You won’t believe how gorgeous these train stations in Europe are

You won’t believe how gorgeous these train stations in Europe are

If you’re planning a trip across Europe, don’t miss out on these beauties. Europe is home to some of the greatest architecture known to man, and its train stations are no exception.

Here is our pick of some of the most stunning buildings across the continent….

1. Komsomolskaya metro station, Moscow


A showboating and undeniably impressive piece of architecture, main metro stop Komsomolskaya’s columns, cupolas, chandeliers and mosaics are all designed to work together as a grand celebration of Russian freedom and independence. Thanks to Yeowatzup for the pic.

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2. Solna Centrum station, Stockholm


Solna Centrum station is a metro station and shopping complex just outside of Sweden’s capital. It’s also an example of some pretty mind blowing architecture and artwork. The station is made up of long cave-like tunnels with intricate paintings along the walls. Thanks to Jakubkadlec for the pic.

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3. Bockenheimer Warte station , Frankfurt


Bockenheimer Warte metro’s quirky entrance is found next to Goethe-University. Looking like an old tram car bursting from the paving, this might be one of the only subway openings in the world that’ll make you start your journey with a huge smile. Thanks to Swampa  for the pic.

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4. Mayakovskaya metro station , Moscow


Art Deco columns, pink and white marble walls and Futurist ceiling mosaics by influential Soviet designer Alexander Deyneka make Mayakovskaya one of the Moscow’s most beautiful metro stops (out of quite a few contenders). It’s found on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line and was opened in 1938. Thanks to Andrey Kryuchenko  for the pic.

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5. Avtovo Metro station, St. Petersburg


Using St. Petersberg’s Avtovo metro stop is a grand affair: you arrive via a Neoclassical building with a domed cupola and board trains at a station decked out with chandeliers and columns faced with ornamental glass. Opened in 1955, it’s found on the Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya Line. Thanks to Florstein for the pic.

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6. Kiev Passenger Railway Station, Kiev


Kiev’s Ukrainian Baroque-style Central Station entrance hall has lofty ceilings, imposing windows and a huge chandelier – from outside in particular, it looks like a modern cathedral. Built between 1927-1932, the station was designed by O. Verbytskyi. Thanks to Jorge Lascar for the pic.

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7. Muenchner Freiheit station, Munich


Blocky, shiny and popping with colour, a wait at Muenchner Freiheit station feels like hanging out inside an iPhone 5c. A mirror-finished stainless steel ceiling keeps you looking up and around (rather than down at your Kindle, like normal), and LED lighting makes the blue pillars glow. Thanks to Digital cat for the pic.

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8. Heidelberger Platz station, Moscow


Opened in 2008, Slavyansky Bulvar on Moscow’s Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya Line is a sweet example of modern metro archictecture. Playful and whimsical with a bringing-the-outdoors-in theme, there are ornamental streetlights and benches that bring to mind old Art Nouveau Paris metro signs. Thanks to SergeyRod for the pic.

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9. Staromestska station, Prague


Staromestska translates to ‘old town’: a little contradictory given the modern feel of the station’s décor. With just one tunnel entrace fomr street level, entering Staromestska feels like being transported to kooky space age. The Old Jewish Cemetery and Municipal library are just two minutes walk away. Thanks to wtrtwnguy for the pic.

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10. Kiyevskaya metro station, Moscow



Based on a competition-winning design by Ukranian archictects, Kiyevskaya’s mosaics celebrate Russo-Ukrainian unity. A portrait of Lenin graces the platform and there are gold trim arches and chandeliers, making the place feel like a rather fancy drawing room. Opened in 1954, the stop is found on the Koltsevaya Line. Thanks to A.Savin for the pic.

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11. Plac Wilsona station, Warsaw


Plac Wilsona was the 2008 winner of the award for best recently constructed metro station at the annual Metrorail convention – and it’s not difficult to see why. Being inside the station is a dream for any modern architecture fanatic; the giant shell-like structure even changes colour. Thanks to Colros for the pic.

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12. Copenhagen Central Station, Copenhagen


Copenhagen Central Station recently celebrated its 100th birthday – not bad for a station that was originally built from wood on no foundations. The building has been reinforced and renovated four times, and today stands as an impressive example of Danish finesse. Thanks to Stig Nygaard for the pic.

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13. Antwerp Central Station , Antwerp


Dubbed by American magazine Newsweek as the fourth greatest train station in the world, Antwerp Central has a pretty big name to live up to. Made of solid stone, iron and glass the impressive structure has been standing for almost 110 years. Thanks to debs-eye for the pic.

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14. Liège -Guillemins Station, Liege


It cost €312 million to build, making it one of the most expensive stations on our list. The Liège-Guillemins railway station’s most impressive feature is without a doubt the central arch, standing at 162 metres long and 32 metres high. Thanks to zoetne for the pic.

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15. Zagreb Central Station, Zagreb


This neoclassical beauty is the work of famed  Hungarian architect Ferenc Pfaff. At over 185 metres long, the station is the largest in Croatia, and being at the centre of the country’s railway network, it’s also the busiest. The city’s main square is just 1km away. Thanks to Neoneo13 for the pic.

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16. Atocha train station, Madrid


Madrid’s largest train station is truly unique. The centre of the station has been made into a giant greenhouse that spans 4000 square meters. The green area houses over 7000 plants from 260 species. Plants have been imported from as far as India and Australia. Thanks to tinou bao for the pic.

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