10 Hong Kong hot spots you'd be crazy to miss

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We get asked all the time for recommendations and tips for different places around the world. Hong Kong is one of the greatest cities on earth and full of wonderful surprises. Apart from things like visiting Ocean Park, shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui, or eating in the Jumbo restaurant, what else is there to do you ask?! Well our resident Hong Kong expert Ashley has put together a list of 10 things the locals love doing…

1. Visit the artistic ‘West Kowloon Cultural District’

This brand new cultural quarter is the latest hot spot for locals. Not only are there large green spaces for picnics, but you can immerse yourself in the cultural comings and goings of the city with incredible events going on every month. “Freespace Happening” is a great example, with live music performances, DIY workshops, dance showcases, craft markets, etc. There’s a ton to do for people with all sorts of interests, so you’ll surely find something you love!
On top of all that, make sure to enjoy the beautiful harbour view taking a stroll along the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade!

2. Shop at the trendy ‘Causeway Bay’

I know, I know, malls and shopping aren’t exactly top of most backpackers’ to-do list, but when in Rome… (or Hong Kong). Forget about Tsim Sha Tsui – this is the best area for shopping. There’s a great mix of malls and local shops, and if you’re looking for independent stores, Island Beverley Shopping Centre, East Point Centre or World Trade Centre are where it’s at. For brand names, check out SOGO and Times Square. Also, definitely check out the newest mall: Hysan Place! You’ll find popular international fashion brands, the Eslite Bookstore, and scrumptious food.



3. Have lunch in ‘Cha Chaan Teng’

‘Cha Chaan Teng’ (meaning tea restaurants) are the Hong Kong-style food joints that serve yummy eats such as pineapple buns, egg tarts, instant noodles in tomato soup, HK-style French toast, and milk teas. Most of the tourists will go for Tsui Wah Restaurant, but if you’re looking for something more authentic, places like Capital Cafe, Australia Dairy Company and Kam Kee Cafe are the better!


4. Meet the creatives at ‘PMQ’

PMQ is like a co-working gathering space for designers, artists and creatives. There are many concept stores selling fashion items and unique artsy products. You’ll find lots of cool-looking cafes and restaurants inside and around the area, so you can have a cup of coffee and chill for the afternoon. There’s always something going on, such as the amazing food celebrations, wine tasting festivals or night markets. Be sure to check out their calendar!


Photo credit: Clemens

5. Enjoy the iconic view of the Victoria Harbour

Although it is a very famous tourist spot, it’s popular for a reason! Even locals go there sometimes, just to walk down the promenade and enjoy the view. On the way, you’ll be able to walk by the Clock Tower, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Avenue of Stars, etc.
Top Tip: The view is even better if you go at night, plus there is a laser light & music show – ‘A Symphony of Lights’ every day at 8pm. The show lasts for 15 mins, so it’s nice to have a little walk by the harbour afterwards!
Photo credit: Clemens

6. Discover the historic ‘Sheung Wan’

Apart from PMQ, there’s a lot more to explore in Sheung Wan. The interesting district combines old British-styled buildings with traditional Chinese temples and stores along the streets. Walk around and discover the historical vibes!
Photo credit: Clemens
Pottinger Street is a fascinating spot! The unique looking steps with the red brick seats at the side form a picturesque street scene.
The Lascar Row – a street selling Chinese antiques
Lan Fong Yuen – one of the oldest eating spot in the area, serving HK style street snacks.
At the same time there are a bunch of modern cafes, dessert places, bars & restaurants. You can def spend the whole day here if you like!
Photo credit: Clemens

7. Relaxing day at Stanley


Stanley is a perfect weekend hangout. It’s family friendly and not far from the city centre. On one side, you’ll find the busy Stanley Plaza, Murray House and a beautiful pier! On the other side, you’ll reach the main street, which is home to all the restaurants.
After a short walk down the street, you’ll get to the beach.
Also, don’t forget to check out the shopping 😉

8. Fill your tum in Mongkok

You can’t get any more ‘HK’ than Mongkok! It’s not only the most crowded area in the city, it is actually the most densely populated district in the world! There are lots of people, and LOADS of tasty street food choices! Walk along the Sai Yeung Choi Street and you’ll find a bunch of food stalls selling fish balls, egg puffs, bubble tea, etc. Don’t miss out on Dundas Street, as there are lots of delicious and authentic street food options at very affordable prices.
This area is the ‘centre’ of Hong Kong meaning you can get to anywhere easily from here. With such great location, why not stay at a nearby hostel? Yesinn @YMT is located at Yau Ma Tei, and you can get to Mongkok in just 15 mins. We highly recommend it if you are looking for budgeted options!
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9. Spend the night at Lan Kwai Fong

Here’s the epicentre of all the Hong Kong bars and clubs, so get ready to party your nights away! Don’t miss the famous clubs such as Volar, Play Club or Magnum.

10. See the HK skyline at the Peak

Lastly, you cannot leave the city without viewing the famous skyline. During the day, you can walk along the hiking trail around the mountain, as it only takes about 1.5 hrs. When nighttime rolls around, head up to the Peak Tower and end the day with the perfect view.
Photo credit: Ashley
These are all the ‘local’ things to do in HK, some of them may still attracts a lot of tourists, but these are definitely the highlights of HK, so go and enjoy the ‘Pearl of the Orient’!
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