11 Reasons Why You’ll Love Traveling With Your Best Friend

Intense. Hilarious. Unforgettable. There’s nothing quite like traveling with your best friend. You’ll make so many crazy and hilarious memories together, and having somebody who’s there for you no matter what will give you the confidence to relax and enjoy the ride.

Although backpacking with your best friend can sometimes test your friendship to the limits, you’ll end up even closer than before. Here are our top 11 reasons why you should try it at least once. Remember to share your tips and experiences (good and bad!) in the comments below ?

1. She’s the yin to your yang

traveling with your best friend @byebyemimi 2 girls enjoying the view after climbing Osmena Peak on Cebu Island, Philippines
? @byebyemimi

We all have situations, people and things we can’t deal with. But the great thing about your best friend is that she complements you to a tee: from eating the olives in your salad to getting rid of that GROSS lizard in the public bathroom. Together, you’re unstoppable!

2. Planning is SO exciting when you travel with your best friend

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One of the best parts of a trip is the planning stage, and it’s all the more fun when you’re traveling with your best friend. They won’t tire of your endless travel chat, and it’s perfectly acceptable to phone them at 11pm with all of your urgent and essential questions, like which sandals should you take. Collecting ideas, sharing Pinterest inspiration, bikini shopping or simply talking about all the amazing places you want to visit with your bestie will get you both super excited for the adventures ahead.

3. Even a 36 hour bus journey can be fun

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There’s no such thing as dead time when you travel with your best friend. Even something potentially mind-numbing like a 36-hour bus trip in the South American wilderness can be an opportunity for hilarity and adventure. The great thing about your best friend is that they know how to make you laugh, and can keep you entertained for hours.

4. Packing becomes easier when you travel together

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When you’ve got just one small backpack for a round the world trip, it can be a challenge to fit even the basics in. Having a travel buddy means you can divide the boring practical things like adapter plugs between you, meaning there’ll be loads of extra space in your backpack for the really important things like another pair of shoes (that you don’t need) or a book (which you probably won’t have time to read).

5. Your bff knows your perfect picture pose

traveling with your best friend @paigey1251 ? @paigey1251

We all know that good Instagram pictures take at least 5 attempts… on a good day! That’s why having your best friend there to take a million pictures of you without getting impatient makes for the perfect shot, plus they know which of the two identical sides of your face is the “hot” side.

6. They get your need for downtime

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? @lola.photography

The great thing about travel is that you meet so many interesting new people, and your days are packed with awesome adventures. However, it’s important to have quiet days too if you want to avoid backpacker burnout. It can be hard admitting to people you’ve just met that you need a whole day in a hammock watching netflix, but your best friend gets it and they’ll be there to fetch you popcorn and endless cups of tea. Before long you’ll be ready to throw yourselves back into your next adventure together.

7. You’re honest with each other

traveling with your best friend @nataliejduke

 ? @nataliejduke

Honesty is so important when you travel with someone else, especially when you’re traveling with your best friend.

Your bff is one of the few people who can really tell you the truth, even when it’s painful. Being open and direct whilst travelling will help you swerve arguments and get the most out of your trip. And because your best friend won’t hesitate to tell you when you’re being an idiot, they’ll help you avoid making stupid or even dangerous decisions.

8. Traveling with your best friend makes the lows a little easier

traveling with your best friend @willowblair
? @willowblair

As amazing as travel is, it’s not all fun and games. You’ll be confronted with so many new and challenging situations on a daily basis, but having a friendly face by your side can make you feel invincible. Whether you’re battling a bad bout of food poisoning, or struggling on a 6 day hike through the jungle, you’ll get through it together.

9. You can talk openly about money

traveling with your best friend @shannondidwhat? @shannondidwhat

Money is such an important subject when you’re travelling, and it’s easy to get carried away with too many nights on the town or expensive activities. Even if you’re not in exactly the same financial situation, you and your best friend can help each other keep tabs on your spending. When you’re traveling with your best friend, you’ll find it easier to stick to a budget and say no to some things without feeling uncomfortable.

10. You won’t mind compromising

traveling with your best friend @melissalep_ ? @melissalep_

Your best friend knows you better than anyone else, and unlike someone you’ve just met, making them happy will make you happy. You’re so in-sync with each other that you get almost as excited as they do when you spot a quirky little museum you know they’ll love, or an awesome surf spot. So you won’t resent compromising on some of the things you do. And what’s more, you know they’ll repay the favour. And because you have so much in common, you likely won’t have to compromise much anyway.

11. You’ll take your friendship to the next level

traveling with your best friend @andra_went_traveling
? @andra_went_traveling

Last but certainly not least, nothing develops a deeper bond than traveling together and making lifelong memories. All the crazy, fun and stressful situations will help you get to know her even better and make your friendship stronger. And the best bit is you’ll have somebody to relive all those awesome memories with for years to come.

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