12 Game of Thrones Locations You Must Visit – In Order of Epicness

Bloody revenge, sibling romance and fire-breathing dragons… it’s all in an episode’s work for everyone’s favourite fantasy drama. It’s been over a year now since Game of Thrones has been off our screens, and it’s safe to say we’re missing it more than Theon misses… well, we’ll leave that one there.

To tide us over ’til season 8 eventually kicks off, we’ve scoured the world for 12 epic Game of Thrones locations you can actually visit.  So join us on a trip down Westeros memory lane and do some travel planning all in one.

Winter epicness is coming…

Northern Ireland – Epic Level: Pretty Epic

1. The Dark Hedges, County Antrim

The enchanting forest where Arya escapes the Lannisters   📷 Imgur

This well-hidden country road in County Antrim is easily recognisable as the King’s Road north of King’s Landing in season two. This is where Arya Stark flees from her enemies after witnessing the brutal beheading of her father *sobs*.

2. Downhill Beach, County Londonderry

📷 Kyle Monahan 

Also spotted in season two, Downhill Beach near Coleraine in County Londonderry provides the backdrop for the moment Stannis Baratheon denounces his faith and burns carvings of the seven old gods of Westeros.

3. The Mourne Mountains, County Down

Strolling through the mountains of Vaes Dothrak   📷 @_paula_kelly

📷 sharkbait

County Down’s stunning Mourne Mountains were used as a location in the pilot episode, as well as in season one when the entrance to Vaes Dothrak was filmed at Sandy Brae. In season three, Tollymore Forest nearby was used for Theon’s failed escape from his torturers.

Download a self-drive Game of Thrones tour itinerary and see where to stay in Northern Ireland.

Malta – Epic Level: Hot And Epic

4. Mdina and Valletta

Marsamxett Harbour, Valletta  📷 @jameshurlemalta

The former medieval capital of Malta, this 1000-year-old walled city stood in for the Westerosi capital King’s Landing in season one. The town gate can be seen at the moment of Ned Stark’s arrival, and other scenes were filmed in the city’s winding stone alleyways. Ned Stark’s brutal end was also filmed in Malta, further west at Marsamxett Harbour, Valletta.

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Spain – Epic Level: Getting Epic-er

5. Girona

Streets of Girona  📷 @orae_orae_

The beautiful city of Girona provided the location for many scenes in season six, including everyone’s favourite baddie Jamie Lannister dramatically riding up the stairs on his white horse. It also saw Arya Stark trying to navigate the streets of Braavos after she was temporarily blinded. Take a tour of the filming location with the Game of Girona Experience and compare hostels in Girona.

6. Seville

Plaza De Toros  📷 @snehaarvind

Many scenes were also shot in the Spanish city Seville. The Real Alcázar, one of the oldest palaces in the world, is the real-life setting of the Palace of Dorne and it’s even more breathtaking in person. You may also recognise The Palaza de Toros in the town of Osuna, just outside Seville, from the dramatic Battle of Meereen.

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Croatia – Epic Level: Extremely Epic

7. Dubrovnik

📷 @casserole13

📷 @chloeaprilparkersmith

From season two, filming for King’s Landing and the Red Keep switched to the Croatian walled city Dubrovnik, which has since played host to several storylines. Memorable locations include nearby fortresses Minceta Tower (House of the Undying), Bokar and Lovrijenac (The Red Keep).

Sunbathe by Blackwater Bay (Pile), kayak around Qarth (Lokrum), walk the city walls or follow in the footsteps of Cersei Lannister’s infamous ‘Walk of Shame’ scene through the city from the Jesuit steps in Gundulic square.

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8. Lokrum Island Monastery And Botanical Gardens

📷 @piggyboston

Lokrum island, located 10 minutes from the Dubrovnik coast, stands in for Qarth, which was visited by the Mother of Dragons herself Danaerys Targaryan in season two.

Morocco – Epic Level: Epicly Epic

9. Essaouira

📷 SeabirdNZ

In season three, Danaerys continues her journey through Essos and arrives at the slave-trading city of Astapor – where she raises her army of the Unsullied. This is actually Moroccan coastal town Essaouira, famous for its windswept beaches and incredible food. It also has plenty of awesome hostels! 

10. Aït Benhaddou And Ouarzazate

📷 @leannetravels

Danaerys’ season three journey continues to Atlas Studios in Ouarzazate and Berber Village of Kasbahs Aït Benhaddou, which you might know better as Yunkai – the slaving city Danaerys conquers with her Unsullied army. Found in Morocco’s Saharan Atlas Mountains region, Aït Benhaddou is 32km from Ouarzazate. Visit both on a day trip with Morocco Travel Exploration.

Iceland – Epic Level: Too Epic To Handle

11. Lake Myvatn

The Grjotagja ‘love cave’ of Jon Snow and Ygritte  📷 @katimcdaniel

📷 michael clarke

In seasons two and three, Lake Myvatn in northern Iceland provides the wild landscapes we see beyond the wall; the land of wildlings, the Night’s Watch and those dreaded white walkers. Here you can visit Grjotagja lava cave and its geothermal spring, the entrance of which was the setting for Jon Snow and Ygritte’s big romantic scene in season three. Take a GOT-themed Lake Myvatn tour with Iceland Travel.

12. Svínafellsjökull

📷 ravisarma 

Svínafellsjökull calving glacier (a glacier that ends with a cliff-face) in Skaftafell National Park in the south east extends from Iceland’s vast Vatnajökull glacier. The wintry ‘beyond the wall’ scenes with Jon Snow, Ygritte and the Night’s Watch were filmed here in seasons two and three. Take a walk on Svinafellsjokull Glacier Tongue with Icelandic Mountain Guides and see hostels in Iceland.

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