10 places not to miss in Brazil

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10 places not to miss in Brazil

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There aren’t many countries in the world that can boast what Brazil does. It’s home to some of the world’s most exciting cities, there are tranquil islands where you can bask in sunshine, the Amazon is on your doorstep for treks that you’ll never forget and you really haven’t lived until you’ve been to a football game there. The food is amazing, the people are friendly, the partying is like nowhere else – we love Brazil, we know you do too.

1. Rio de Janeiro

‘Breathtaking’ is a word used all too loosely when describing places, but when it comes to Rio de Janeiro, it couldn’t be more apt. Everywhere you look there’s a landmark, the amount of endless beaches is endless and it’s got nightlife to rival any city in the world. However many nights you plan on staying, you’ll probably stay more.

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2. Ilha Grande

Within just two hours of Rio, one of the world’s most hectic cities, you are in Ilha Grande – one of the most idyllic places in the world. Picture an island with no roads or private cars, endless tropical beaches and lush forests. Paradise on earth? Maybe…

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3. Paraty

Another area famed for its peace and quiet, Paraty is also renowned for its colonial architecture. It’s extremely popular during summer months with travellers who flock to wander the unique town with its cobbled streets as well as the nearby beaches. Sorry, we mean golden beaches.

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4. São Paulo

Brazil’s largest city mightn’t have the picturesque attributes that its famous counterparts does, but explore it and you get the sense that you’re experiencing a ‘realer’ city. 2012 is the year people will want to savour that experience.

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5. Florianopolis


The island of Florianapolis boasts a grand total of 42 golden beaches making it one of the most popular spots for anybody with time to spend in Brazil. Praia Mole is widely regarded as the most beautiful, while if you’re looking to challenge your energetic side you might want to visit Lagoinha do Leste where hiking can be done.

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6. Foz do Iguaçu

Awesome is the only word to describe the Iguazu Falls, the waterfalls located on the Brazil-Argentina border. Accessible from both sides, the Brazilian side boasts awe-inspiring views, tropical wildlife and a host of walks. Just make sure to buy a poncho, even if you don’t mind getting wet.

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7. Arraial da Ajuda

Located smack bang between Rio and Salvador, Arraial da Ajuda has lots of attributes. Those who like to relax can do so on the beach. Those who prefer to take pictures of beaches will enjoy it’s hillside location boasting amazing views. Those who like wandering the streets of old towns can do that too. Make sure to pencil this town into your itinerary.

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8. Jericoacoara

This town in the north east of the country is one of the smaller in the country but it still manages to get quite busy in peak seasons, meaning friends to be made in one of the town’s hostels. While the beach is the main attraction here, restaurants and bars abound the sandy streets making it nocturnal activities an attraction too.

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9. Salvador

Just like Rio, Salvador has the best of both worlds – if you’re a city slicker who loves to be in the thick of it, this city is for you. If you prefer to relax on the beach, you can do that here too. But what does Salvador have over Brazil’s most famous city? The answer – architecture. Make sure to put by a day to wander the streets and marvel at the buildings that date back to the 17th century.

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10. Morro de São Paulo


Just south of Salvador on the island of Ilha de Tinharé is Morro de São Paulo, a beautiful village that has beaches, rainforests and…you get the picture by this stage. During the summer months the beaches are where to be thanks to the regular parties.

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Thanks to Nicoli Barea, Tai Machado, Atramos, Schröedinger’s Cat, M.J.Ambriola,soniaoneclick and Fotos Gov/Ba for the photos.

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