Tips and tricks #2 – Showing prices in your preferred currency

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Are the hostel prices showing up in Euro, but you want to see them in Turkish Lira? Guess what?! You can choose what currency you wish to have the prices displayed in. Here, in the second of our ‘tips and tricks’ posts we show you how to make sure you see the prices in the currency you want.

No. 2 – Choosing your currency

Want to know how much a hostel is in your currency? Using our ‘Currency’ function, you can do just that. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your destination, arrival date, number of nights and number of guests using the search box on our homepage

2. Click on ‘find hostels’ to see what’s available

3. On the next page that lists the hostels available you’ll see ‘Currency’ in the filter section on the left hand side

4. Click on the dropdown menu to see the currencies available and choose your chosen currency (below)

5. The prices will refresh, showing prices in that currency

* Please note when you get to the enter details page you can only pay in US Dollar, Euro or Great British Pound (Sterling)

>> Try it now!


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