Our Awesome App Features Will Make You A Very ‘Appy Traveller!

Our Awesome App Features Will Make You A Very ‘Appy Traveller!

Guys, it’s 2017. Hello and welcome to the future, we’re living in it! In a world in which you can call a taxi with one click and order Chinese food without getting out of bed, why are you still searching for hostels on a desktop?

We don’t like to brag, but our app is pretty cool. Not only can you book our amazing selection of top-notch hostels right from your phone, but we’re also really excited to tell you about the super, awesome, crazy-fun-unbelievable app features we have for you to try out! Okay so… maybe we do like to brag! 😉 But, with features this cool we’re sure you’ll forgive our lack of modesty!

Here’s a whistle-stop tour of all of the fantastic features available in the Hostelworld app! Get downloading…




Hostel Chat

What with Tinder, iMessage, and slidin’ into Insta DMs, it seems that us millennials have forgotten how to speak to people in (*shudders*) real life! Have you ever wanted to have a really social travel experience and meet new people, but find that you’re a little too nervous to start up a conversation in your hostel dorm? We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to strike up a convo and so we’ve created HOSTEL CHAT!

Hostel Chat is our brand spanking new feature and we’d love for you to test it out for us! Hostel Chat is simple, it’s an in-app instant messaging feature that lets you chat with fellow Hostelworld travellers who are staying at the same hostel as you. It’s an easy way to start a conversation and swap tips for your trip!

You can use Hostel Chat to plan a night out, ask for local secrets and hidden gems, or even just decide what to cook for dinner! Hostel Chat is an easy way to get talking to fellow, like-minded travellers, and #MeetTheWorld. You can find Hostel Chat in the My Trips section of the app!

The juicy details: 

  • 🕑 You can start using Hostel Chat 48 hours before your stay
  • 👋 Set a username to let people know who you are
  • 🌏 Chat to travellers staying in your hostel from all over the world
  • 🏆 Hostel Chat is currently available in our 50 most popular hostels

Speak the World

Ever wanted to speak to your hostel mates only to have pesky trivialities such as language barriers get in the way? Or maybe you tried to buy milk from a local market but muddled up your ‘leche’ and your ‘vaca‘ and ended up walking home with your new pet cow?! (True story! 🐄)

We know how valuable meeting new people, chatting to locals and befriending fellow travellers is to the enjoyment of a trip, and so we want to make it as easy as possible! This is why we created – drum roll please – SPEAK THE WORLD!

Speak the World is a feature in our app that allows you to translate between languages. Select the language you’d like to translate to and from, and then start speaking… It’s that simple! Speak the World allows you to communicate in another language and might just help you out of a sticky situation! You can even turn your phone screen into a funny mouth that speaks along with the translation… because who doesn’t want to sport a cowboy mustache while asking Dónde está el bar?’

The juicy details: 

  • 🗣 You can speak in 43 different languages
  • 🤓 Speak the World is powered by Google Cloud Translate Technology
  • 👄 8 hilarious mouth filters to choose from

Hostel Notice Board

The Hostel Notice Board feature works much like, well… a hostel notice board! It’s a part of the app in which hostel owners can post messages and information about events and things going on in the hostel. Everything from a BBQ on the terrace, to an organised bar crawl, or even the times of the hostel bar Happy Hour, will be listed on the Hostel Notice Board to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. So check in, and check out the Hostel Notice Board to keep your social calendar buzzing while you’re travelling!

Your can find the Hostel Notice Board feature in the My Trips section of the app. My Trips is available for our top 50 most booked into cities!

The juicy details: 

  • 🏘 Managed by the hostel owner/staff to ensure info is up to date
  • 💃 The Hostel Notice Board is the best place to find out about the hostel events
  • 🗓 Download the events you’d like to attend to your calendar


Sometimes you see a hostel SO great you just know you need to stay there in the future. Unfortunately, we can’t always book a spontaneous trip on the whim of seeing a breathtaking hostel… I know, bummer right?! It was this thinking that led us to create WISHLIST!

Wishlist is an app feature that lets you save amazing hostels in your Wishlist tab to revisit, drool over, and book another day. You can create multiple lists for multiple trips and wanderlust purposes. For example, you can create a Wishlist of ‘Sick City Hostels’ or a list of ‘Bitchin’ Beach Hostels.’ Just to give you an idea!

The juicy details: 

  • ❤️ Store your favourite hostels with the touch of a button
  • 🔜 Browse your wishlist hostels at any time in the future
  • 📝 You can create multiple lists to effectively organise your wanderlust


Wanna know which of our hostels you can start using Hostel Chat in? 👇

1. Central Backpackers Hostel – Old Quarter
2. Vietnam Backpacker Hostels – Downtown
3. St Christopher’s Inn Gare Du Nord
4. Mad Monkey Phnom Penh
5. Generator Paris
6. Meininger Brussels City Center
7. Wake Up! Sydney Central
8.Wombats City Hostel London
9.Wombats City Hostel Vienna – At The Naschmarkt
10. Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel & Resort Cairns
11. Funky Flashpacker Siem Reap
12. The Yellow
13. Hostel Alessandro Palace & Bar
14. Sunshine Bedz Kl
15. St Christopher’s Berlin
16. Chien Hostel
17. Vietnam Inn Saigon
18. Mad Monkey Siem Reap
19. Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur
20. Castle Rock Hostel
21. Wombats City Hostel Munich
22. Lub D Bangkok Silom
23. Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel
24. St Christopher’s Village
25. Flinders Backpackers
26. Wombats City Hostel Berlin
27. Generator Venice
28. Onederz Hostel Siem Reap
29. Clinknoord
30. Deejai Backpacker
31. Copenhagen Downtown Hostel
32. Hug Hostel
33. St Christopher’s Inn Canal
34. Flipside Hostel – Hcm
35. Hideout Hostels Asia – Saigon
36. Nomads Auckland
37. Wombats City Hostel Budapest
38. St Christopher’s Barcelona
39. The Hangout – Hideout Hostels Asia
40. The Happy House Zone
41. Base Auckland
42. Plus Florence
43. Pariwana Hostel Cusco
44. Generator Hostel Copenhagen
45. The Siem Reap Hostel
46. Meininger Amsterdam City West
47. Hostel Downtown
48. Bodega Bangkok
49. Vietnam Backpacker Hostels – Original
50. Stamps Backpackers


My Trips is available in these 50 cities 👇

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. Athens, Greece
3. Auckland, New Zealand
4. Bangkok, Thailand
5. Barcelona, Spain
6. Berlin, Germany
7.Brussels, Belgium
8.Budapest, Hungary
9.Cairns, Australia
10. Chiang Mai, Thailand
11. Copenhagen, Denmark
12. Cusco, Peru
13. Dublin, Ireland
14. Dubrovnik, Croatia
15. Edinburgh, Scotland
16. Florence, Italy
17. Galway, Ireland
18. Hanoi, Vietnam
19. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
20. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
21. Krakow, Poland
22. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
23. Kyoto, Japan
24. Lima, Peru
25. Lisbon, Portugal
26. London, England
27. Los Angeles, USA
28. Madrid, Spain
29. Melbourne, Australia
30. Miami, USA
31. Milan, Italy
32. Munich, Germany
33. New York, USA
34. Nice, France
35. Paris, France
36. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
37. Porto, Portugal
38. Prague, Czech Republic
39. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
40. Rome, Italy
41. San Francisco, USA
42. Seville, Spain
43. Siem Reap, Cambodia
44. Singapore, Singapore
45. Split, Croatia
46. Stockholm, Sweden
47. Sydney, Australia
48. Tokyo, Japan
49. Venice, Italy
50. Vienna, Austria




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