go Pro-esque shots are bursting with life – some of her pics will leave you speechless!

Followers: 7.6k

Favourite travel memory: Watching the sunrise over the Guatemalan jungle from the top of a Mayan temple in Tikal.

Favourite destination: Hard to say. But Australia will always be a favourite!

25. mattwildmedia

Travel Instagram - mattwildmedia

UK-based Matt’s huge variety of big, sweeping drone landscapes will make the world feel enormous and make you want to explore it ASAP!

Followers: 5.4k

Favourite destination: Singapore

Favourite travel memory: Spending a month in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. From perfect reefs to untouched jungle. Swimming in crystal clear blue lagoons, experiencing local kava ceremonies, land diving and volcanoes.

26. thesweetwanderlust

Travel Instagram - thesweetwanderlust

Brittany combines travel and dessert to form beautifully colourful shots – this account will make you filled with wanderlust (and hunger).

Followers: 13.2k

Favourite travel memory: In August 2015, I quit a career in marketing, sold everything I owned, and left Texas on a one way flight to Spain. One month later, I was volunteering at a vineyard in Tuscany, staying in a villa, eating real Italian food and drinking Italian wine from the vineyard. The experience of working with my hands and stepping into a new role, if only for 2 weeks was an incredible and life changing experience.

Favourite destination: Picking a favourite destination is impossible, but I loved the 7 months I spent in New Zealand bungy jumping, helihiking, swimming with dolphins and enjoying the gorgeous scenery!

27. twins_that_travel

Travel Instagram - twins_that_travel

British twins Claire and Laura showcase the cosiest of pics as well as stunning countryside – it’ll make you feel like you don’t need to travel halfway across the world to see beautiful destinations.

Followers: 56.8k

Favourite travel memory: Searching for fairies on the Isle of Skye amongst their pink and purple waterfalls.

Favourite destination: Although we’re identical twins, our tastes are very different when it comes to travel. Laura’s favourite countries are Sweden and Norway for their landscapes, mountains and cosy evenings. Claire’s favourite countries are Spain and Italy for their bustling cities, nightlight and balmy evenings.

28. globetrottergirls

Travel Instagram - globetrottergirls

Dani’s fascinating, gritty shots aren’t all picture postcard perfect, but that’s what makes them so good – she gives a real insight into the culture of each place she visits.

Followers: 20.8k

My favourite travel memory: My favourite travel memory? It’s hard to pick only one after 7.5 years of full-time travel but one trip that stands out is my trip to Cuba earlier this year. The country is fascinating, some of the towns feel like they’re stuck in a time warp, and while it was initially frustrating not to have internet access because of how limited it is by the government, in the end I embraced the involuntary digital detox, because it allowed me to be more present during the trip, to take it all in, instead of wasting time on Facebook or trying to get the perfect Instagram shot. What I loved about Cuba was how friendly the people were, how colourful the towns were, how life takes place in the streets instead of behind closed doors and windows, and the simplicity of life there. The beaches were divine and the scenery was spectacular – I highly recommend visiting Cuba.

Favourite destination: I always say that I have several favourite destinations – which include Italy, Guatemala and Cambodia – but the one country I keep going back to is Mexico, so I guess that’s my No 1 destination! I love the pristine beaches on the Caribbean coast, the Spanish-colonial towns, the diverse landscapes which range from desert in the north to jungles in the south, with plenty of mountains and volcanoes in between, I love the people and the food, of course! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of visiting Mexico and finding new gems there. As for cities, my absolute favourite city in the world is New York City.

Any more smaller travel Instagram accounts you LOVE? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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