Why Los Angeles Is The Only City In The World That Truly Has It All

Why Los Angeles Is The Only City In The World That Truly Has It All

When people talk about ‘having it all,’ Los Angeles is the city they have in mind. The cool, silver metropolis of skyscrapers live amongst the rolling hills with insane hiking trails, and some of the most glorious white sand beaches in the world. A true modern city set against breathtaking natural spaces, there are so many amazing reasons to visit Los Angeles. Hike a mountain, swim in warm waters and then hit up that fusion-sushi restaurant that everyone’s obsessed with for dinner.

As the glamorous city of the rich and famous, you may be surprised to learn that Los Angeles is also accessible to the thrifty traveller! With an abundance of awesome AF free things to do in LA, as well as cheap eats hotter than your ex, Los Angeles caters for every budget – and trust us… it’s delicious!

No more choosing between a relaxing beach vacation, an earthy hiking retreat or a stylish city break… In LA, you really can have it all!

💸 Have it all without breaking the bank

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Palm trees and beaches

📷: @debodoes

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Bunks at Podshare Co-Living Space

📷: @Podshare Los Feliz

One of the reasons many travellers don’t visit Los Angeles is because they think it’s out of reach, and out of their budget zone! Sure, a tour of the stars homes (wait for me Leonardo) may cost you a little cash, but roaming through the city taking in the street art, exploring the beaches and embarking on the hike of your life won’t cost you a single penny!

Most of the museums in LA are free for visitors, as well as the city’s gorgeous parks. And with fantastic hostels offering affordable accommodation to travellers it’s time to put Los Angeles back on your bucket list!

🎨 The art scene isn’t contained to museums

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Street Art

📷: @chillinvilln

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Street Art

📷: @rewaculicz

Walking around Los Angeles, in particular DTLA and the Arts District, feels like stepping into an electric playground of art and colour. Of course there are renowned Art Museums such as LACMA and The Broad, but art in LA isn’t contained behind four walls. Los Angeles’ art scene spills onto the streets and brightens every corner. Some of the most famous street art in the world can be found in Los Angeles. Colette Miller’s iconic angel wings have landed all over the city so that you can truly immerse yourself in art and become part of the City of Angels!

🍹 The hostels have rooftop pools and beach-side locations

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Rooftop pool at the Freehand in LA

Rooftop pool at The Freehand 📷: @freehand

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - View from Samesun Venice Beach Hostel

Views from Samesun Venice Beach hostel 📷: @samesunhostel

Have you heard about the Freehand Los Angeles with its super chic rooftop pool and trendy cocktail bar?! LA locals queue down the street to get into this insane hostel, and no, we’re not joking!

But wait, what about Samesun Venice Beach Hostel located on (you guessed it!) Venice Beach?! Venice Beach is the effortlessly edgy, alternative LA hangout spot where you can, quite literally, roll straight from your bed onto the beach! And then there’s the charmingly quirky Podshare Hostel serving you dorm room bunkbed GOALS!

The only way to try out all these amazing hostels is to visit Los Angeles again… and again… and again!

⛰ The hiking trails are ridiculous

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Views of LA from a Hiking Trail

📷: @kathleenlarataylor

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Views of LA from behind the Hollywood Sign

📷: @aahatsajnani

There’s nothing more soul cleansing than a walk in nature, which is also one of the most popular reasons to visit Los Angeles. The fresh air, the gentle exercise to get the blood pumping around your body, and HELLO… have we mentioned the views?! Hike the Brush Canyon or Hollyridge Trails and you’ll be rewarded with a phenomenal view of the classic white Hollywood sign, and a mean panoramic of the sprawling city below. Selfie sticks at the ready people!

🍴 The food scene will blow your mind

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre 📷: @gmweho

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Indian Gastropub Badmaash

Badmaash 📷: @badmaashla

Los Angeles is, and always has been, at the forefront of the world’s food scene. Innovative chefs from all over the world flood to this foodie paradise, bringing with them culinary expertise and all kinds of deliciousness.

Still riding the wave of the 1960’s hippy influences, LA is renowned for vegan food – groovy baby! The City of Angels’ heavenly plant based eateries are sinfully good, and decadent enough to seduce even the most red-blooded carnivore.

🌴 The beaches are truly bitchin’

📷 @serpeilp

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Multicoloured lifeguard station on a beach in LA

📷: @loriloy_

Los Angeles’ beaches are among the most famous in the world. The 75 mile long stretch of white sand, and the palm tree studded pier are fabulous enough rival any beach on the globe! A beefy Muscle Beach with free gym equipment? Check! An adorable funfair by the shore? You betcha! And what about hot sands and cool waters? Of course my friend!

⭐ You can brush shoulders with the stars

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive 📷: @paulaantonioabil

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame 📷: @borjavixen

LA is the epicentre of the entertainment industry. Hollywood baby! Some people visit Los Angeles to soak up the celebrity culture, whilst others visit Los Angeles in search of stardom! Whether you’re strolling down the Hollywood Walk of Fame or shopping on Rodeo Drive (I wish), the energy of fame and glamour buzzes through the entire city. It’s electrifying!

🐯 You can explore an abandoned zoo

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park

📷: @alittlejacket

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park

📷: @kingthursday

Yup, that’s right! Located in the ever popular Griffith Park you’ll stumble across the abandoned Los Angeles Zoo, totally deserted but still completely intact… So there’s no need to worry about lions, and tigers and bears – oh my!  The zoo is cool AF and you can explore the abandoned enclosures and go a little wild with your photography… easy tiger!

🌈 Try a taste of every kinda lifestyle

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Woman doing a handstand in front of some graffiti

📷: @freehand

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Burger from Pink Bellies

📷: @thaiphiiiiii

LA is famous for its hippy influences and alternative lifestyle. Yoga, mindfulness and some of the best vegan restaurants in the world! LA is also famous for the glitz and glam of Hollywood and deviously greasy In N Out burgers. In LA, you don’t have to choose. You can start your day with sunrise yoga and a smoothie bowl, and end it dancing in the club until 2am. In LA, you really can have it both ways!

Diversity is key in Los Angeles, with thriving communities from many different cultures gelling together as one. Spend a day exploring Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, and Little Tokyo – just to name a few!

🔭 Can we talk about the views?

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Colette Miller Angel Wings

📷: @skyspacela

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - View of LA from a bench outside the city

📷: @dkny_1110

From the palm trees of Santa Monica beach, to the metallic skyline of skyscrapers, to the rolling hills, to the polished roads of Beverley Hills… LA is b-e-a-utiful! 

🌞 It’s summer ALL THE TIME

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - Endless Summer - Sun shining through palm trees

📷: @medweho

Reasons to visit Los Angeles - View of the wheel at Santa Moica Pier during sunset

📷: @discoverla

California is the state of sunshine (eat your heart out Florida!) Who needs snow when it’s 24 degrees in November?! Sunbathe on Christmas day and have a BBQ on Thanksgiving, the sun always smiles down on you in Los Angeles!

Hostels in LA 

For your daily dose of this glorious city make sure you follow @discoverLA on Instagram and lust after Los Angeles every damn day! Get involved in the conversation and let us know if there was any specific reasons you decided to visit Los Angeles for the first time?

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  1. When I came here for the first time, I did not know that it was such a beautiful city, it was really my heart that won. Bring back memories of my LA tour.

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