Prague Tips and Travel Advice – How to Make the Most of the Czech Capital

Prague is one of the most popular backpacker destinations in Europe, and with so much to do, it’s not really a surprise. Instead of just listing the best things to do, we decided to ask our Facebook community for some of their best Prague tips and travel advice. Here’s what they told us:

U Fleků Brewery and Restaurant

Milan Bardun says:

U Fleků

Nelson Correia says:

Eat and drink in the restaurant U Fleku.

Milan Bardun says:

U Fleků pub! and castle 😉 says:

U Fleků brewery and restaurant is one of Prague’s top establishments. The brewery dates back to 1499 and it’s the only brewery in Europe which has been brewing beer for 500 years straight. It still retains its old charm and is a popular choice for food and drinks.

Location: Křemencova 11
Opening hours: Restaurant: Mon – Sun: 10am – 11pm, Museum: 10 am – 4pm (upon a previous reservation) Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

Be careful where you get your Euros

Zoran Lisovac says:

Don’t use exchange offices, even if you have some Euros in pocket, go to a bank and exchange them.

Gerardo Lomelí says:

My advice would be to not exchange money with those guys standing out of the official Exchange offices, they trick people offering more money, but they give Hungarian and not Czech money, which is hard to difference for people not so well related to them!

Rémi Kahwaji says:

CAREFUL ABOUT THE MONEY EXCHANGE OFFICES! They can rip you out with commissions, even if they pretend to be “0% commission”.

Wing’s Club

Michael Ryan says:

Wing’s Club, Lucemburska 11, Prague, Praha 3. Full of memorabilia and tributes to airmen from WWII. Gorgeous food, cheap beer and great atmosphere. A little out of the way from city centre but only a two stop tram-ride away. Well worth a visit. says:

This ‘club’ is a restaurant in an aviation museum that pays tribute to the traditional Czechoslovakian pilots from the Second World War. It was founded by pilots and is a great place to eat.

Location: Lucemburská 1492/11

Have a night out in Cross Club

Nathan Halperin says:

Oh yeh, in terms of nightlife, Cross Club has got to be the most insane club in the world. And it’s dirt cheap.

Mario Berger says:

Go out for party at Cross Club in Prague 7, next to train station Holešovice. You feel like being in a Mad Max movie. Weird interior. Great people, cheap prices

Location: Plynární 23

Opening hours: Coffee-bar: 2pm- 2am, Club: 6pm – late

You don’t have to stay in the city centre

Dale Sauvage says:

Don’t be put off staying in hostels that aren’t in the centre of town, the tram systems are really good even at night time and aren’t too pricey if you’re on a budget.

Nathan Halperin says:

Don’t stay in the centre of Prague (old town etc) as it’s too noisy at night – even staying a little bit out is still close enough to walk.

Lokal Restaurant

Matej Hargas says:

Go to the Lokal restaurant. It’s actually called like that 🙂 It will give you a flavour of how the eateries for the working class folks looked like in communist times… including details for the ones in the know minus the negatives 🙂 The food’s great, the staff attentive and the beer is unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell. You know, the one that invented Pilsner… 🙂 says:

A popular restaurant with a traditional feel to it. Serves some great local dishes as well as beers.

Location: Dlouhá 33

Explore Zizkov

Kellie Sproule says:

Top tip – Everyone must visit the Zizkov area of Prague. The bars are fantastic and really cheap. Great people too! says:

The neighbourhood of Zizkov is an up and coming neighbourhood in Prague that still retains an edgy and arty feel to it surrounds. It’s full of great bars and restaurants that are getting more and more popular.

Climb up Petrin Hill

Sarah Ewing says:

Buy a beverage (alcoholic or non), hike to the top of Petrin Hill, then rest and enjoy your beverage and the view. says:

Petrin Hill and Observation Tower are a popular attraction in Prague. The hill is roughly 318 metres high and at the top sits a small version of Paris’s Eiffel Tower which is the observation tower. This tower is 60 metres high so as you can imagine, the views from the top of this are amazing.

Explore other parts of Prague

Skanga Herbyweed says:

Hop on a tram and jump off at a random stop away from the centre to see the real Prague. says:

Prague is full of great neighbourhoods but many visitors tend to stay only in the centre. Find out more about other neighbourhoods in the city and the tram goes all over the city making it easy for you to explore.

Get a tram ticket

Kellie Sproule says:

Make sure you buy a tram ticket before you get on! Also, stamp your ticket at the start of your first journey. Inspectors go straight for tourists and you’ll get a big fine. says:

Prague’s tram is a great means of transport as it runs from early in the morning until late at night. If you are using the tram or any other transport, make sure you understand the ticketing system and get you ticket before you travel. Using the excuse of being a tourist won’t work here!

Have a drink with a view

Erin Travis says:

Hike up to the Letna Beer Garden overlooking the city for an amazing view and cheap brews! says:

Letna Beer Garden is one of Prague’s most popular beer gardens and is always busy in the summer months. You will find it on the eastern side of the Letna Park and as well as the beer garden there is some great walkways and playgrounds in the park. Some amazing views of the city from here too.

Location: Letna Park

Get up early to see Charles Bridge

E Alphard Ordóñez says:

If you want to appreciate Karl?v most without tourista, wake up early. By 6am or 7am, dawn, it’s almost empty and you’ll take amazing pictures, better than postcards. says:

Charles Bridge is also called Karl?v most. As it is one of Prague’s most popular attractions it is always busy. So if you want to get some people-free pictures of the bridge and avoid tourists you have to get there early.

Visit Strelecky Ostrov

Grzegorz Gryniewicz says:

Spend an evening at the Strelecky Ostrov! The views are great 😉 says:

You will find the popular restaurant Strelecky Ostrov on an island on the Vltava River in the centre of Prague. This restaurant lies on the edge of the island which makes for some amazing views.

Location: St?elecký ostrov 336

Take some great photos

Britt Smith says:

Perrin Tower and Vysehrad for some great photos. Prague just makes you want to take pictures.

Go clubbing in an underground bunker

Harpreet Bhullar says:

Go to the nuclear bunker bar. The bar is set in a abandoned nuclear bunker. Little scary to enter but you will be amazed once you are there. says:

If you’re looking for a club that’s a bit different then check out the Parukarka Nuclear Bunker. Here you will find one of the city’s coolest clubs that is housed in a Communist bunker from the 1950s.

Location: Zizkov District

Get around with a good map

Tim Zheng says:

Get a good map. The roads are often fractured, and a non-native would likely have a tough time navigating winding roads via their Czech names (comparable to Venice in terms of layout/navigation, but without the canals).

Television Tower

Rémi Kahwaji says:

Amazing city though, do not miss the television tower! says:

Prague’s TV Tower offers a chance to get a 360-degree view of the city from its observation deck. It dates back to the 1980s bit its construction was opposed by many locals as they thought of it as an eye-sore.

Location: Zizkov district

Opening hours: Daily 10am – 11.30pm (restaurant 11am- 11pm)

See some art at The Trade Fair Palace (Veletrzní palác)

Özlem Ezgi Aktürk says:

If you’re into modern art, you should visit Trade Fair Palace (Veletržní palác). You can see a lot of good works including Picasso, Kupka, and Klimt and the most amazing thing about it is the price, almost 5 Euros for students! says:

Here you will find the largest collection of modern arts in Prague displayed over six floors. Along with some amazing 19th and 20th century art, the building itself is architecturally amazing, particularly inside.

Location: Veletrzni Palace (Trade Fair Palace), Dukelskych hrdinu 47,
Opening hours: Daily 10am – 6pm, closed Mondays

Novy Svet

Ká?a Klou?ková says:

Visit Novy Svet (New World) next to Loreta on the Prague Castle 🙂 says:

Novy Svet is a charming street in Prague that dates back to the 17th century. It’s now home to many artists studios and is a beautiful street to walk around.

Get outdoors in Riegrovy Sady

Cristina Santamarina Mazuelo says:

The best view of Prague is sunset in Riegrovy sady (vynohrady, prague 2). You will see the sun going down in an orange sky, the Prague Castle, Petrin Tower, Staromestka and all the city centre. After the nice view you can enjoy a beer in one of the biggest beer gardens in the city, which is in the same park. says:

Prague has a couple of great parks around the city and one popular one is Riegrovy sady. It dates back to the early 1900s in an English garden style. It has some great walkways and it also has a popular beer garden along with great views of Prague Castle.

Visit the State Opera Prague

Carmen Tsabetsaye says:

Go to the National Opera, some shows are as cheap as 100 crowns, which is roughly $5, Buy really good wine for about 50-400crowns at the potravinys around town. Drink Becherovka! says:

Opera is a popular attraction in Prague and they stage some of the world’s best performances. Find out what’s on during you stay and look for discounted tickets.

Location: Legerova 75

Take a day trip outside of the city

Kimberly Van Eijk says:

From Prague you can go to Ceský Krumlov which is a very nice little town. Will take about 3 hours with student agency bus – really cheap as well with a return ticket about 15 euro (with free drink and movie)

Ross Effler says:

Take a day trip to Kutna Hora if you have the time. Beautiful town and the Sedlec Ossuary is very neat.

Here are a few more Prague tips that might come in handy…

Kristine Krämer says:

Stay at the Czech Inn and nothing can go wrong!

Clint Heine says:

Walk out of the tourist traps and find a restaurant that serves decent Svickova and wash it down with some pilsner and a shot of becherovka. Party at Karlovy Lazne, it’s 5 floors of different themed dance floors and bars in one and right by Charles Bridge.

Matti Javanainen says:

For everyday live music and decently priced beer, try Vagon bar, for great beer you have the options in the centre: Pivovarsky dum, Novomestsky pivovar, U Medvidku and U Fleku. The last one has horrible service and high prices but the beer is still gorgeous. A tram ride away from the centre you can find a great brewpub filled with locals only: Richter brewery that serves great beer and meals at a cheap price.

Roseanne Smith says:

There’s an absolutely gorgeous outdoor swimming pool in a valley a bus ride away in Prague’s suburbs. We spent a glorious day there during our trip to the Czech Republic. Un-helpfully I can’t remember the name of it.

Travis Mosdell says:

If I could remember any of the bars I went to I would tell but I was having way too much fun (drinks) to remember anything but that it was awesome!

Victoria Uzunova says:

Just sit for a while on the bridge at sunset…

Chantelle Ní Chróinín says:

I love this Restaurant Gitanes in Prague. Quaint, full of character decor and great food at good prices makes it a must on every visit to the city! 🙂 P.S. I’d recommend the hot chocolate!

Ben Bogaerts says:

Visit the Dodo (or at least the stuffed animal that resembles a dodo) in the old (wooden) library!

Alessandra Gargiulo says:

Try the Italian ice-cream in Wenceslas Square. Cheap and great!

Laura Simon says:

Pub Crawl!

Fiona Ayesha says:

Moolla Pub crawl or ghost tour in English with a lantern carrying spooky guide.

Diana Varsa says:

Sleep in Chilli hostel it is in Downtown is near everything, if you plan to stay more than a week buying the ticket for 7 days in subway and bus is cheaper, walk along the river for the morning just bundle up, visit the cemetery and the Jewish Quarter, if you want move to nearby countries Budapest, Slovakia, using the student agency bus is very economical and have good service, if you want to go to Berno or Kutna Hora (this a church decorated with human bones) travels by train, leaves you at 120 Ck and can travel up to 6 …

Rakel Erickson says:

Stay at Clown and bard Hostel!

Holly Jackson says:

check out all the good vegetarian restaurants!.

Michael Martinez says:

Hook up with a local… they’ll show you all the cool bars, even around the old town square, where it’s not expensive at all…

John J. McHale says:

Seek out local microbreweries!

Sven Putseys says:

Bugsy’s bar -> best cocktails ever!

Renée Fauteux says:

Go to the five floor disco–it has something for everyone and you get a sense of the come as you are czech lifestyle. Don’t forget to hit the food stands for a late night cheese sandwich and a beer! Also, pace yourself on the absinthe!

Travis Mosdell says:

Go buy Pilsner Urquell from the small grocery stores. A friend and I stayed in a condo near the Hotel Pyramida and we were getting 500ml beers for around $1.50 CAD. Czech have some of the best beer in the world

Michael Ryan says:

Rocky O’Reillys Irish bar in the centre has great food and beer, gets packed in the evening. Visit their website and check out the webcam. It has sound so phone your mates at home and try to talk to them while they are logged on- cool.

Hopefully some of these tips about Prague will be useful on your trip, and maybe you can add to the discussion with a few Prague tips of your own below?

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