Europe in 7 Days – How to Visit 7 European Countries in One Week

So we’ve crunched some numbers from our Meet The World Report and it seems that, on average, we’ve visited five or six countries each. That’s an aggregate of people across seven major travelling nations including the UK, Australia and the US, which puts over 97% of the countries of the world unseen.

So how can I change that? If only there was a continent of dozens of smaller countries all locked together that are easy to travel between, allowing you to visit seven countries in seven days.

Oh, Europe, nice to meet you, where you been? You can show me incredible things? Yes, a week in Europe could double the amount of countries most people have visited. There are plenty of combinations of countries to try but we’re going to get our rail tickets and outline how to see Europe in 7 days.

Day 1: London – England

You have to start somewhere when you’re trying to Meet The World, so why not make it London? England’s multi-cultural capital has everything from classic tourist trails like the well-trodden banks of the Thames between Westminster Abbey and London Bridge, to bustling urban boroughs like Camden and Hackney.

If you know one thing make it… Walk left, stand right. Londoners take no prisoners with escalator newbies on the underground so learn the etiquette. Enjoy a night out, stay in one of London’s many great hostels and then hop on a train to…

Europe in 7 Days

Day 2: Paris – France

The idea of a train that goes under the sea should be terrifying but this definitely isn’t. The Eurostar from London will leave you at Gare du Nord in central Paris, a great launch pad for taking in the world’s most romantic city.

If you know one thing make it… Basic ‘shop’ French. Other than knowing all these things, the natives really appreciate you making the effort to say bonjour, au revoir and merci. There is no shortage of ways to spend a day in Paris and no shortage of hostels to stay in before…

Europe in 7 Days


Day 3: Brussels – Belgium

This journey doesn’t go under the sea but the short train to Brussels is no less pleasant. Basically the capital of the European Union, Belgium’s premier city is as historic as it is fun and friendly.

If you know one thing make it… Brussels’ Comic Book Route is one of the most fun ways to explore the city through its native comic stars, including Tintin. Indulge in Brussels’ beautiful beer, frites and chocolate before staying the night and getting on track for…

Day 4: Amsterdam – Netherlands

Your fourth country in four days will, in the right season, greet you with tulips. Amsterdam is an inviting city of canals, bicycles and pedestrian-friendly streets, and its people probably speak better English than you do.

If you know one thing make it… Bicycle awareness. Even when you have right of way, you don’t. Keep an eye out for where is fully pedestrian and where you may be run over by dozens of bicycles. Visit Anne Frank’s house, roam the canals and cafes, stay in a cool Amsterdam hostel, and then get up early to get the train to…

Day 5: Berlin – Germany

That’s a hefty little train journey but we didn’t say this was going to be all beer and bratwurst. Walk across the Spree from Berlin Hauptbahnhoff (Berlin Central Station) when you get off the train and the Reichstag Building is right in front of you. The city is your oyster. If you know one thing make itAuf Wiedersehen hasn’t been a thing since The Sound of Music so stick with Tschüss. There’s plenty more to Berlin than walking the line of the Berlin Wall and going clubbing, but after you sleep those exertions in your Berlin hostel

Europe in 7 Days

Day 6: Prague – Czech Republic

A train will bring you to Prague, where you’ll dump your stuff at your hostel, get your walking shoes on and set out for the Astronomical Clock, the Jewish Cemetery and Prague castle, before settling in for a big plate of dumplings and a cold Czech beer. If you know one thing make it… Of all the important things to know, the Black Light Theatre might be one of the coolest, with actors performing in a pitch-black theatre with florescent costumes and props. So you’ve managed six countries in six days, met some great people at your hostels and got some shut-eye in a Prague hostel before you head to…

Europe in 7 Days

Day 7: Vienna – Austria

The last stop on our whirlwind seven-in-seven mission, by the time you rock up in Vienna you’ll be feeling tired but captivated by the city and up for a party. The very best way to take in Vienna’s beauty is by tram. Try the churches, try the opera, try the bars at Vienna’s Bermuda Triangle, and then chill out at a Vienna hostel. You’ve earned it!

If you know one thing make it… The Prater amusement park’s ferris wheel is a great way to see Vienna from a height. It was also made famous through Carol Reed’s masterpiece, The Third Man. Pop cultural cred points in the bag.

You’ve just done seven countries in seven days! You probably deserve a flight home at this point. Vienna is slap bang in the middle of Europe so it’s easy to get anywhere you need to be. Sleep on the plane and you’ll be ready for work the next day!

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