10 of the best travel podcasts

When you’re counting down the days until you can don your trusty backpack again, it’s always nice to have an interesting bit of travel talk in your ears. There’s no reason you can’t still learn about other countries, keep up with travel trends and feel adventurous, even when you’re at home. Podcasts are massive right now, which means we’ve never been more spoilt for choice when it comes to tuning in to get our travel fix. We’ve made a list of the best travel podcasts the internet has to offer, so get comfy and dream away!

What The Pho

Listening to Nick and Amy is like having a beer with two friends you just met on the sleeper train to Bangkok (in a good way!). Discussing their experiences around the world (good and bad), and interviewing well-travelled guests, their radio-show styled podcast features all manner of travel topics, advice on travelling on a budget, destination guides, games, music and fun facts. You won’t be able to resist joining in with the capital cities quiz. Listen on iTunes or on Spotify.

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Best travel podcasts - What the Pho

The Thought Card

Stop whatever it is you’re doing and hit subscribe to The Thought Card, because you simply can’t afford not to! Danielle Desir hosts this super valuable show which specialises in budget travel, financial independence and how to turn your travel dreams into a reality. Think you can’t afford to travel? Just a few episodes of this podcast will have you well on your way. Like a travel-budgeting fairy-godmother, we all need a Danielle in our lives. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Best travel podcasts - The Thought Card


The Indie Travel Podcast

Craig and Linda Martin are travelling Kiwis, on the road since 2006. Their relaxed vibe makes for an easy listen, plus their on-the-road knowledge offers up some invaluable tips. I love their episodes on top 10 things to do in specific countries. They also give some essential tips on how to deal with travel stress, how to make friends when you’re travelling and how to keep your stuff safe. Listen on iTunes

Best travel podcasts - The Indie Travel Podcast


We travel there

Host Lee Huffman gets insider tips from around the world as he interviews locals about their hometown. Wanna know how to avoid getting ripped off in Manila or the best taxi apps to use in San Diego? The podcast guests on this show are passionate about their city and share their insider gems. A great listen when you’re researching your trip. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Best travel podcasts - We Travel There


The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Amanda Kendle’s soothing Aussie tones make for a really entertaining listen. Covering some practical topics with episodes such as ‘Travel as an introvert’, ‘Border crossings in Africa and Asia’ and advice on how to ask to take photographs of local people. The content is excellent, and whatever your need or interest, this podcast has you covered. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Best travel podcasts - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Zero to Travel

Jason Moore has over 15 years of travel under his belt, and this is easily one of the best, and most varied travel podcasts out there. Covering the realities of working on the road, long term travel tips and budget travel, as well as envy-inducing interviews with globe trotters around the world, such as how to get off the ‘banana pancake trail’ in South-East Asia and reports from van life in New Zealand, this is an inspiring listen, so hit that subscribe button! Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Best travel podcasts - Zero to Travel


The Big Travel Podcast

Lisa Francesca Nand’s Big Travel Podcast features fascinating interviews with a stellar line up of guests, such as Giles Coren, Edith Bowman and ‘Mr Travel’ himself, Simon Calder. What I love about Lisa’s podcast, is that you never know what, or who, you’re going to get. I found myself obsessively rewinding the episodes with young activist Femi Oluwole, and how living in multiple countries has helped to shape him to be a force to be reckoned with, or Lizzie Carr, on surviving cancer in her twenties to becoming the first woman to solo paddle board the length of England. This is a must-subscribe podcast covering all manner of travel anecdotes and advice, and regularly sits at the top of the travel podcast charts, and deservedly so! Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Best travel podcasts - The Big Travel Podcast

A Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone

Specialising in solo travel, host Gemma Thompson has over 16 years of independent globetrotting experience, and each episode focuses on a different aspect, such as the importance of solo travel, how to stay healthy, and why it’s sometimes important to ignore the naysayers! With on-the-road reports like living with digital nomads in Lisbon, to staying safe when travelling on your own, plus great guests, this is a must-subscribe for any solo traveller, boy or girl! Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Best travel podcasts - A Girl's Guide to Travelling Alone


The Amateur Traveler Podcast

Travel legend Chris Christensen may well be one of the most knowledgeable travel nerds on the planet. The Amateur Traveller Podcast gets the to heart of a destination, with detailed episodes focused around a different city or region every week. Drawing on his own expertise, and fellow travel experts on location, this podcast will open your eyes to places that might not even be on your bucket list (yet). Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Best travel podcasts - The Amateur Traveler Podcast

The Postcard Academy

American host Sarah Mikutel has lived in various European countries, as an expat for over eight years. Each week, she explores the globe with guests who have packed up everything to start a new adventure in another part of the world. With a perfect balance of both insider and outsider perspectives on their new adopted cities, as well as some great local tip offs for food and culture, this is one of the most insightful travel podcasts out there. Whether it’s 3 months volunteering in Belize, or 3 years living in New Orleans, this is an essential listen for anyone who is thinking about making the move to another country. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Best travel podcasts - The Postcard Academy

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Gemma Thompson is a writer and broadcaster and specialises in solo female travel. You can find planning tips, city guides and inspiration at girlsthattravel.com

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