Things To Do In Shoreditch: The Ultimate Guide For Eating, Drinking & Shopping

A night out in Shoreditch, the effortlessly edgy East London hotspot, is almost a rite of passage for any Londoner, or London visitor. Shoreditch has become a haven for London’s hipster population, serving up colourful street art, amazing markets, funky bars, and some of the best restaurants in London. There are endless things to do in Shoreditch and Hoxton, and we’re here to lift the lid on some of our favourites.

Here is our ultimate guide to things to do in Shoreditch:

1. Discover lost treasures in the wonderful vintage shops

Things to Do in Shoreditch - Vintage Shopping

Going down ⬇️ ?: @_basementvintage

Shoreditch boasts an abundance of vintage clothes shops selling second-hand treasures. Search hard enough and among the worn-out Barbour jackets and tired American sports wear, you’ll find a hoard of wavy garms at pretty reasonable prices. Denim jackets, vintage ski wear, and hundreds of pairs of Levi’s jeans await thrifty shoppers in the huge underground vintage market. As well as clothing, you can purchase second-hand vinyl records, well-loved books, and recycled art work.

2. Slide on down to The London Shuffle Club

Things to Do in Shoreditch - Play Shuffleboard at The London Shuffle Club

Everyday we shufflin’ ?: @TheLondonShuffleClub

Although usually associated with elderly gentlemen in Florida, Shuffle Boarding is the latest in the trend of unconventional sports to make the transition into London’s hipster culture. First, we had mini golf in the Gherkin, then we had curling on an East London Rooftop, and now we have Shuffle Boarding in the Old Truman Brewery. The London Shuffle Club is truly one of the most unique things to do in Shoreditch, and it’s surprisingly good fun! The Old Truman Brewery is one of the best places to go in Shoreditch anyway, but with two bars, and freshly baked pizza, The London Shuffle Club is the cherry on top!

3. Browse the records in Rough Trade

things to do in Shoreditch - Rough Trade

Who doesn’t love a cheeky bit of Country & Americana ? ?: @harry_cyy

Rough Trade is a record store, cafe, and live music venue all rolled into one grungy, minimalistic space. Whether you’re a record fan or not, Rough Trade is always worth a visit. We dare you to resist the draw of the Rough Trade photo booth, pssst… it makes everyone look fabulous!

4. Embark on a Coffee Shop Crawl

Things to Do in Shoreditch - Go on a coffee shop crawl through Shoreditch

*Lampshade hats not included* ? ?: @shipoopiforlyfe

London is overwhelmed with edgy coffee shops and adorable cafes, and Shoreditch is home to LOADS of these! Whether you’re a fan of foliage, a fancy coffee snob, or enjoy a cafe with a bookcase, the Shoreditch cafe scene has something for everyone. We recommend Shoreditch Grind, this charming cafe by day turns buzzing bar at night. Their signature espresso martini is an absolute must try!

5. Admire the Street Art

Things to Do in Shoreditch - Street Art Tour

Colourful city ?: @yousef_4s

Shoreditch and Hoxton are home to some of the most impressive street art in London. Although there are organised walking tours you can join, we recommended ridin’ solo and embarking on a self-guided Shoreditch street art tour. It’s not hard to stumble upon graffiti and street art in Shoreditch, just wander down any road in fact and you’re bound to find some artist creations! Try to spot the Banksy original on Riverton Street… clue: look for the poodle!

6. Meander around the Markets

Things to Do in Shoreditch - The Columbia Road Flower Market

I’ll take the lot! ?:

Shoreditch has some great markets. The Columbia Road Flower Market in Hoxton is a lovely market on Columbia Road selling, um… flowers – obviously! Any plant fanatic can happily spend a day roaming around the roses, perusing the posies, or snapping the sunflowers for the ‘gram.

Next, head to Old Spitalfields Market, a huge covered market in the heart of Shoreditch with boutique shops and stalls. Browse the immense selection of crafts, trinkets, food, and clothes, and grab a drink at one of the chic restaurants within this endearing market.

7. Where to eat in Shoreditch


Where to Eat in Shoreditch - Dinerama

Halloumi fries and twinkly lights ?: @josh_vincent

Located minutes from Shoreditch High Street station, Dinerama is a huge street food market offering all kinds of delicious delights. From Swedish BBQ to pizza, and dumplings to donuts, Dinerama has a street food feast for every hunger traveller. The venue is Instagramable AF and has 6 onsite bars offering cocktails, shots, beers, and all kinds of tempting tipples. We dare you to try the whiskey shots from German Sex Dungeon! We’re not sure on the name either…

Brick Lane Beigels

Where to Eat in Shoreditch - Brick Lane Beigals

Want beef? ?: @myfoodisalwayscold

A visit to one of the Brick Lane Beigel shops is widely considered one of the bests things to do in Shoreditch by Londoners in the know. There are two beigel shops to choose from, both serving up hot, salt beef beigels. Open 24 hours a day, these moist and meaty sandwiches are the perfect end to a long night of misbehaving. Your delightfully juicy salt beef beigel is carved in front of your greedy eyes and served with pickles and mustard to complete the oh so salt-isfying treat.

 Brick Lane Curry

Things to Do in Shoreditch - Grab a curry on Brick Lane

Keep calm and curry on ??? ?: @claudiachanhoi

Whilst you’re on Brick Lane, be sure to check out the long row of curry houses. Brick Lane is one of the best places in London for the ultimate curry fix. With so many to choose from it can be hard to know which is best! Often, employees will stand outside the restaurants to invite you in offering different deals and prices. Top tip: wander along Brick Lane and chat to the guys outside each restaurant to find the best deal. We once got a starter, main, side, and a beer for £10! That’s naan a bad deal now is it?! Ha ha… I’ll see myself out

Pizza Pilgrims (BYOB)

things to do in shoreditch - Pizza Pilgrims

? + ? = ❤️ ?: @laneslondon

Dining out in London can be quite pricey, especially if you want to get a lil’ boozy with you food(zy). Pizza Pilgrims is a popular London pizza restaurant with around 5 locations across the city. The Shoreditch branch is obviously the best for one key reason… it’s BYOB. BYOB, (Bring Your Own Bottle), is a great way to dine out in style for travellers on a budget. All the pizzas are less than a tenner – that’s £10 to those of us who don’t speak ‘Londoner’ – meaning you can fill your belly, and your glass, without breaking the bank. Pizza and booze, name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait!

Rainbow anything

things to do in shoreditch - Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe serving rainbow realness ? ?: @naosaurus_zaragoza

things to do in shoreditch - Rainbow Beigels

Rainbow bae-GOALS ? ?: @emmaphelpsxox

Being its endlessly trendy self, Shoreditch embraced the rainbow food trend with open arms and gave it a permanent home in London. From rainbow ‘unicorn toast’ pop-ups, (no we’re not kidding), to entire cafes dedicated to colourful cereal, practically no food is safe from this electric makeover. While Fish and Chips may be sacred, (for now), one iconic Shoreditch food has succumbed to the frenzy. The aforementioned Brick Lane Beigel shop serves up Rainbow Beigels for all your Instagram dreams!

8. Best Bars in Shoreditch

The Magic Roundabout

things to do in shoreditch - Best Bars in Shoreditch - The Magic Roundabout

Hands off! ?: @nickmayonnaise_

Hidden above Old Street Station and inside the mega-busy Old Street Roundabout, you’ll find this funky bar and street food venue. With various DJ performances, changing resident street food vendors, (including London foodie heroes White Men Can’t Jerk and Burger Bear), and cool AF graffiti art work, East London Hipsters feel at home in this secret venue. One of the true hidden gems in London, The Magic Roundabout is open from lunchtime to late and is the perfect place to grab some delicious food and party into the wee hours.

The Golden Bee

things to do in shoreditch - Best Bars in Shoreditch - The Golden Bee

Drink up! ?: @husna_sk

This popular rooftop bar near Old Street roundabout offers amazing cocktails and views of, well… Old Street roundabout. Perhaps not one of the best rooftop bars in London in terms of breathtaking views, what The Golden Bee lacks in panorama it makes up for with its funky aesthetic. The Golden Bee adds a touch of class – oh DARling! – to the vibrant neighbourhood it inhabits. Think classic cocktails served in tall glasses, plush dark sofas, and intriguing wall art. With happy hour deals Tuesday-Thursday you’ll soon be buzzing about The Golden Bee!

Box Park

Things to Do in Shoreditch - Box Park

This guy is working the cat walk! ?: @mmarshall91

Box Park Shoreditch is a place like no other. Box Park is made up of piled shipping containers and is home to shops, bars and, of course, street food. The shops range from clothing stores, to shoe stores, to nail salons, to a donut bakery! The bars are located on top of the shipping containers which is the perfect place to sit, Aperol spritz in hand, and people watch the busy Shoreditch High Street station below.

The Queen of Hoxton

things to do in shoreditch - Rooftop Bars in Shoreditch - The Queen of Hoxton

There’s no better place to watch the sunset ?: @roodi_ajdani

With seasonally changing themes, and annual summer/winter launch parties, this rooftop bar is just a little bit extra. Last winter, The Queen of Hoxton dressed up in Viking decor and sported a toasty wigwam and warm wintry cocktails. This summer, Queen of Hoxton transformed into Never, Never Land complete with the lost boys hide out. With an extensive drinks menu, energetic young crowd, and awesome DJ sets, Queen of Hoxton is truly fit for a Queen… So come on down, Liz!

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What are your favourite things to do in Shoreditch? Would you rather wander the streets in search of some culture or head straight for the bars and restaurants?


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