5 handy ways to save money on your group trip

5 handy ways to save money on your group trip

There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling like you’ve gotten a good deal, right? The little victories in life make it all worth-while. When travelling with a group, where you eat, stay and how you travel, can all add up to more than you expect if you’re not careful. But, with a bit of wit and a few of our tips, you can manage a budget-friendly group trip to almost anywhere! Here’s how to save money on your group trip.

1. Timing is key

Save money on group trips - Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland on a Spring evening

Flights and accommodation vary dramatically depending on the season, month, day of the week and a whole variety of different factors. The season you travel in will probably have the biggest impact on your purse. Here’s a short list with the best times to travel to a few popular group trip destinations.


Peak season in Spain is from July to August. Prices and temperatures during this time reach their highest (around 40 degrees, yikes!) Avoid going at this time of the year if you want to do a budget trip.

When to go: Late spring is ideal price-wise and weather-wise with temperatures hovering around the early twenties. At this time of the year the local food is at its ripest too. You could also consider going in September or October, especially if you want to get a taste of Spanish culture and traditions. This time of the year Spain is alight with festivals, fiestas and ferias, including Fuengirola Feria one of Spain’s most important fairs.


Avoid Portugal during the summer months and any major holidays.

When to go: The most cost-effective months to travel here are January to February. Brrr, you’re thinking? Thankfully, Portugal has temperatures of around 16 degrees at this time, making it the most suitable time for group activities and hey, who doesn’t want an excuse to get away from those January blues.


Germany is surprisingly seriously affected by prices depending on the season.

When to go: Oh the glorious winter months are definitely the time to go to Germany to save a few bucks. Their exquisite traditional Christmas markets light up the cities and towns across the country in December, turning it into a wonderland. The oldest and most popular Christmas market is held in Nuremberg and runs from the beginning of Advent until Christmas Eve. Head along during this time and your group will be lost in the magic of Christmas.


France is divided into 3 seasons for travellers: peak season (late June to August), shoulder season (April to mid-June) and off-season (November to March).

When to go: My recommendation would be to go for New Year’s Eve. You’ll save money and can experience the magical French New Year’s Eve party in Champs-Élysées in Paris. This party is the epitome of what celebrating the new year is all about. Champs-Élysées translates to “Elysian Fields”, which essentially means that this place is considered a heaven on earth. You’ll also be there to dream (drool) about the winter sales.

2. Hostels are the new black

Save money on group trips - people in hostel hobby

Hostels are less expensive and a better fit for large groups, over most other accommodation types. You can sleep between 4-12 people in the same room and (if you book far enough in advance) your group can stay on the same floor. Many hostels have en-suite rooms, restaurants (we’ll get to this next) and large sociable areas for everyone to relax and chat between activities.

3. Eat on the go

Save money on group trips - people in London Fields

London Fields, London

You can pre-book your meals in a lot of hostels now – oh times they are changin’. From breakfast and packed lunches to dinner. If it’s available – you can book it! It will save you time and money for your fun but long day ahead. If you’re travelling to European destinations like Lisbon and Barcelona, you can get breakfast from as little as two euro fifty and a packed lunch from three euro (bargain!). In London you can get a half board packed lunch from five pound fifty and dinner from twelve pound fifty. Taking into consideration that lugging a large group of people around a new city is easier said than done, you’ll be thanking yourself for pre-booking your meals later. Ask your Hostelworld Specialist Advisor about the possibility of including meals to your booking.

 4. The best things in life are free

Save money on group trips - friends watching sunset

There are always cheap and free things to do, no matter where you are. Studying the beautiful architecture, visiting free museums, or hiking and exploring new terrains, all require little to no expense. Things like hop-on hop-off bus tours can usually be walked. When you are going to an event or partaking in an activity that has a fee attached, just be sure to make use of combination tickets and deals that offer a reduced rate. For example, many cinemas offer a reduced rate if you eat at a particular restaurant. Equally, be sure to take advantage of group discounts where possible.

Group Line offer a number of packages to suit visitors to London including theatre, arts & events, and attractions.

5. Travel by bus

Save money on group trips - take the bus in London

A red bus driving through sunny London

“On a bus, your eyes, ears and pores are open absorbing in the variety, the wonder, and the magic of the city. It’s a wonderful way to get to know the city.” – George Takei

Buses are not only cheap, they provide you with the ultimate sightseeing opportunity. They also happen to be perfect for large groups. Note that getting a taxi or car last minute won’t suit you if you’re on a budget, so pre-booking buses or using public transport is the best and most tourist friendly option. Securing your transport early online will save you more than booking it last minute. Keep an eye out for group save travel deals and you’ll be laughing!

To book your accommodation for a group trip of 15 or more please fill out our group’s enquiry form.

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