71 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Travel Alone

Want to travel alone? You’re not the only one! Travelling alone will change your life. Don’t get me wrong, any form of wandering around this beautiful planet will bring changes and improvement to the lives of those with restless feet, but there’s something special about solo adventures. Travelling by yourself means not being able to rely on anyone else to get the most out of your trips. It means you are left to navigate your place in the world, to embrace or shun the ever-changing call of the wild. No matter where you go and what you do, it will change you.

We asked some inspiring wanderers for some insight! Want to travel alone? Here are 71 reasons why you should:

1. You’ll become more creative

Want to travel alone

?: @ICEscobar_

“After time spent travelling abroad alone and soaking up the world around you, your creative spark will have a far deeper well to draw from when seeking inspiration!” –


2. It’ll force you to be a problem solver

Want to travel alone

?: Alex Fürsti

“You’ll learn to step up and tackle problems head on, using creativity and experience gained while doing the same on your solo travels.” – @guidocarol

3. It’ll make you more employable

Want to travel alone

?: @ICEscobar_

“Employers don’t care as much as they used to about the curriculum of what you studied and your list of work place assignments. Nowadays it’s more about what you learned, how you’ve changed, skills you’ve gained, and your ability to adapt and conquer new challenges. I think travel can help you there…” – @MrColinRiv

4. It can improve your mental health

Want to travel alone

“For anybody out there reading this and struggling with mental health, I want you to know it’s worth pushing through the despair; fighting until you feel mentally strong enough to book that plane ticket of your own. Travel is, without a doubt, the fastest way you can grow as a human being and turn your life into an inspired one. My wonderful travel tales were made possible by taking charge of my mental health.” – Emily Mulligan

5. You can detox from technology

Want to travel alone

?: @carriepr

“They say travel is the healthiest addiction, and it can help you detox from an unhealthy one at the same time! Solo travel helps you leave the screens behind, and experience the world with your senses rather than clicks.” – @guidocarol

6. It will increase your compassion

Want to travel alone

?: @nataliaanja

“From encountering stray and mistreated animals to less fortunate and over worked local people, I have learnt a lot about compassion. Helping at animal rescue centres and partaking in ethical tourism has become a large part of my travel ethos now.” – @gypsyheartblog

7. You will become more comfortable in your own skin

Want to travel alone

?: @daniellemuntain

“When you’re by yourself for a majority of the day and night you learn to be comfortable in your own skin, in your own mind. Most people avoid being by themselves at all costs, but you learn to embrace it by travelling by yourself.” – @advtrsalexis

8. You’ll get better at putting yourself out there

“When you travel alone you learn to push yourself in every situation, to meet people, to try new things and to see what you really love without the influence of others…” – @wearekingingit

9. Your life, your opinions

“You become more opinionated as you’ll have seen and experienced so much without another’s influence and views impacting your own. It teaches you to explore your own thoughts, ideas and dreams.” – @JohannaW

10. Goodbye comfort zone!

?: @patchinpixels

“Even if you find out it is not for you, you have a new experience! I travelled solo through the South of Chile. Camping alone on the 5 day hike in Torres Del Paine is now one of my most amazing memories!” – @thebluebrolly

11. You’ll catch the travel bug for life

Want to travel alone

“Once you step out and start exploring the world, you will want to see it all” – @garry_astle

12. You’ll have to face your weaknesses

Want to travel alone

?: @nataliaanja

Before travelling alone, I realised how completely OCD I could be about things out of my control. Luckily, solo travel forces you to put things into perspective and decide just how much of a weakness you have time for. Now, my OCD tendencies work in my favour: planning trips thoroughly, adapting when things don’t go to plan, and enjoying my time in a way that never feels out of control.” – @lelalondon

13. You can experience the serenity of a solo sunset

“For example, chill out in Wilayah Mosque, Kuala Lumpur, during a sunset. Take a book, your camera and your good vibes.” – @thiagopalia

14. Your self-awareness will sky rocket

Want to travel alone

?: @gypsyheartblog

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

15. You’ll learn how to how to hold your bladder

?: @ICEscobar_

“I can hold my bladder for a ridiculous amount of time because I’m not paying $10 to go into a toilet!” – @dakota_wilko

16. It’ll makes you brave

Want to travel alone

“If I’d been travelling with another, I doubt I would have bungee jumped in New Zealand, dived with sharks in South Africa, or trekked into a Volcano crater at night in Indonesia. Travelling solo means travelling without another’s opinions, doubts and fears. Solo travel makes you brave.” – @JohannaW

17. It’ll teaches you independence

“It taught me to be happy in my own company and try things I would have always relied on other people to do for me. It made me grow as a person and become very independent. Only you know what makes you happy, spend some time on your own – it’s good for you!” – @wearekingingit

18. Instagram level: ? ? ? 

“Your selfie stick will become your new best friend! However, remember there’s a time and a place for it.” – @kh_travels

19. You’ll get to #MeetTheWorld

Want to travel alone

?: @nataliaanja

“You’ll develop an understanding and affinity for the cultures and people you encounter as they enrich your experience and help you along the way.” – @garry_astle

20. You’ll learn to love being alone

Want to travel alone

“Before I travelled solo I assumed I’d be lonely, but due to the hostel social scene that’s not true. But, for some of your journey you will be alone and it’s one of the most liberating experiences when you realise you’re totally comfortable with it.” – @JohannaW

21. You can learn a foreign language (or several)

?: @Lovelyforliving

“Learning by immersion is the best way to learn!” – @robertopaoloferrone

22. You’ll get to #EatTheWorld

Want to travel alone

?: @ICEscobar_

“Eat where the locals eat to reduce the chances of picking up the “Delhi Belly”. Even today I still cook dishes I’ve had whilst abroad. ” – @mezzarino

23. Your gratitude will soar

?: @ICEscobar_

“Encountering animals in their natural habitat, alone and surrounded by nature and wild creatures has filled me with a sense of gratitude for our planet and life!” – @gypsyheartblog

24. You’ll find out that getting lost is amazing

Want to travel alone

?: @Lovelyforliving

“Getting lost is the most fantastic thing ever! So many adventures!” – @dakota_wilko

25. It’ll give you strength to deal with life’s messes

?: @carriepr

“Sometimes things don’t work out – you miss a flight, you get elephant poo all over your shoes, the guy sharing your bunk bed snores. You have no other choice but to laugh it off because you can’t complain to anyone.” – @advtrsalexis

26. It’s a celebration of freedom

?: Melani Cosatovic

“You won’t want to take your eyes off the breath-taking views, and you won’t have to!” – @mackenziehjc

27. It’ll force you to streamline your life

?: The Travelling Light

“Pack half the things you would normally take. You can always buy items in the local markets if needed. Travelling light also means you avoid the stress of baggage reclaim and makes you more mobile while on the move.” – @mezzarino

28. Discipline becomes essential

Want to travel alone

?: @ICEscobar_

“My diet is a choice I made 10 years ago (dairy free and gluten free). By experience, I can tell you that it’s always possible to find something suitable to eat, as long as you keep believing it’s going to be a great trip.” – @HachemmaD

29. It forces you to hustle

?: @paulenedelosreyes

“I can run really fast up flights of stairs carrying a heavy suitcase and backpack to make it to the other side of the train station. I can actually run really fast anywhere carrying anything if need be!” – @dakota_wilko

30. You’ll learn how to deal with the unknown

Want to travel alone

“Sometimes travelling alone, gives you the fear of the unknown without a person to support you or to be there if something happens. At the same time, you come back with a happy feeling that you made it and it gives you courage to do it more often.” – @jeffsantosbr

31. It makes you way more flexible


“Solo travel doesn’t always go to plan especially when flight delays & cancellations are involved. You’ll learn how to deal with these types of scenarios and learn from them.” – @mezzarino

32. Hello sense of direction!

Want to travel alone

?: @Lovelyforliving

“It me aware of the real world. I used to have a bad sense of direction, now I can find my way anywhere.” – @shellshelley

33. It forces you to get mad

?: @JohannaW

There are very few places in the world unaffected by political warfare, poverty etc. The anonymity of solo travel often gives you the opportunity to get a closer look and, naturally, get mad. Mad enough to become an activist…to volunteer…and utilise newfound knowledge to effect change.” – @lelalondon

34. You’ll learn to love yourself

?: Adrina Bräm

“From yoga classes and runs through the jungle on Thai islands, to hiking up volcanoes in Indonesia – learning to love my body for its strength, endurance and physical capability over desirable aesthetic traits has been an important lesson I have learnt as a solo female traveller.” – @gypsyheartblog

35. It pushes you to your limits

“Being the only Indian traveller who participated in Rickshaw Run across 250 international travellers, I went beyond my comfort zone and I had time of my life. Introvert that I was, at the end of the journey I learned to deal with situations like accidents and sudden break downs.” – @rutaagayire

36. You’ll practice staying calm

?: Thuý Anh Nguyen

“I’m proud of my capacity to stay cool, calm and collected even though I’m actually shitting myself.” – @dakota_wilko

37. You’ll gain a deeper respect for Mother Earth

?: Dennis Mischko

“Solo travel gives you a sense of realization of how important it is to look after our environment and protect the habitats of local wildlife. Don’t even think about littering and always show respect to the local people, plants and animals.” – @mezzarino

38. You’ll learn to not take other people’s opinions too seriously

?: @wandertoofar

“The opinions of others don’t matter as much. Some people might judge you but with so many things to see in the world solo travel helps you keep your eyes on the big picture.” – @advtrsalexis

39. You’ll realize your inner strength

“Climbing Mt. Everest for someone who comes from a city like Mumbai is stuff as it gets as cold as only 25*c. Climbing the beautiful beast made me realize how strong a humans will power is to fight any situation.” – @rutaagayire

40. You’ll learn how to make things happen

Want to travel alone

?: @nataliaanja

“You realize that if you want something badly enough, you’ll make it happen.” – @mackenziehjc

41. You’ll see the world isn’t as scary as you think

?: @ICEscobar_

“Despite pockets of the media telling us the world is an unsafe and dangerous place, there are many wonderful places and incredible people in these “danger hot spots”. All it takes is a bit of common sense and you’ll have an amazing time.” – @mezzarino

42. You’ll find you’re never truly alone

“You’ll quickly realize you’re never really alone unless you choose to be. Regardless of the country or the people, there is always someone willing to help or tag along on an adventure, especially if you’re staying in hostels.” – @TeeJayHughes

43. It’ll open your heart

?: @lola.photography

“It keeps your mind, heart and soul open to the world and all the wonderful people in it!” – @sjbuttery

44. It’ll change your view of the world

?: @hannahmagsayo

“Women are sometimes intimidated by the idea but I say don’t be, for it has been one of the best experiences of my life. The people, the places and the memories will be the best souvenirs.” – @Sabrinatouristguide

45. You can be a dreamer

?: Helen Main

“I learned to live, to have courage, to not be afraid to listen to NO, to test myself in a lot of respects, to challenge myself, to learn to respect others and other cultures, to learn to listen people, to learn to be more patient, to give more value to little things, to collect moments and not things, to follow my dreams.” – @liveloventravel

46. You’ll get to know who you REALLY are

?: @carriepr

“Solo travel is a life changing experience which makes you discover what kind of person you are. You get to know more about your own personality and what you enjoy. You learn how to get out of your comfort zone, do things on your own and sometimes you even get to surprise yourself.” – @luke_courtois

47. You’ll learn to trust your gut

“Whether it’s getting public transport or the more expensive luxury bus to go into the locals home you’ve been invited into for chai, and have no idea who they are – or not, or even as simple as to where to eat for dinner!  No decision is right or wrong and will lead you to your next adventure.” – @KH_travels

48. You can go at your own pace

?: @thelonelytravellermatt 

“You get to meet new people and work on your own time table. The other important thing is to not worry about taking a chill day, you don’t need to be doing something every day if you’re tired or suddenly experience anxiety.” – Alexander Francis

49. It makes you more spontaneous

“Don’t plan out every moment of your travel time; make room for spontaneity. If you find amazing travel buddies in one place, why not accompany them to the next? If you find yourself enjoying the atmosphere of a certain city, why not stay another week? Really allow yourself to be flexible with timing, so you can indulge yourself in a place you love. I mean that’s why you wanted to travel in the first place!” – @TeeJayHughes

50. You’ll become a walker

?: @karynleigh89

“You can see way more when you walk 30km a day…” – @dakota_wilko

51. You’ll never be satisfied back home working a “normal” job

?: Jennifer Lachs

“Let’s face it, after time spent travelling the world, busting out of your comfort zone and reinventing yourself, the hum drum office life might not be your thing (and that’s okay).” – @boscoppa

52. You’ll start collecting memories instead of things

?: @boscoppa

“Science says experiences will make you far happier than material things. Just sayin’…” – @MrColinRiv

53. You’ll make peace with transience

Want to travel alone

“Some travelling friends you probably will never see again, and that’s fine. They have passed through your life, to teach you something or to share incredible moments with you! I gradually developed a certain necessary detachment in some situations.” – Manuela

54. You’ll take more risks

?: @lola.photography

“Good things come to those who dare, and solo travelling forces you to find your own balance between playing it safe, and seizing the day.” – @MrColinRiv

55. You’ll develop an eye for spotting killer deals

Want to travel alone

“If you feel like going somewhere and you found a good deal, don’t wait for someone to book with you to travel, do it by yourself! I have done many times this and it is how I manage to travel a lot and for cheap deals.” – @jeffsantosbr

56. You’ll become a logistics pro

?: @lola.photography

“From booking transport to hostel stays, and from arranging health insurance to exchanging currency, you’ll quickly become a travel logistics guru.” – @dlsaunders88

57. You won’t settle for less than you deserve

“Solo travel makes you realise you’ll never need to settle for friendships and relationships, just for the sake of having people close to you. You become more discerning and choose your tribe through want and not need.” – @JohannaW

58. You’ll discover that hostels are a safe haven

?: @Lovelyforliving

“Hostels are a safe place full of laughter, love, security and a need to belong.” – @dakota_wilko

59. You instantly become more decisive

?: @alexandre_rapel

“There isn’t anyone around to decide for you! Simple as that!” – @robertopaoloferrone

60. It teaches you to stop and smell the roses

“Time stood still at Castletown House as the sun slipped like butter behind the green, rolling hills of Celbridge, Ireland. Roaming through acres of unkempt gardens made for sweet memories and picturesque views. Timing is everything.” – @itsmissdarcy

61. Boredom? Yeah right

“Your destination might have an adventure in store for you even if you are on a solo flight–just ask. I randomly signed up to join a group of people who was up for a white water rafting experience. It was definitely one for the books.” – @eunirai

62. It makes you richer

?: @ICEscobar_

“Okay, maybe not in a financial sense, but travel is a life investment. It’ll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams in the currencies of knowledge, compassion, experience, memories, culture, passion, expression, confidence etc.” – @emma.v.martell

63. It supercharges your confidence

?: @lola.photography

“Let’s face it, once you’ve ridden a moped through the streets of Vietnam alone there is little that will faze you.” – @garry_astle

64. The experience is truly YOURS

“You’ll wander unexpectedly in to some amazing views. After a day of exploring central Barcelona I went on a slow aimless stroll upwards out of the city and turned around to this spectacular sight.” – @beccacrowhurst

65. It’ll expand your mind

“When traveling alone you get more approaches from strangers, more dinner invites, more authentic conversation. The people you meet shape you into becoming a more open-minded, sociable person.” – @JohannaW

66. You can really give back

?: @nataliaanja

“If you get the chance to stay in a location a bit longer, see what you can do to help the community. It does not always have to be much or long. I did two weeks of volunteering at a childcare centre in Buenos Aires.” – @thebluebrolly

67. It’ll teach you patience

?: @ICEscobar_

“Long layover in order to get a cheap ticket? No problem! Gives me a chance to get out of the airport and explore a new city. Nine hour bus ride to get from Tokyo to Osaka? No problem, gives me a chance to see the beautiful countryside of Japan at ground level.” – James Mulford

68. You’ll learn how to say no

?: @patchinpixels

“If you’re a “people pleaser” and a “yes” person, that will soon change during solo travel. You will not agree with everyone you meet and it’s up to you to voice your opinions. Be brave, and speak out.” – @KH_travels

69. You’ll forge life-long friendships

“One of the best things about solo travel is that you are almost forced to socialise with people that normally you might not. They will come from all kinds of countries and backgrounds and most of them will be awesome.” – @garry_astle

70. You’ll learn the art of negotiation

?: @ICEscobar_

“Travelling through Asia alone, some of the most entertaining experiences can be haggling over your next singlet. Being a solo traveller you’re also likely to be on a shoestring budget, however, before you try and shave another 20p off the price just remember what that 20p could do for the seller… a little goes a long way.” – @KH_travels

71. You’ll unearth hidden skills

?: Didi Sö

“I’ve always had some difficulty with maps and such. When I was travelling with my cousin, I realized that I always let her navigate. After we split up and I went on my own, I had to step up, and I did it!” – Manuela

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